5 Champions That Counter Morgana Jungle

5 Champions That Counter Morgana Jungle

5 Champions Who Counter Morgana Jungle

Morgana as a whole is incredibly strong right now. She is basically a pick or ban in higher ELO’s and if she manages to get through champion select- oh boy. Because of her current strength in the meta, it would be highly beneficial if we were to provide you with some tips to make handling Morgana a little easier.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss 5 Junglers that are good against Morgana Jungle. Because of her popularity in this role right now, we will only be discussing Jungle counters rather than Mid or Support counters. Would you like us to cover how to counter Support Morgana in the future?

If you want to join the Morgana hype train, I would recommend getting the low down on how to play Morgana jungle by checking out Morgana’s champion page. It has tons of tips and tricks on how to play her, including runes, items, and combos.

What champions counter Jungle Morgana?

  1. Fiddlesticks
  2. Jarvan IV
  3. Kindred
  4. Olaf
  5. Xin Zhao

The best champions that counter Morgana Jungle are Fiddlesticks, Jarvan IV, Kindred, Olaf and Xin Zhao. You can find all the matchup tips we use in this guide on the Mobalytics App. For plus members, you can get specific matchup tips for the champion you’re playing versus the enemy laner at your fingertips while you load into the game. We have tens of thousands of different, highly specific matchups curated by our challenger level players to help you lane against the enemy champion.

1. Morgana vs Fiddlesticks

Morgana does win the early game, but once Fiddlesticks hits level 6, he should be much stronger than her. In team fights, he will deal more damage as his Ultimate deals a lot of AOE damage. As long as you dodge her Q, you will most likely win any 1v1 too.

4 tips to counter Morgana as Fiddlesticks

  • You will need to bait out Morgana’s E before you try to fight her. You can either drain it by using your W, or you can just catch her off-guard from out of vision and E her.
  • Her clears are extremely fast, so you will want to make sure that the river is wholly warded. Else, she will invade and destroy you.
  • Once you get your Ultimate you should focus on making many plays from outside vision. Use your effigies and ask your team to help you deward the lane you’re about to gank.
  • Keep track of Morgana in this game. Use your effigies to deep ward the enemy Jungle if you can invade her. Neutral Objective fights should be really easy for you.

2. Morgana vs Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV can escape sticky situations which Morgana can trap people into. He can easily escape/dodge her Q and escape her Ultimate. Jarvan also has equal gank pressure compared to Morgana.

4 tips to counter Morgana as Jarvan IV

  • Your E Q combo can be negated quite easily by Morgana’s E} so ensure that you either bait that ability out or just all-in Morgana from out of her vision range.
  • When duelling her, it is better to wait for her Q to be used up before you look for an all-in. She will otherwise CC and kill you immediately.
  • You will want to get some magic resistance in this matchup. Also, watch out for invades, as Morgana can easily do that due to her quick clears.
  • Morgana should be counter-ganked as much as possible in this matchup. Remember that she can E only one target, so prepare to be switching targets on the fly.

3. Morgana vs Kindred

Kindred can be a real nuisance for the Morgana. Kindred can get in and out of her jungle pretty easily, and with the short cooldown on her Q, she can dodge Morg’s Q with ease. Kindred is also an AD champion, so she will win any 1v1 with Morgana as long as she dodges the Q.

4 tips to counter Morgana as Kindred

  • All you need to do in this matchup is avoid Morgana’s Q. You will definitely need some anti-CC item later on as getting hit by a single Q can lead to your death.
  • When looking to secure marks, ask one of your teammates to accompany you. It will make life easier for you, especially if that laner has priority in his/her lane.
  • Never use your W recklessly in this matchup, as it has the potential to let you win the duel with a bit of effort. The quicker you can use your Q, the better.
  • Morgana will try to counter gank and invade you. Set proper vision around the map and collapse on her if you see her in your Jungle.

4. Morgana vs Olaf

Olaf’s Ultimate makes it impossible for her to land her Q or use her Ultimate on him. If he is able to land a Q on her, she is basically dead. Olaf is a very strong duelist too, so as long as he dodges her Q, he should easily be able to kill her.

4 tips to counter Morgana as Olaf

  • If you manage to Q Morgana, do not run straight at her immediately. Else, she will just Q > W you and drain a lot of health.
  • Morgana relies on her abilities and dodging her Q will make life way easier for you pre-six. Once you hit six, your Ultimate should negate a lot of Morgana’s duelling potential.
  • Getting some magic resistance should help you a lot in this matchup. Morgana can quickly deal a lot of damage if you’re not prepared beforehand, so getting some tenacity and magic resistance will definitely boost your power.
  • Morgana will try to counter-gank you a lot in this matchup. Generally, try to all-in the enemy who does not have Morgana’s E on them. It will allow you to catch up to them quickly.

5. Morgana vs Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao is a strong duelist who has good gank pressure early. He can easily 1v1 the Morgana, and close the gap to get on to her when he meets her. He has good objective control, is strong in the current meta and is snowball heavy. Xin Zhao is a great pick into Morgana Jungle.

4 tips to counter Morgana as Xin Zhao

  • Only go in on Morgana once her Q is down. She will otherwise completely CC and chunk you for more than half your health bar.
  • Morgana’s E has a massive downside in this matchup. If you all-in someone and she E’s them, you can easily use your Ultimate and convert that fight into a 1 v 1.
  • You will want to gank as much as you can during the early game but make sure you keep an eye out on Morgana’s whereabouts. She can easily foil your plans if she is near your lane, as she will negate a lot of your all-in potential.
  • Getting some tenacity is a must in this matchup. It will help in duels, and you can completely take over the game if you manage to get a few early kills on Morgana. Ask your laners with lane priority to help you when possible.


Morgana Jungle is pretty strong still even after her nerfs in Patch 11.11. If you want us to make a Morgana guide for Mid or Support, let us know!

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