5 Champions That Counter Ekko

5 Champions That Counter Ekko

5 Champions Who Counter Ekko

Ekko is one of the best Mid laners in the game. He is very strong in the current meta, and can even be flexed into top and jungle. Because of his overall strength and popularity, it is beneficial for you to understand how to play against Ekko.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will break down some tips and tricks to help you play against Ekko in the mid lane. Some of the champion recommendations we discuss in this guide will help you in the top lane too.

First off, if you want to learn how to play as Ekko, make sure you check out Ekko’s champion page. You can also find his latest Runes and builds there as well as additional counter advice- so make sure to check it out!

What champions counter Ekko?

  1. Galio
  2. Sylas
  3. Annie
  4. Kassadin
  5. Vladimir

The best champions that counter Ekko are Galio, Sylas, Anne, Kassadin and Vladimir. You can find all the matchup tips we use in this guide on the Mobalytics App. For plus members, you can get specific matchup tips for the champion you’re playing versus the enemy laner at your fingertips while you load into the game. We have tens of thousands of different, highly specific matchups curated by our challenger level players to help you lane against the enemy champion.

1. Ekko vs Galio

Galio into Ekko is good for the Galio for several reasons. Most notably is the taunt that Galio has. Ekko will not be able to play aggressive unless this ability is on cooldown. However, Ekko’s level 6 is way stronger than Galio’s in a 1v1 setting.

4 tips to counter Ekko as Galio

  • Use your range advantage during the early stages of the game and contest every CS he goes for with your GQ. Your goal is to get him low enough so that he can’t just all-in you and 1 v 1 you.
  • Try to push for level six in this lane as it is vital that you help your other lanes succeed. Ekko is a very mobile ganker with a lot of CC so you will need to counter his CC whenever possible in order to win the lane.
  • Whenever Ekko dashes in to 1 v 1 you and you’re sure that the enemy Jungler isn’t near, try to fight him till his Ultimate reaches you. At that point, simply disengage. Take regular short trades when your W shield is up rather than long ones.
  • After getting your Ultimate, you should focus on staying in the lane and shoving the wave. Try to roam after that and join fights with your Ultimate If Ekko tries to gank another one of your laners, get the wave off your tower and then try to join the fight with your Ultimate.

2. Ekko vs Sylas

Sylas can steal Ekkos Ultimate and use it against him. If he gets the level up before the Ekko, he can even look to play aggressively and cheese a kill. Also, Sylas has built in sustain, dodges and great turnaround potential in this matchup.

4 tips to counter Ekko as Sylas

  • Be careful about fighting with Ekko. He is looking for short trades while you want extended trades to use your healing and fight advantage. Don’t fight in his Wunder any circumstance and do your best to get out of it quickly.
  • Try to match Ekko’s dash with your E Abscond/Abduct to keep up with his mobility, and to catch him out when he misuses his dash. You may also use it defensively in case you spot a gank coming your way.
  • Hold onto your W until after Ekko has used his engage onto you. This will bait him into fighting you and you can surprise him with your heal.
  • Post level six, when Ekko uses his Ultimate, Ekko will blink to his as well as heal himself. Make sure to stay out of his Ultimate radius as it does a lot of damage and will heal him for a decent value. You may want to invest in Grievous Wound items to counter the healing.

3. Ekko vs Annie

Anne can be a good pick into Ekko because she can stop him in his tracks with a stun. Post 6, holding on to her stun will make it impossible for Ekko to play aggressively in this matchup.

4 tips to counter Ekko as Annie

  • Keep the wave pushing and maintain some distance from Ekko. Ward well around the lane as he can set-up pretty potent ganks for his Jungler with his W. Pushing the lane will also allow you to roam to other lanes due to the engage potential on your E.
  • Ekko will likely try to all-in you with his Q slow and E dash. You can easily stop him in his tracks with a Passive empowered W during his dash.
    Since he is melee, make it a point to constantly harass him in the lane with your Wand Q. This will prevent him from regenerating a lot of HP with his Ultimate as well.
  • Whenever you see his W indicator on top of you, E and use the Movement Speed to run away from the circle. Without his W CC, his duelling power drops significantly.

4. Ekko vs Kassadin

Ekko will be stronger in the very early game, but Kassadin will always out scale an Ekko as long as he doesn’t fall behind. Kassa is a great pick into Ekko for multiple reasons but one of the many reasons is that he can make it impossible for the Ekko to land his W on him in this matchup.

4 tips to counter Ekko as Kassadin

  • Save your W for when Ekko wants to take the offensive. Melee exchanges tend to favor Ekko where he lands all his abilities and his Passive. Your own auto attack reset with will help immensely in evening out the exchange and dissuade Ekko from being overly aggressive.
  • Try to freeze the wave in front of your Turret. Ekko is a melee champion and will be in a dangerous position where he will need to walk up to shove waves in properly. He’ll be forced to use hisQ suboptimally to reach farm.
  • Always pay attention to Ekko’sW. His all-in is deadly if he manages to land it for the stun mid-fight. It’s often best to disengage and wait out its effects.
    Sidestep Ekko’sQ and constantly harass him with your Q and E. You have the poke advantage. Allow Ekko to push.

5. Ekko vs Vladimir

Vladimir can out sustain the Ekko throughout the game. He can also force the Ekko to adjust his build path to purchase healing reduction. Ekko will also never land his W in this matchup as Vladimir can always W his W.

4 tips to counter Ekko as Vladimir

  • Starting at level 2 Ekko can use Phase Dive to aggress on a much lower cooldown than your level 1 Sanguine Pool. Respect his ability to consistently fight you.
  • Anytime Ekko steps out of vision briefly before walking back to the wave, step back until you are sure that he did not cast Parallel Convergence to catch you by surprise.
  • When Ekko starts the Phase Dive auto animation you can pool. This denies Ekko damage and passive stack but still puts him on top of you allowing you to potentially trade while he is attempting to disengage.
  • You want the wave to be pushing towards you until you get a significant amount of cool down. This means that Ekko won’t be able to run you down when your Sanguine Pool is unavailable.


Ekko can be difficult to deal with, but these 5 champions should have a slightly easier time dealing with him in lane. Make sure you pick one of them whenever you know you’re laning against him!

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