4 Decks for Climbing to Master in LoR (Call of the Mountain)

4 Decks for Climbing to Master in LoR (Call of the Mountain)

4 Decks for Climbing to Master in Legends of Runeterra

Players are often looking for the best deck to climb the ladder with but there are usually several options out there. Personally, I used Trundle Aurelion Sol Ramp and Kalista They Who Endure for my climb to Master this season, but there are other lists I’d like to also recommend to make your climb a bit easier.

These decks were compiled based on Mobalytics statistics, player opinion, as well as what I have found success with on ladder. I hope you find these lists helpful for your climb to the next rank!

1. Trundle Aurelion Sol Ramp

trundle asol to master


[See Trundle Aurelion Sol deck details]

Trundle Aurelion Sol Ramp uses two new champions from the Call of the Mountain Expansion. The deck can be built in several ways depending on the meta. For instance, if there are a lot of aggressive opponents on ladder, then Avalanche can be a good slot in.

Personally, I used this deck to do the bulk of my climbing with a 70% win rate. Mobalytics statistics also show Aurelion Sol Trundle lists with a 60% win rate on the Master’s ladder.

Generally, this deck mulligans for ramp plus a 5 cost unit. Against aggressive opponents, it is ideal to to find Spacy Sketcher and Troll Scavenger with an 8 cost plus unit to activate the behold on Troll Scavenger to trade into multiple units.

If you are running Avalanche, then holding it in the starting hand is ideal. Against other ramp opponents, ramp is your best friend and critical for winning the game. The first one to ramp into big units such as Aurelion Sol and Mindsplitter is incredibly important.

I find this deck to be a lot of fun to play. Mulligans are incredibly important to make sure that you can ramp into a threat that makes trades and threatens to end the game. Spacey Sketcher is an incredible tool that takes advantage of the Invoke Mechanic to find answers to the opponent’s board at any time during the game.

2. Kalista They Who Endure

they who endure master


[See Kalista They Who Endure deck details]

Despite Hush and Equinox, They Who Endured has…endured. Precipic created the most popular version of TWE which had a 57.8% win rate a week ago. With the addition of Stalking Shadows to the card pool, this has allowed They Who to become more consistent than ever.

On top of this, Doombeast has allowed extra reach and sustain along with it being a great pick from Stalking Shadows at times.

For the mulligan in this deck, you want to find your aggressive cards to pressure the opponent. Ideally, you want to have Ravenous Butcher and Cursed Keeper together, but Ravenous Butcher plus another one drop will do just fine! With this deck, you generally attack with all your creatures to chip away at your opponent’s nexus.

While your opponent is blocking your creatures, your They Who Endure grows in stats as your units die. By turn 7 or 8, you should have a The Who Endure in the double digits.

they who endure jpg

The Overwhelm on the They Who Endure plus Atrocity as the finisher one of the ways this deck finishes games. Sometimes Atrocity onto any unit for a little bit of reach damage is all that is needed due to the high amount of pressure this deck develops throughout the game.

For a more in-depth look at this deck, check out the They Who Endure guide by Precipic and I.

3. Pirate Aggro

pirate burn aggro masters


[See Pirate Aggro deck details]

Pirate Aggro has been a popular deck to climb the ladder. Currently, it is boasting a 60% win rate in over 500 games on the Masters ladder according to Mobalytics statistics. This deck utilizes a lot of the burn cards from Noxus as well as strong units from Bilgewater such as Miss Fortune, Petty Officer, and Jack the Winner.

For aggro decks, it is often important to mulligan for 1 cost units to start off the game and this deck is no exception. Having a one drop threat is important as well as having two 1 drops to follow up the first creature or a 2 drop is important. This deck often uses a go wide board strategy to pressure opponents and chip away at their heath.

jack the winner jpg

The game is often finished with Noxian Fervor, Decimate, as well as Sleep with the Fishes created by Jack the Winner. Against some control strategies, Captain Farron can be used to create a big threat as well as threaten to end the game with the three Decimates that it creates.

4. Lee Sin Combo

lee sin combo masters


[See Lee Sin Combo deck details]

After Lee Sin’s recent rework, he has become very popular on the ladder and Lee Sin decks are still being optimized. This is the most popular version on Masters’ ladder with a 63% win rate although it is too low of a sample size to say how strong it is quite yet. A lot of top players have agreed that Lee Sin Combo has a lot of potential with most players placing it as a tier 1 or tier 2 deck.

The deck uses multiple spells from Targon and Ionia to stall and delay while leveling up Lee Sin. Eye of the Dragon and Claws of the Dragon are great stall tools against aggressive opponents while simultaneously leveling up Lee Sin. Zenith Blade with leveled up Lee Sin is the finisher due to the overwhelm that Zenith Blade gives.

lee see level 1 jpg post buff

This allows Lee Sin to kick the opposing unit away for damage plus Lee Sin gets to attack through after. Pale Cascade and Gems are additional sources of damage for Lee Sin and his combo. Generally, the deck doesn’t do a one turn kill but rather kills the opponent over 2 or 3 turns with Lee Sin.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

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