Awakening Impressions: Jax

Awakening Impressions: Jax

Awakening Impressions LoR Spoilers Day 10: Jax

Hey everyone NicMakesPlays here, today I’m going to over our exciting new card reveals.

Today we have Jax being revealed as a new Champion, along with his supporting cards!

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jax level 1 lor card

To begin let’s start with Jax’s Origin, Grandmaster at Arms. His origin allows you to build his deck with any Weaponmaster card, as well as equipping him with The Light of Icathia when the game starts. The purpose of Light of Icathia is that he counts himself as an Equipped unit for his level up/other card effects.

grandmaster at arms lor card

Light of Icathia also gives Jax Overwhelm when he hits level 2. Also if leveled Jax dies, it goes back to your hand which can give another unit Overwhelm.

At first Jax is just a 3/2 for 2 but he can level up quickly. Jax levels up when Equipped allies have struck for 15+ damage.

jax level 2 lor card

The first thing to note is he doesn’t have to see the damage being dealt, so he can level up in the deck.

When he’s leveled and attacks he gains +1/+1 for each ally that was Equipped this round. This can push huge damage since his Light of Icathia gives him Overwhelm.

Jax’s Counterstrike

jax's counter strike lor card

Jax’s Counterstrike is Jax’s Champ spell. For 3 mana this spell gives Jax Barrier and Forge’s him at burst speed.

Currently, we don’t know what Forge does, but giving Barrier for 3 mana already sounds pretty good. This card is directly comparable to Prismatic Barrier, and assuming Forge is an upside then it will be even better.


sharesies lor card

Sharesies is a great way to double up your Equipment bonuses and push for huge damage.

You can use Sharesies to spread Overwhelm and powerful statlines amongst your board.

This is also a great way to transfer your Equipment to other units.

Entrancing Lure

entrancing lure lor card

Entrancing Lure can be both removal and refuel. Entrancing Lure gives a unit Challenger for the round so you can easily remove enemy threats once your enemies are beefed up from Equipments. If you use Entrancing Lure on an Equipped unit then you also draw a card, which will be a regular use for this card.

Equipping units first and then using Entrancing Lure gives you the most value out of this card due to easy combat trades and it draws you an extra card.

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