Aztecross' Infinity Knives



Aztecross' Infinity Knives
Aztecross' Infinity Knives

Solar Hunter build for PvE by Aztecross











Class Item

Stats Priority


Skyburner's OathExotic Scout Rifle

Other solar options work very well such as Polaris Lance, Sunshot, Prometheus Lens, etc. Most kills will be from abilities, so this slot is mostly per preference.


Ophidia SpatheExotic Chest Armor

Grants two charges of Knife Trick. This exotic works differently from other exotics that grant two charges of an ability as when the ability is refreshed by Gambler's Dodge or the Knock 'em Down Aspect both charges of Knife Trick are refunded rather than just one.

How it Works

This build is able to take out waves of enemies utilizing Knife Trick for the vast majority of kills as they are refunded from the Knock 'em Down Aspect or through Gambler's Dodge. Ophidia Spathe is being used for two charges of Knife Trick, and when either a Knife Trick kill is secured or dodging near an enemy is performed, both charges of Knife Trick will be fully replenished. This allows these knives to be thrown on demand at all times. As a final means of getting melee energy back, One-Two Finisher will grant melee energy on a finisher and Invigoration will do so when picking up an Orb of Power.

With Ember of Ashes, landing all 3 knives in Knife Trick will apply 90 Scorch stacks and will increase weapon damage through the Radiant buff from Ember of Torches. A second Knife Trick or a weapon that generates Scorch will then cause an Ignition.

With double Hands-On mods, Blade Barrage, one of the highest damage and fastest charging supers in the game will be available often. The other ability in use Healing Grenade, is there for added survivability. Paired with Ember of Empyrean, a Knife Trick kill or solar weapon final blow will extend the timers of Restoration from Healing Grenade and Radiant. Bomber and Grenade Kickstart are utilized for getting Healing Grenade back as soon as possible if the effects of Restoration end.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Utilize Healing Grenade when hurt to grant Restoration
  2. Throw Knife Trick to kill enemies, become Radiant, spread Scorch, regenerate super energy, and create Orbs of Power
  3. Secure a kill with Knife Trick or a solar weapon to get additional time on Restoration and Radiant's effects through Ember of Empyrean
  4. Pick up Orbs of Power for ability cooldowns and to generate Armor Charge stacks
  5. If no Knife Trick is available, dodge near an enemy or utilize a finisher to replenish melee energy.
  6. Utilize Blade Barrage as needed as the cooldown will be very fast from collecting Orbs of Power and Hands-On mods
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