LoR Deck Guide: Scouts (Beyond the Bandlewood Update)

LoR Deck Guide: Scouts (Beyond the Bandlewood Update)

How to Play: Scouts (Beyond the Bandlewood Update)

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over how to play Scouts in the current expansion!

This new version adds Poppy to help your Scouts scale with each attack.

We’re constantly covering how to play decks so be sure to check out our previous deck guides.

NicMakesPlays Scouts (LoR Deck)


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Win Condition

Just like its old school version, the goal of this deck is to use the Scout keyword + Miss Fortune to apply a lot of pressure.

By getting more attacks in repeatedly, you can quickly level up MF and burn down your opponent.

This deck can also use Stony Suppressor to win against decks that use a lot of spells.


You want to mulligan for a 1 drop, 2 drop, and Miss Fortune + Poppy.

This allows you to open strong damage output right away and finishing the game around turn 6-7.

NicMakesPlays Scouts (LoR Mulligan)

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Fleetfeather Tracker / Brightsteel Protector

fleetfeather tracker jpgbrightsteel protector jpg

Fleetfeather Tracker is a great 1 drop to help command the early game. You can combine Fleetfeather Tracker with Brightsteel Protector to utilize the Barrier + Challenger combo for a free kill.

This puts you ahead on the board right away and your opponent has to try and come back.

Brightsteel Protector can also be used to protect Miss Fortune or on other Challengers like Laurent Protege.

Miss Fortune / Laurent Protege

miss fortune level 1 jpgLaurent Protege (LoR Card)

Miss Fortune and Laurent Protege are your 3 drops in your deck. Miss Fortune shoots her bullets every time her allies attack, including Scout attacks.

If you combine her with Scouts then you are able to apply a ton of pressure while quickly achieving her level-up condition.

When Miss fortune is leveled it’s an easy win from there. Laurent Protege is your other three drop and he lets you continue to control the board.

His 2|4 statline with Challenger allows you to get a clean kill on turn 3.

 Stony Suppressor / Rangers Resolve

Stony Suppresor (LoR Card)Ranger's Resolve (LoR Card)

Stony Suppressor can slow down the enemy and shut down their deck altogether, while Ranger Resolve is great protection for your units. Both of these cards are amazing anti-meta picks.

Miss Fortune and the Challengers allow you to control the pace of combat while Stony Suppressor shuts down their spells.

Stony Suppressor can also be particularly strong in a lot of matchups such as Lee Sin or SI Frej that run a ton of spells.

Rangers Resolve is great a protecting your units like Miss Fortune for cheap. You can use this to stop Thermogenic Beam and board clears like Avalanche.

Poppy / Genevieve Elmheart

Poppy Level 1 (LoR Card)genevieve elmheart jpg

Poppy and Genevieve Elmheart buff your board and can make for huge swings. Poppy buffs your units every time you attack with her which is great with units such as Marai Warden and Laurent Protege.

If you have a Stony Suppressor on the board then it’s expensive for them to use spells to stop her.

Genevieve Elmheart is a bomb in your deck that can win the game on the spot. Her Challenger + Scout allows you to pick off a blocker before you go for a swing with your whole field.

Relentless Pursuit / Sharpsight

relentless pursuit jpgSharpsight (LoR Card)

Relentless Pursuit and Sharpsight are two powerful spells in your deck. Relentless Pursuit allows you to finish off the game after you are ahead on board.

It is also extremely easy to level up Miss Fortune with Relentless Pursuit because you can attack with your Scouts and then all your units.

Sharpsight is versatile and can be used for aggressive pushes, protecting units such as Miss Fortune, and blocking Elusives.

Good Matchups

The good matchups for this deck are decks such as SI Frej, Darkness, and TF GP Bandle City.

All of these decks have cheap pings and a ton of spells. You can utilize Stony Suppressor and Rangers Resolve to nullify their spells while controlling the board with Miss Fortune + your Challengers.

In these matchups, you want to mull for Stony Suppressor or Rangers Resolve, Miss Fortune + early game units.

When you are ahead on board you can finish them off with a Relentless Pursuit.

Bad Matchups

The bad matchups for this deck are Ezreal Draven and Sivir Akshan.

Ezreal Draven has Arachnoid Sentry and Ravenous Flock to stun or remove most of your threats.

Stony Suppressor and Rangers Resolve are also good in this matchup to keep your units alive and make their spells more expensive.

Sivir Akshan is tough because they have a lot of combat tricks and beefy units.

Brightsteel Protector on your Challenger can make some clean combat trades that are protected from Barrier. Sharpsight can also help you win key combat trades.

You want to get ahead on the board and then take the game over when you play Genevieve Elmheart.

Tech Choices

Island Navigator

Island Navigator (LoR Card)

This card can be used to make wide boards of Scout units. This can output a ton of pressure especially with combined with Poppy or Genevieve Elmheart. This card can replace Grizzled Ranger.

Blinding Assault

blinding assault jpg

This card can create high roll openings when combined with Miss Fortune. Valor can pick off enemy units while immediately getting Miss Fortune to 2|4 progress for her level up on turn 3. You can cut down on a Mari Warden, Cithria, and Riposte for this.

Hired Gun

Hired Gun (LoR Card)

This is another great 2 drop that allows you to take over the game early. On turn 2, this card can give a 1 drop Vulnerable to clear it out for free in a combat trade. This card can replace Marai Warden.

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