Datto's No Backup Plans



Datto's No Backup Plans
Datto's No Backup Plans

Void Titan build for PvE by Datto











Class Item

Stats Priority


Conditional FinalityExotic Shotgun

Another potential exotic shotgun to use with this build. If utilizing, be sure to slot Stasis mods as that is the element this weapon uses.


No Backup PlansExotic Gauntlets

With an overshield active, shotguns receive a 35% damage buff and a shotgun kill refunds the overshield. To create an overshield land multiple shotgun kills or use one of the many ways in which the subclass can create one.

How it Works

The power of fantasy of No Backup Plans calls for a run and gun playstyle with a shotgun. You can do this, but in reality using the buff to one-shot Champions and damage down bosses is what this exotic does best.

The process starts with acquiring an overshield. To do so cast a Barricade, land a hit with Shield Throw, pick up a Void Breach to activate Protective Breach, or via No Backup Plans by getting multiple shotgun kills or a shotgun kill on a powerful enemy with melee energy available. Once you have a shield you get a 35% damage bonus for shotguns, and all that needs to happen is landing a shotgun kill with the overshield still active to refund it. This works in tandem with Echo of Starvation which grants Devour after an Orb of Power pickup. Devour will heal you and replenish grenade energy. Grenades will weaken enemies with Echo of Undermining and grant Volatile Rounds for a void weapon on a kill when using Echo of Instability.

These gauntlets pair for outputting excessive damage with Legend of Acrius that hits like a truck on its own, then adding in Surge mods and the No Backup Plans damage buff makes this thing essentially insta-kill most enemies in the game.

The shotgun Last Man Standing can also work in this build, specifically with the Discord perk. You can activate Discord by getting a kill with a different weapon, then switch to LMS. While Discord is active, final blows with the shotgun will refund ammo, so you won't be wasting your ammo on lower tier enemies when you kill them, which can help play more towards the fantasy of this exotic.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Acquire an overshield through the use of Barricade, damaging an enemy with Shield Throw, landing multiple shotgun kills, or picking up a Void Breach
  2. Kill an enemy with a shotgun to replenish the overshield and create an Orb of Power if you previously casted a Barricade
  3. Collect any Orbs of Power for Devour and a further damage buff to No Backup Plans
  4. Continue getting kills with shotguns to refund Devour and/or overshield, heal, and get grenade energy
  5. Melee and one shot any enemy with Legend of Acrius that has an actual health pool
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