Worldwalker Impressions: Day 1 Variety Pack

Worldwalker Impressions: Day 1 Variety Pack

Worldwalker LoR Spoilers Day 1

Hey everyone, NicMakesPlays here.

We just had a ton of exciting card reveals today and I’m going to go over their uses and viability in this article.

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Harrowing Return

harrowing return lor card

Harrowing Return is an amazing card for the Fearsome archetype. You can use it to reborn a Mistwraith and then weaken all enemies -1/0. This allows you to push for huge damage with Fearsome units as a finisher for only 4 mana.

The -1/0 lets you chip in with a huge board of Fearsome units and easily go for game. You can also use it with tons of other synergies such as reborning the Rekindler to revive your strongest dead Champion.

Blood in the Water

blood in the water lor card

This card will give Lurk a huge buff in power. You can use this card to Rally with huge Overwhelm units such as Xer’Sai Dunbreaker and Xerath the Undertitan, quickly level Pyke and Reksai, or to swing wide and go for game. Blood in the Water is also a Lurk card itself, so if it’s on top of your deck while you Lurk it will buff all your units +1/0.

You can also use this card in the Plunder archetype. You can ping for 1 damage on the enemy nexus to level your Gangplank and Sejuani, then use their powerful level 2 forms to finish the game. So far this is one of the strongest cards of the expansion and should heavily influence the winrate of Lurk amongst other archetypes.

The Maker

the maker lor card

The Maker is a unique card that fits well with Jhin. She is a 3 mana 3/2 that can recall a unit with less attack than her. Due to how interruptible this is with Frostbite, Troll Chant, or killing her with removal spells she does seem to be risky.

Overall, this may make her not that great to play most of the time but she is a nice alternative to Arachnoid Sentry.

Harbinger of the Thralls

harbringer of thralls lor card

This is the single best card Frozen Thralls decks could have asked for and may be the best card out of today’s reveals. If you are a Taliyah Lissandra Thrall enjoyer, then rejoice because this is the card for you. The first thing Harbinger of the Thralls does is increase the consistency of the Thrall deck.

Previously, you had Frozen Thrall on 1 or Lissandra on 3 to set up your Thralls. Now you also have a 2 drop to it as well so your odds have having a Thrall by turn 3 are much greater. Another role this card plays is mitigating Thrall’s problem with Aggro. One of the Thralls decks weaknesses was that they had to draw board clears to keep up with Aggro’s pressure, but now they have a blocker on 2 that also enables their engine. On top of this, Harbinger of the Thralls can also reduce the Countdown of all your Frozen Thralls by one instead of giving you a Thrall.

The reason this is so good is that this makes Harbinger of the Thralls a great draw in the mid/late game as well. If you draw a Frozen Thrall late then it can be a dead draw, but Harbinger of the Thralls can double as Countdown reducer to speed up the Frozen Thrall instead. This card is the perfect card Thralls could have received and both enable the engine to start, or accelerate.

Kinkou’s Call

kinkou's calls lor card

This card has a unique effect and can find some niche slots in Eluvies and Lulu Ahri. Although the card is a 4 mana slow spell it gives you a unit, buffs your board and lets you draw a card. In Elusives, you can use the Keeper of the Masks to buff your whole board to swing for huge damage. In Lulu Ahri you can use this to buff your Flame Chompers to gain favorable combat trades.

This is all on top of refueling as well, giving you more options for the follow-up turns. One of the most unique things about this card is you can choose to summon the Keeper of Masks this turn or next. On defense, you can pay 4 mana to use it and summon on your next turn to get a big swing. This option is great because it ensures you won’t lose out on spell mana instead of having to wait for the next turn.

Protective Broodfather

protective broodfather lor card

Protective Broodfather is a 8 mana 7/7 Dragon that helps you refuel and push for more damage. Although expensive, he has a powerful effect to justify his cost. When attacking, Protective Broodfather draws a unit, and if it’s a Dragon he summons it attacking.

This is particularly powerful in Dragon decks where you have high odds of drawing a Dragon and summoning it to the field. You can even summon champions such as a Leveled Shyvana or Aurelion Sol.

Being able to cheat out Aurelion Sol is one of the strongest things this card can do, and having a high amount of Dragon units helps ensure you get this extra effect.

The Stagehand

the stagehand lor card

This card is amazing and has tons of applications in all kinds of decks across the board. You can use this card offensively in Hecarim Zed Ephemeral aggro to stun enemy blockers, push for huge damage while leveling your Hecarim.

In Yasuo, you can use this card to stop an enemy, level Yasuo, and enable Ravenous Flock. In Viego Ionia, you can use this defensively to stun a key enemy attacker and then contribute to Viego’s level up. What makes this card so powerful is how universally good it is as a blocker in the mid-game. For just two mana you can stun an enemy unit and have a 4/4 blocker for the turn.

This makes the enemy’s attack almost certainly weak and forces them to end their turn without an attack. This can be splashed in all kinds of decks and there are a plethora of different synergies it can provide.

The Winding Light

the winding light lor card

The Winding Light is a new Nightfall unit that gives not just Nightfall a buff, but tons of other decks. The Winding Light is a 7 mana 6/5 Overwhelm unit that’s Nightfall effect says give all allies Overwhelm and +2/1 this round. Fun fact, every Aphelios Moon Weapon has a corresponding follower and The Winding Light is the final one that corresponds with Infernum. Now that’s out of the way let’s get to The Winding Lights viability.

The Winding Light is a great top end in Nightfall because Nightfall can easily produce wide boards and have great benefit from his effect. You can give Overwhelm to Diana to easily finish the game off with her level 2 form. Another perk is he gives you a way to win the game without Nocturne, so you are less reliant on drawing your Champs.

You can also use Duskpetal Dust to play him on turn 6 and finish the game off if you are already ahead. In other decks such as Diana/Leona or Zoe Aphelios Invoke, he can cause your field of blockable units to become a huge threat in the blink of an eye. This card slots well into Nightfall, Daybreak, Invoke, and whatever else you can imagine it in.

Chamber of Renewal

chamber of renewal lor card

Shurima strategies have been on top lately, and this gives them another tool to work with. Ziggs Taliyah is a tier 1 deck in the game and they make great use off Chamber of Renewal. You can activate this before you summon Taliyah, clone the Chamber of Renewal to buff her and give her Spellshield. Afterwards, you can then safely go for lethal with Taliyah + the Absolver due to her new Spellshield.

This is also great at buffing Ziggs who already has great stats and making him hard to remove while he burns down the enemy. Sun Disc is also another high tier deck that benefits from this card. Xerath is one of the centerpieces of the deck due to his strong level 2 and 3 form. You can give Xerath Spellshield and have him sit back as an unstoppable board breaker that rips apart the enemy field.

This card is also great for decks such as Malphite Taliyah. Malphite’s huge stats make him near impossible to kill through combat, and now that you can give him Spellshield he becomes even harder to deal with.

Revna, the Lorekeeper

revna the lorekeeper lor card

This card has many meme and meta viable applications. Revna can be used with Destiny’s Call, or other hand buffs to buff your units everywhere for huge stats while searching for another buffs unit as well.

In Ashe Leblanc, you can use this in place of Avarason Hearthguard since she not only buffs your deck but also searches you a 5+ attack unit. You can use this to search your champions such as Ashe or Leblanc, or search game-ending cards like Incisive Tactician.

Captive Greyback

captive greyback lor card

This card is great at pushing Aggro pressure and can be hard to deal with. Captive Greyback is a 4 mana 2/3 Overwhelm that does 3 to it’s blocker, and if the blocker is dead or gone it deals 3 to the Nexus instead.

The reason this is particularly good is that it kills the blocker before combat starts, then applies to Overwhelm damage. If a 5/3 is blocked by a 3/3 then the 5/3 would die, but Captive Greyback deals 3 damage first which keeps it alive and makes it harder to remove. This is a perfect slot in for Overwhelm decks or Aggro decks in general.


megatusk lor card

Megatusk is Deep support and helps fix one of their main problems. Megatusk is a 3/4 Sea Monster with Deep, and when you go Deep she heals your Nexus and allies 3. The reason Megatusk is so strong is because she helps heal back damage you took while going Deep to alleviate the pressure.

Oftentimes in Deep your opponent will be pressuring you so hard, that when you go Deep it’s too late to try and come back. But this card allows you to heal a lot of your health back and stabilize once you’ve gone Deep.

Megatusk is also 4 mana so you can summon it the same turn you level Nautilus for 0 mana. This makes it so you can go Deep, level Nautilus, heal out of Aggro range, and win the game from there.

Sputtering Songspinner

sputtering songspinner lor card

At first this card may seem confusing, but once you understand what it does it has great applications. This card Manifests you 2, 2 mana spells from any region 3 times. It cannot Manifest a card that you have already picked twice. The cards you pick also cost 0 mana this round. This card is great off of Ferros Financier to refuel and pick cards to help the exact situation you are in.

This card is great with Heimerdinger to create tons of Turrets, Jayce to fill your hand with spells, buff Vi’s attack fast, gives you a full hand with Karma, Deal tons of damage with Ezreal, or level up Viktor’s Augment rapidly. This card has synergy with a ton of Pnz’s champions and will regularly see play since it can be generated off of Ferros Financier.

Lord Broadmane

lord broadmane lor card

This card has great synergy with Jhin, Katarina and in decks like Yasuo. Lord Broadmane is a 6 mana 2/4 that deals 2 to an enemy when played, and makes your Fast spell, Slow spell, and Skill damage kill damaged or stunned enemies. He may be expensive with weak stats, but his powerful effect makes up for it.

Jhin decks are chock full of Fast spells, Slow spells, and Skills due to his level up condition, so this should work with most of his deck. Katarina generates Blade Edge’s that are easy at dealing damage to set them up for a kill, or finishing them off. Most of Yasuo’s decks consist of Stuns so you can stun an enemy and then convert it to a kill with Lord Broadmane.

Hunting Boar

hunting boar lor card

Hunting Boar can find a spot in Ramp decks or They Who Endure. Hunting Boar is a 3 mana 2/1 that can’t block but gives you an empty mana gem when it dies.You can play this in Ramp decks then clear the board with Avalanche or Blighted Ravine to trigger his effect. You can also summon this in They Who Endure decks and then kill him with Ravenous Butcher to gain an empty mana gem.

This can make you summon They Who Endure one turn early and swing the match in your favor. Overall, Hunting Boar leaves a lot to be desired since there are better cards for Ramp and They Who Endure doesn’t need the ramp/has better targets to kill. This card leaves a lot to be explored and I’m excited to see what people come up with.

Legion Deserter

legion deserter lor card

This card has insane potential in all kinds of decks, if you underestimate this card it will become a threat in no time. Legion Deserter is a 5 mana 5/4 Overwhelm unit that makes all “Everywhere” buffs also apply to him.

So cards such as Rumble, Legion Marauders, or Encroaching Mists also give him all the buffs as well. You can use this with Rumble to give him Impact, Quick Attack, and Spellshield, you can use this with Legion Marauders to quickly rack up +1/+1’s, you can use this with Viego’s Encroaching Mists to rack up +1/+1’s as well.

Even off a simple +1/+1 he becomes a 6/4 with Overwhelm but he doesn’t stop there, he continues to be buffed throughout the whole game. This card has tons of applications and encourages unique deckbuilding and creativity to explore.

That’s all for today. Tons of new cards starting off what may be the most exciting new card season yet. Stay tuned for more reveal articles!