4 Akshan Decks to Try Out During the Sentinels of Light Launch Week

4 Akshan Decks to Try Out During the Sentinels of Light Launch Week

Sentinels of Light Launch Week: Akshan Decks

Ready to fight against the Ruined King? You’ve made the right choice to ally with the Sentinels!

It’s Trevor “Shugo” Yung here and I’ve assembled four different decks to utilize Akshan.

We’re fresh into the patch and he’s looking good so far, so let’s dive into some potential archetypes to get us started!

1. Riven Akshan

Riven Akshan (LoR Deck)


[See Riven Akshan deck details]

What champion first comes to mind when you think about self-targeting? If you ask me, it’s Riven! Ever since her recent buffs she now reliably generates her Blade Fragments. Not only can we use these to forge the blade, but also to accelerate Akshan’s landmark.

Riven lvl 1 (LoR Card)

This deck aims to play aggressively. We want to curve out efficiently and ideally get our champions online early. Our cheap units not only apply pressure but replace themselves with token spells. With Waking Sands and the generated Blade Fragments, we can set up for a huge swing in the mid-game.

Waking Sands (LoR reveal)

Shaped Stone is incredible with Akshan. Our champion himself ensures the buff is online and it synergizes perfectly alongside his Quick Attack and Warlord’s Palace. Spoiler alert. This card is a 3-of in every one of these decks. It’s just far too efficient for the cost and because of Akshan’s built-in landmark, you’ll always meet the deckbuilding cost to reliably run it.

Shaped Stone (LoR Card)

While a leveled-up Riven should generally close the game, if things prolong further we have Ruin Runner and Thrumming Swarm as a backup. It is extremely easy to level Riven and Akshan, so the infinite swarm should always be available!

2. Fiora Akshan

Fiora Akshan (LoR Deck)


[See Fiora Akshan deck details]

You either love her or hate her. One of the most polarizing champs out there now has a potential match. Fiora, meet Akshan.

fiora level 1 jpg

The Fiora Shurima archetype wasn’t completely awful. It just lacked options compared to regions like Freljord or Ionia. Even with a few nice tricks, it’s hard to replace powerhouse buffs like Elixir of Iron and Troll Chant. However, we’ve now gained a few intriguing additions. Akshan fits perfectly with a deck full of buffs, and we’ve been given two great tools; The Absolver and Grappling Hook.

The Absolver (LoR Card)

The Absolver is an interesting new spell that’s mechanically different from all others. At base value, it’s a mediocre +2|+1 buff. However, once you’ve leveled a champion you have access to a second fleeting version that also grants Overwhelm for the turn.

Fiora is a champion that levels very easily, so you’re almost always going to have access to The Absolver’s full potential. While it won’t happen often, there are rare occasions where you win with damage. Having a Burst speed Overwhelm on a large buffed Fiora can give you just enough to push through.

Grappling Hook (LoR Card)

Grappling Hook is a bit of an odd card. There are times it’s unplayable, and at Slow speed, most decks aren’t likely to want this effect. However, the ability to strike an enemy without recoil is very powerful. Pair this with Fiora and you’ve effectively gained three better Single Combats to help end the game. Shaped Stone offers great support to enable Grappling Hook to deal 6+ damage with only four mana.

3. Taric Akshan

Taric Akshan (LoR Deck)


[See Taric Akshan deck details]

Our next deck looks to really speed through those level-ups by adding Gems to the mix. Taric makes perfect sense here as both champions want to see constant buffs.

Taric level 1 (LoR card)

This may be the first time we can effectively play Chip in a more aggressive shell. Chip is consistently a one mana 3|3 and now has six effective 2-drops that enable him on the curve. Chip into Akshan is powerful. Then add Mentor of the Stones and you’re threatening a 4|4 Quick Attack by turn three. Not to mention you’re also supplying enough Gems to greatly accelerate Warlord’s Palace to level up even faster!

Chip (LoR Card)Warlord's Palace (LoR Card)

Shaped Stone is fantastic with Taric but previously not supported enough. But even more important, The Absolver brings an incredible win condition to the archetype. Taric previously relied on either Might or Zenith Blade.

While Might is strong, it did force us into Noxus. And although Zenith Blade is in Targon, its Slow speed was often a huge detriment. The Absolver not only gives Overwhelm, but supplies us two buffs in one card! While I can’t confidently say how powerful the archetype will be, this is an absolute home run support card for Taric.

4. Braum Akshan

Braum Akshan (LoR Deck)


[See Braum Akshan deck details]

Last up is the buffest of the buff. We’ve got a new take on Braum’s Scargrounds! While we’re giving up some of the self-damage support, we’re gaining some incredible spell value.

Braum level 1 (LoR card)

This may be the best way to protect Akshan in the long run. While generally our support card, with help from Scargrounds he can actually grow to be a real threat.

The Scargrounds (LoR Card)

Quick Attack is no joke, and with a multitude of buffs, you can often ensure his survival. If you Countdown a Warlord’s Hoard, granting Spellshield to your champions can be game-breaking. Braum is already notably unkillable, and Spellshield ensures he’s safe from any Recall or destroy shenanigans.

Warlord's Hoard (LoR Card)

There’s not a lot else to say here. Buff your board, keep them alive, then Overwhelm your opponent’s Nexus. Seems simple, but surprisingly effective.


Alright well, that wraps up four different ways to build Akshan. He provides great early game value and opens a lot of doors to support existing archetypes. Don’t underestimate the loot he provides, as there’s the potential we’ll see even crazier combos once we’ve had time to explore the patch!

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