Top 10 Non-Champion Cards from Call of the Mountain

Top 10 Non-Champion Cards from Call of the Mountain

NicMakePlays’s Top 10 Non-Champion Cards from CotM

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here and I’’ll be going over what I believe are the 10 best cards to come out of Call of the Mountain. All the cards here are good crafts and I have deck codes for the decks that each card is used in.

1. Stalking Shadows

I believe Stalking Shadows is the best card of the new set. For 2 mana, the card gives you two copies of a follower that’s on the top 4 cards of your deck (one being Ephemeral.)

To begin, the card is a +1 in card advantage because it uses 1 card (itself) and gives you two. The card has a low cost of 2 and is a Burst speed spell as well.

stalking shadows jpg

One big perk of this card is that it gets you closer to your combo pieces and allows you to make decisions of what card is best for your hand at the time. You can also use the Ephemeral copy of the unit as a blocker so it gets full value as if the card wasn’t Ephemeral in most instances because they have to trade with it or end their attack.

You can get two copies of cards such as Doom Beast, Riptide Rex, and Deadbloom Wanderer to get their effects off twice. Being able to have duplicates of these sort of cards and generate advantage for such a cheap cost makes the card have a lot of upsides and little downsides.

NicMakesPlay’s Diana Nocturne Nightfall:

nicmakesplays diana nocturne nightfall updated


[See NicMakesPlay’s Diana Nocturne Nightfall deck details]

2. Pale Cascade

Pale Cascade is a well-rounded spell that is versatile and effective. It gives a unit +2 +1 and draws a card (if it isn’t the first card played this turn). This allows you to get favorable combat trades, live through removal spells, and push for damage all while replacing itself.

pale cascade jpg

The card makes it easy to generate simple advantage by making your opponents waste their cards from these scenarios while keeping advantage for yourself from the draw.

TealRed’s Lux Aurelion Sol:

tealred's aurelion sol lux


[See TealRed’s Lux Aurelion Sol deck details]

3. Hush

Hush single-handedly shapes the meta. It’s a Burst speed card that costs 3 mana and can be reused multiple times per turn. This card’s existence makes it difficult for many decks to do well since they can be punished hard because of the popularity of Hush right now in usage.

This is because Hush can be used to shut down any strategies that are too centric on buffing units or invest a lot of their deck’s value into one unit.

Examples of these are Tryndamere, Ezreal, Taric, They Who Endure, Elusives etc.

Overall, it’s versatile and can find its use against a variety of cards and decks. Hush can even be utilized in Targon Ezreal decks for multiple triggers to level up Ezreal with 1 card since it can be reused.

BBG’s Demacia Dragons:

demacia dragons


[BBG’s Demacia Dragons deck details]

4. Starshaping

Starshaping creates amazing defense and generates a win condition simultaneously. It’s is a Burst spell that heals 5 and invokes a 7+ Celestial card in hand, which are among some of the most powerful cards in the game.

starshaping jpg

In decks that like to stall and play Aurelion Sol, Starshaping’s existence puts the following dilemma on the opponent: if they summon something to apply pressure then the Aurelion Sol deck can summon a blocker or use a spell such as Avalanche. But, if the opponent chooses to open attack to play around this, the Sol deck can just Starshaping to heal their Nexus health damage back and add a finisher to their hand for later.

The “fork” it creates by giving the deck answers to the opponent developing or open attacking is a powerful asset of Aurelion Sol decks.

BBG’s Trundle Aurelion Sol:

trundle asol 2.0


[See BBG’s Trundle Aurelion Sol deck details]

5. Solari Soldier

Solari Soldier is the new standard for 1 drops. It is a 1 cost 2/2 but when it’s the first card summoned this turn it becomes a 3/3 for the round.

This is powerful in terms of offense and defense. It can stop your opponents early game by being a formidable blocker, or apply pressure itself by dealing 3 damage.

solari soldier jpg

A huge perk of this card is that it’s 3/3 stats are good throughout the whole game because it boasts formidable stats for the cost of only 1 mana.

RattlingBones’s Leona Diana:

rattlingbones leona diana


[See RattlingBones’s Leona Diana deck details]

6. Spacey Sketcher

Spacey Sketcher is good, generic, and versatile. It’s is a 1/1 that when played allows you to discard a card to invoke a 3 mana or less Celestial.

The Invoke mechanic lets you choose from multiple cards so it’s easy to find one that’s good for your situation. You can pick a 2/2 that draws a card, a 2/1 Challenger, or, Silence a follower depending on the matchup.

spacey sketcher jpg

With Spacey Sketcher you can discard a card in your hand that is not as useful and then Invoke one that will fix your hand and be useful.

It can also generate card advantage by discarding “free” cards such as Mushrooms that have been generated and replaces them with a Celestial.

Swimstrim’s Lee Sin Taric:

taric lee sin


[See Swimstrim’s Lee Sin Taric deck details]

7. Doombeast

Doombeast offers amazing reach to many different kinds of decks. It’s a 3/2 that costs 3 and when it isn’t the first card played this turn it gains the effect to Drain 2 from the enemy Nexus.

This card is powerful because it offers a way to deal damage, heal, or go for game without using combat.

doombeast jpg

It is particularly powerful with Stalking Shadows because you get two copies of it. This allows you to Drain for 4 damage and provides two 3/2’s that can be used for offense and defense.

The card strengthens the Burn archetype by adding more direct damage cards to the pool.

Lastly, Doombeast is also a Nightfall creature that helps level up Nocturne and Diana.

Swimstrim’s SI Aggro:

si aggro


[See Swimstrim’s SI Aggro deck details]

8. Stygian Onlooker

Stygian Onlooker is a 1 mana 2/1 but when it’s not the first card played this turn, it gains +2/0 and Fearsome, giving it the potential to push huge damage.

The card is a potent early game unit that can set the game in your tempo by the early pressure it applies to the opponent’s Nexus.

A lot of 1 and 2 drops can’t block Stygian Onlooker due to its Fearsome and this can be utilized for big damage in aggro decks.

stygian onlooker jpg

If Stygian Onlooker gets a direct attack then it’s dealing 4 damage for 1 mana. It has the potential to get amazing value beyond its 1 mana cost.

As a cheap Nightfall card, it can be used to level up Nocturne and Diana easily.

On defense, this card can also be used as a 4 attack blocker which can make trades with units that cost 3+ that have 4 health.

NicMakesPlay’s Diana Nocturne Nightfall:

nicmakesplays diana nocturne nightfall updated


[See NicMakesPlay’s Diana Nocturne Nightfall deck details]

9. Guiding Touch

Guiding Touch is generically good and is only going to improve from here on out. It’s a 2 mana Burst spell that heals 2 damage from your Nexus or a unit and then draws 1.

This card is well rounded and helps a lot against aggressive strategies since you can use it on damaged units in combat so they regain their health and win their trades.

guiding touch jpg

Mid game, this can be used to cycle through your deck and swing the tempo in your favor by gaining your Nexus health back.

Overall, the card is well-rounded and has the potential to get even better if Soraka has synergy with healing when she is released.

Silverfuse’s Infinite Healing Trolls

infinite healing trolls


[See Silverfuse’s Infinite Healing Trolls deck details]

10. The Infinite Mindsplitter

The Infinite Mindsplitter is the sleeper of the set. This card is an 8/8 Dragon with Fury that when played, targets two of your opponent’s units which are then stunned at the beginning of each round.

The Infinite Mindsplitter allows you to set up huge swings for damage by permanently stunning two of your opponent’s units and threatening 8 damage to your opponents Nexus.

the infinite mindsplitter jpg

Stunning units is particularly good at nullifying your opponent’s threats and its body is hard to remove with his 8/8 statline.

Mindsplitter can be ramped into with cards that generate empty mana gems and take control of the board relatively early into the game. One way or another, this card can create openings to go for lethal or just stops your opponent’s gameplan in its tracks.

BBG’s Demacia Dragons:

demacia dragons


[BBG’s Demacia Dragons deck details]

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask NicMakesPlays during his streams (usually 6PM-1230AM EST).

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