Top 7 Cards to Craft in Call of the Mountain (Epics and Champions)

Top 7 Cards to Craft in Call of the Mountain (Epics and Champions)

The Best Cards to Craft in Legends of Runterra: Call of the Mountain

Now that Call of the Mountain has been out for a couple of days and we know what some of the best decks in the game are, I think I can confidently say what cards will end up being safe crafts that you will find use for throughout the expansion and maybe beyond it.

For this article, I am going to keep it confined to Epic and Champion since these are the cards with the most amount of risk associated with them. The hope is that I help you all save your precious shards. So without further adieu, let’s start the list!

1. Mentor of the Stones

Our first card on our list, Mentor of the Stones, is easily the safest craft in the epic slot in the entire set. This card goes into a ridiculous number of decks and is basically always a consideration when running Targon.

He enables archetypes by himself, like the Taric Lee Sin deck, and he is also just a slot into any deck running creatures that want to be buffed, like Elusives or Challengers.

mentor of the stones jpg

This card is so good that he even sees play in Ezreal combo decks because permanently giving Ezreal +2/+2 is really good and getting 3 Gems to Burst kill later is also crazy.

A top tier deck that includes this card is Ezreal Targon but it also has a home in any Taric or Support deck.

2. The Infinite Mindsplitter

This card is one of the best payoffs for playing any ramp or controlling strategy in Targon. The ability to infinitely stun 2 of your opponent’s best units on an absolutely gigantic unit means that you will very quickly take over games with this card in play.

the infinite mindsplitter jpg

This card will win you most games that you successfully play it so it’s hard to say it’s anything other than a safe craft.

You can find this card being run as a 3 of in Asol Ramp and as a 1 of in Ezreal Targon.

3. Leona

Leona is one of the best midrange tools out there. At base, she’s a 4 mana 3/5 that stuns a unit to completely shut down an attack. However, once you level Leona with Ravhun, you can start stunning multiple things a turn and at that point, Leona just starts to dominate the game.

leona jpg

I’d highly recommend crafting Leona if you enjoy playing a deck with really beefy creatures. Her ability to dominate against aggro decks is second to very few champions.

You can find her in decks like Targon Midrange.

4. Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol is the ultimate greedy card in the Call of the Mountain set. If you ever level up, his text might as well say “Win the game”.

level 1 aurelion sol jpg

Spellshield makes him very hard to deal with and getting a Celestial both at round start and when played should give you enough units to level up the card on its own.

Aurelion Sol is a consideration in basically every slow Targon deck that is heavily unit based. These include Targon Midrange and Asol Ramp.

5. Lulu

Every single Ionia deck running cheap challengers that are looking to be aggressive or midrange will be forced to consider this card. The ability to both control the board with the buffs or just outright kill your opponent is incredibly strong.

I’ve gotten Turn 4 kills with Lulu, but I’ve had games where Lulu was high impact even on Turn 6 or 7.

lulu level 1 jpg

The ability to have a card that’s incredible in your early draws while still being useful late makes this a super safe craft.

Lulu Demacia is a popular deck currently running this card.

6. Trundle

Trundle is interesting. He fits into basically any slow Freljord deck but really has his home in any Aurelion Sol ramp deck. The ability to go Turn 3 Wyrding Stones into Turn 4 Trundle is going to likely be the cornerstone of ramp decks for the rest of this expansion.

trundle level 1 jpg

Just putting out a big regen body will stabilize you vs aggro and then the Ice Pillar late game will let you mow down your opponent’s board all while Trundle beats their face in.

Trundle’s most common home is in Asol Ramp.

7. Diana

Diana has the ability to go in both slow midrange decks and hyper-aggressive Nightfall aggro decks. She is a genuine consideration for any deck running Targon because of how flexible she is as a removal tool.

diana level 1 jpg

Every deck is pretty happy to see a card that has the ability to just mow down the opponent’s board and Diana provides that.

Her most common homes are in Nightfall Aggro and Targon Midrange.

Thanks for reading! To explore all the cards in LoR, check out our Card Gallery or jump straight into our Deck Builder if you already got some ideas from our article.