Awakening Impressions: Norra

Awakening Impressions: Norra

Awakening Impressions LoR Spoilers Day 7: Norra

Hey everyone NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going over the first-ever LoR exclusive champion and her supporting cards, Norra!

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norra level 1 lor card

Norra is a 2 mana 1/2 Elusive that when strikes the Nexus creates a Mysterious Portal in the top 4 cards of your deck. She is then leveled up when you’ve summoned 6+ created allies. An easy first pair for this deck is the Poro Cannon + Boom Baboon package.

Discarding Flame Chompers for Poro Cannon, and then summoning the two Daring Poro’s already completes half of her level up condition. You can apply pressure with Lulu + Flame Chomper openings while leveling up Norra in the process.

norra level 2 lor card

When Norra is leveled up, Mysterious Portals summon 4-7 cost units instead of 2 or 3 cost units. This can give the Aggro Bandle + Pnz discard some longevity for the mid and late game.


portalpalooza lor card

norra's portalpalooza lor card

Portalpalooza is an easy way to load Mysterious Portals in your deck and is also Norra’s Champ Spell. Before Norra is leveled the price is a bit steep, but after Norra is leveled is where this card really shines.

After Norra is leveled your Mysterious Portals summon 4-7 cost units so you can wait until she’s leveled, and then use Portalpalooza to reap the rewards. I don’t think you main deck this card, but it’s a great Champ Spell since it has amazing synergy with her leveled up form.

Realm’s Caretaker

realm's caretaker lor card

Realm’s Caretaker gives payoff for activating your Mysterious Portals as well as other Traps/Boons.

One cool thing this card can do is make extra use of Teemo/Nora together in the same deck since it gives Realm’s Caretaker multiple ways to activate. Overall, I’d say this card won’t see play and is outclassed by Yordle Captain.

Living Library

living library lor card

Living Library is an Elusive, gives payoff for activating Boons/Traps and can be played in multiple decks. In a Norra/Teemo deck this can easily be achieved and gives you refuel + elusive pressure.

You could play this in pure Puffcaps just for more Elusive pressure and refuel as well. This can even be splashed in Bard decks to buff his stats once you get the Chimes rolling. I’m not sure if this card will make the cut, but it is a consideration in any deck with Boons/Traps.

Eclectic Collection

eclectic collection lor card

Eclectic Collection gives huge payoff for Bandle Swarm decks. If you are able to go wide then you can easily buff your deck with tons of Mysterious Portals/Chimes while hurting your opponents with Puffcaps/Flashbombs. This card works nicely with the swarm Poro Cannon + Flame Chomper can create, which levels Norra in the process. Although this card is expensive for swarm decks, it can use spell mana to be played earlier and really packs a punch.

Norra Lulu Deck

nicsmakesplays norra lulu


[See Norra Lulu deck details]

Here is my Norra Lulu deck. This deck can swarm out huge damage while leveling Norra in the process by playing created allies.

Lulu can buff your Flame Chompers + Norra, Yordle Captain and Sneezy Biggledust can buff your created allies to apply huge pressure, and then you can use the burn spell for game.

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