Mactics' Stasis RDM Hunter



Mactics' Stasis RDM Hunter
Mactics' Stasis RDM Hunter

Stasis Hunter build for PvE by Mactics











Class Item

Stats Priority


Ager's ScepterExotic Trace Rifle

Weapons are based on preference in this build. Ager's is a potential option with its synergy with Grim Harvest for creating Stasis Shards and Whisper of Chains for damage resistance.


Radiant Dance MachinesExotic Leg Armor

When dodging near an enemy, The Dance is activated. This allows you continuously dodge in a 6 second window. When getting a kill while The Dance is active this timer will increase by 5 seconds, and can get up to 11 seconds. The extra dodges from Radiant Dance Machines will activate the effect from Gambler's Dodge, and give a charge of Withering Blade.

How it Works

The main crux of this build is based around the trinity of Radiant Dance Machines, Withering Blade, and Gambler's Dodge. The exotic Radiant Dance Machines allow you to continuously dodge when securing a kill while The Dance is active. These extra dodges activate Gambler's Dodge, which then enables you to throw infinite Withering Blades. In order for The Dance and Gambler's Dodge to activate, you need to be within a close proximity of an enemy.

Stasis pairs nicely with these boots as Withering Blade will apply 60 slow stacks to an enemy, and only 100 stacks are needed to freeze most enemies in the game including mini-bosses and champions. The Aspects used are Grim Harvest and Touch of Winter. Grim Harvest will spawn Stasis Shards when killing a stasis debuffed target, which is any enemy hit by a grenade or Withering Blade. These Stasis Shards are made good use of with Whisper of Rime which make them heal you and provide an Overshield as well as the Elemental Charge mod which gives them an escalating chance to give an Armor Charge.

Touch of Winter and Whisper of Durance will buff the Duskfield Grenade by making it larger in area, last 2 seconds longer, and creates a Stasis Crystal in the center. When standing near this Stasis Crystal or a frozen enemy, Whisper of Chains will give 40% damage resistance. Shattering this Stasis Crystal, Whisper of Shards will give a 500% bonus base grenade regeneration rate buff for 6 seconds.

Frozen enemies will not only give damage resistance, but will also give a 60 stat increase to your mobility, resilience, and recovery, a 30 stat increase to weapon stability, a 15 stat increase to weapon aim assist, and a 20 stat increase to airborne effectiveness with Whisper of Hedrons. These buffs are nearly always up and let you prioritize other stats.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Dodge near an enemy to activate Radiant Dance Machines
  2. Utilize Withering Blades to apply slow stacks and kill enemies to reset The Dance's timer and create an Orb of Power
  3. Dodge to refresh Withering Blade and collect any Orbs of Power
  4. Continue chaining kills and dodges
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