Rise of the Underworlds LoR Card Impressions: Piltover & Zaun (Timewinder, Dropboarder, and More)

Rise of the Underworlds LoR Card Impressions: Piltover & Zaun (Timewinder, Dropboarder, and More)

Rise of the Underworlds Spoilers Day 8

Hey, it’s Trevor “Shugo” Yung and we’re one day away from our final reveals! Today they’ve given us four new cards that bring the Predict mechanic directly to PnZ!

Here are the new LoR cards for PnZ from Rise of the Underworld:

  • Timewinder (spell)
  • Dropboarder (follower)
  • Time Trick (spell)
  • Practical Perfectionist (follower)

We’re revealing new Rise of the Underworld cards every day on our spoiler page.

To build decks with the new cards, head to our Deck Builder.

Time Winder

Timewinder (LoR Card)

  • Timewinder
    • 2 Mana Fast Spell
    • Text: To Play, discard 1. Deal 1 to an enemy or the enemy Nexus, then deal 1 to another.

Our first reveal of the day brings us essentially a reverse Statikk Shock for only two mana! Rather than drawing a card and costing four mana, it costs two but we must discard a card. At two mana this is an extremely powerful anti-aggro tool.

It can function similarly to pre-nerf Make It Rain except with full targeting accuracy. Statikk Shock is a great card against decks with multiple one health targets, but at times is too slow to fend off the aggression. While discarding a card is a significant cost, we’re almost always playing Ballistic Bot or other discard fodder, so the support is already there.

Even if you need to discard normally, as long as you’re killing two targets, you’re still even in card advantage. Timewinder gives two targets for Ezreal, is a cheap spell for any “spells matter” abilities, and could even trigger Plunder in a pinch.

It’s hard to see how this card won’t see competitive play. While its playability will likely vary with each given meta, this new spell should always be on your radar.


Dropboarder (LoR Card)

  • Dropboarder
    • 1 Mana, 1|3 Follower
    • If you see me in a Prediction, summon me.

Next up is a follower that brings even more support for Predict. With Dropboarder, your Predicts can not only find you a card, but summon a unit for free! As a 1|3 statline, it won’t put on much pressure but acts as a great defense tool against aggro. Playing him on turn one counters the multiple 2|1’s while having him summoned later will help sustain you through the midgame.

The only issue here is we’re likely locked into PnZ + Shurima if we want to ensure the most consistency. However, with PnZ being given a few Predict cards of their own, a small Predict package can make sense alongside another region.

Time Trick

Time Trick (LoR Card)

  • Time Trick
    • 2 Mana Burst Spell
    • Text: Predict, then draw 1.

This card’s about as simple as it gets. Look at three cards, then draw one of them. However, in combination with Hexite Crystal or Dropboarder, this card becomes so much more. Even at face value, the card is definitely playable. Sometimes, we need to dig for that one answer, and Predict will help us find it.

Keep your eyes out for tomorrow’s reveals because there’s a chance we’ll see even more reason to play this card!

Practical Perfectionist

Practical Perfectionist (LoR Card)

  • Practical Perfectionist
    • 3 Mana, 4|2 Follower
    • Text: Play: Predict. Create 3 copies of the chosen card in your deck.

Last up is potentially the most exciting of the bundle. Practical Perfectionist gives us the potential to set up some really consistent combos! We’ve had similar effects in the past with Parade Electrorig and Counterfeit Copies, but those two have some significant flaws.

Parade Electrorig not only requires you to attack but can only copy the unit it’s supporting. This eliminates spells from the equation.

Counterfeit Copies can choose anything in hand but at the cost of discarding a card to effectively do nothing.

Practical Perfectionist has the ability as a Play effect alongside a reasonable enough 4|2 statline. A 4|2 with Predict for three mana isn’t awful. Then we gain the ability to add copies to help make our game plan more consistent.

These are just a few examples of cards we’re happy to see copies of.

Go Hard (LoR card)Chirean Slumpworker (LoR Card)

Mistwraith (LoR Card)Legion Marauder (LoR Card)

Go Hard in particular becomes extremely powerful when you can find multiples quickly. We’re also able to copy champions too which helps for those that have strong champ spells.

Here’s a take on Ezreal Vi Go Hard!

Ezreal Vi Go Hard (LoR Deck)

[See Ezreal Vi Go Hard deck details]

Similar decks have been explored in the past but this time we get to make use of Predict to help us find those Go Hards consistently! Fallen Feline is a nice addition; giving us yet another board wipe to search for and work towards. Our defensive options improve with Dropboarder and at the cost of no mana!

The best part of all, with Practical Perfectionist we can dig out Go Hard while adding another three copies to our deck. Then those copies add more copies, which in turn adds more copies, and the copies add copies.. you get the idea. On the rare occasion that isn’t enough, good ol’ Ezreal will blast them to pieces!

Shugo’s Productivity Thought of the Day

Prioritizing time effectively can be a difficult task. When you put too much on your plate, the result can often be less productive than focusing on just one thing.

It can take time just to begin and figure it out. If you don’t leave enough time to prepare, you’ll get to the end without making much progress.

Leave room on your plate, open up extra time, and make the most of it. You don’t have to do everything. Just start with what matters.