TFT Leona (New Unit Guide Patch 10.1)

TFT Leona (New Unit Guide Patch 10.1)

TFT Leona Overview

Patch 10.1 comes with the addition of two new units as well as one new trait in lunar. Being a 1-cost unit, the addition of Leona slightly nerfs any builds that depended on hyper rolling such as predators or light, while also making it slightly harder to hit upgrades naturally in the early game.

TFT Leona

Leona’s kit is very simple, as she is simply a strong frontline unit that will mainly be used to add lunar into your comp. The new origin will be a solid addition to the game considering that wardens and mystics are both currently popular in high levels of play.  Granting these synergies additional damage is expected to be very powerful on paper.

Whether or not Leona and Karma see play in the late game will depend if lunar is more valued than other mystic or warden units like Thresh + Nautilus or Janna/Soraka.


Ability: Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Barrier

Leona’s ability is nothing extremely special but is very effective considering her role in the team. Against teams like Statikk Rangers, the flat damage reduction can be very crucial in her survivability against consistent damage. Being able to tank more is even more effective when considering a Lunar team as their whole point is to try and draw out the fight.

Recommended Items

TFT Leona recommended items

Since Leona is still quite new and untested, we will be recommending general items to think about using. For a more updated look on recommended items, check out the team comps page or the recommended items page.

Recommended Comps

Defensive Items

Bramble Vest | Dragon’s Claw | Warmog’s Armor

Being a warden unit, Bramble Vest is a solid defensive option since the bonus armor will also be added into the warden bonus. Dragon’s Claw has been and will continue to be one of the best defensive items in the game, and Warmog’s Armor is a solid choice for units like Leona or Taric with crystal as they reduce incoming damage, giving them more time to heal up with Warmog’s.

Since Leona’s kit has no offensive abilities, defensive items and possibly mana items if you have extra, it should be the only consideration for Leona. It will be more likely that you have other champions that would work better with mana items, so stick to defensive ones.

Recommended Comps | 4 Warden + 2 Mystic/Lunar + Singed/Poison

Karma Leona formation

An early build that has gained momentum on the PBE is lunar + Singed. Players have been using Singed as their primary carry and complimenting him with warden and mystic units for survivability and CC. Additionally, poison can be added at level 9, or at level 8 by dropping down to 3 wardens. With the addition of Karma and Leona, Singed will slowly increase his damage throughout the fight, and Karma’s shields will increase Singed’s survivability.


Leona does not have any special positioning as she is simply a tank. You can place her in the frontline to soak up damage, or have her in the back corner to play as bait for assassins.

First Impression:

Leona doesn’t have the most spectacular kit as she is just a one-cost unit, but her warden synergy as well as her lunar trait may become pivotal in the 10.1 meta. Many people will likely try to fit lunar into their comps to test out, but whether she remains in the late game over stronger units will have to be seen.

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think of Leona in TFT in the comments below.