Legends of Runeterra Guide: Removal Cards

Legends of Runeterra Guide: Removal Cards

Everything You Need to Know About Removal in LoR

If LoR is your first card game, “removal” refers to units and spells that either destroy a unit or remove it from the game.

It’s important to understand removal to understand how and when to play around it during a match. For example, if you’re against a Shadow Isles Deck, you should know to look out for Vile Feast when your opponent has 2 mana and Vengeance when they have 7 mana.

Vengeance spell

Understanding removal options will also come in handy when you’re building and theorycrafting decks since you’ll know what every region excels at and lacks.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing the overall place of removal in LoR as well as all the removal options for all the LoR regions.

Removal Terminology

Throughout this article, we’ll be using some terminology that’s often used in TCG’s when discussing the cards. Here they are:

Soft removal = removal options that rely on dealing damage to kill a unit. They’re limited by the amount of Health a unit has and by effects like Barrier. We’ll also be counting things like Recall and Capture as soft removal.

Hard removal = removal options that can instantly kill a champion despite effects like Barrier.

You should also be aware of the different spell speeds which we cover in our LoR game mechanics guide. Here’s a quick breakdown below:

LoR spells, Slow, Fast, Burst

Understanding spell speed in relation to removal is important because the “faster” a spell is, the more versatile and powerful it can be. Burst and Fast spells can be used as trump cards during combat while you’ll have to plan around whether to use Slow spells before or after combat.

There currently aren’t that many removal spells of the Burst speed but who knows what the future may hold in future card expansion sets.

We’ll also be mentioning “skills” which are abilities that come from champions and followers. These have the same speed as Slow spells. Note that not every champion ability is a Skill, some like Yasuo’s happen instantly.

Systematic Removal Trends in LoR

Overall, since LoR is so combat-focused, removal is generally rare systematically, especially compared to other card games. This creates certain thresholds of removal difficulty related to how much Health you’re dealing with:

2 or less health = easy to remove.

3 health = a little harder to remove.

4 or more health = a lot harder to remove.

Although there are a few options that can immediately remove a threat, you’ll often have to use removal options in combination with a combat trade to kill certain units.



Lux Laser splash

Overall, Demacia has the least amount of removal options since their decks focus on getting the edge in combat by continually buffing and generating units. It also uses Challenger as a form of removal but we won’t be including that since it’s a keyword that is really only removal sometimes.

Most of Demacia’s removal requires having a unit to activate them as a minimum so they aren’t that great when you’re playing from behind. The stronger the unit, the stronger your removal options will be.

Demacia Removal Overview:

2 (Fast) – Single Combat

Demacia - Single Combat

Single Combat is a Fast spell that can be used as soft removal. Its strength is reliant on how the Power of the unit that you’re using it with. A key part to notice here is the “each other” part, meaning your unit will also be taking damage from the enemy unit that it’s targeting.

Since Demacia units have Tough, you can get decent value out of Single Combat trades. This can be used to activate things like Fiora’s win condition and works well with cards like Garen that have Regeneration. However, it will not work with keywords like Quick Attack since it does not count as an attack.

6 (Fast) – Detain

Demacia - Detain

Detain is a Fast spell that can be used as soft removal because it removes a unit impermanently. This is because the Capture effect removes an enemy unit as long as the allied unit that has captured the enemy unit stays alive.

If your allied unit that did the capturing dies, the captured unit will return to the battlefield. Similar to other Demacian removals, its power depends on the strength of the unit that you’re using to do the capturing.

Since its a Fast spell, it can be handy to remove a problematic blocker in the late game as you prepare for a final attack. It’s a great card to use when you’re ahead since you can protect your ally that is using Detain with Barrier and other buffs.

It’s not the best when you’re behind since you’ll likely have to settle on using it on a less than ideal allied unit, meaning that it will likely die faster than you’d hope.

6 (Fast) – Final Spark

Demacia - Final Spark

Final Spark is a Fast spell that is generated from Lux every time she attacks after she is leveled up. Since it deals 6 damage, it can be a potent soft removal that simultaneously removes big blockers while applying pressure with Overwhelm.

Unfortunately it isn’t the most consistent removal option since it does require a ton of set up (finding Lux, casting 6+ mana in one turn to level up Lux, attacking with leveled up Lux, and so on) and because it’s a Fleeting spell (meaning that it disappears from your hand at the end of the round if you don’t use it).

The plus side, of course, is that it doesn’t require using a minion as a conduit to activate it like other Demacian removals since it’s a direct damage spell.

8 (Fast) – Judgment

Demacia - Judgment

Judgment is a powerful late game removal tool when paired with big units like Garen and Tianna Crownguard. One downside is that it only affects enemies that are in battle, but a big bonus is that the allied unit you use it with won’t take any damage since it isn’t being struck itself like it would with Single Combat.

As a Fast spell, it can be used offensively to punish your opponent for using a lot of small blockers or can be used defensively to stop a big attack since you can effectively clear a ton of attackers with one unit.

If you’re running a Fiora deck, Judgement works with her champion ability to it can outright win you the game in one turn.


Freljord - She Who Wanders splash

Freljord is a region that has survived the harsh winter for ages. As such, their playstyle allows them to excel in grinding down their opponents in long battles of attrition.

In term of removal, Freljord lacks direct single target options but has several AoE (area of effect) options that can wipe multiple enemies. All of its options are also Slow so you’ll need to plan around being potentially responded to by faster regions.

A core mechanic that some of Freljord’s removal options rely on is Frostbite, which decreases a units Power to 0. Frostbite can act as sort of a pseudo-removal since it temporarily neutralizes a unit’s Power, however, we won’t be counting it as hard or soft removal since it doesn’t directly kill a unit. When frostbitten, the unit is still able to block and have an impact on a game even though they are weaker.

Outside of Anivia’s Glacial Storm, Freljord’s removal can only target units. This can be seen as another downside compared to regions like Noxus and Piltover/Zaun which have the flexibility to also use their removal as direct damage to the enemy Nexus.

Freljord Removal Overview:

2 (Slow) – Shatter


Shatter is a Slow spell that can be soft removal if you pair it with Frostbite effects. With 4 damage, you can remove a good amount of things from the early to mid rounds.

Even if you can’t activate it, it can still come in handy as a delay tool or enable other cards that synergize with Frostbite.

3 (Skill) – Avarosan Marksman

Freljord - Avarosan Marksman

Avarosan Marksmen is a great early game option that can help you fight for board control and keep aggro and Elusive decks in check. With only 1 Health, he’s incredibly vulnerable to low cost removal and AoE so don’t expect him on the board for long.

In most cases in the mid to late game, you’ll be able to use him to clean up after combat trades at the end of a round.

4 (Slow) – Avalanche

Freljord - Avalanche

Avalanche is one of the few AoE spells in the game and is incredibly solid against aggro and pesky Elusives. As a Slow spell, you can only cast it before or after combat, so you can use it preemptively to clear small blockers or afterward to clean up after trades.

The “EVERYTHING” part of it isn’t too bad since Freljord generally has some of the beefier high Health units in LoR and it can be a great addition in Freljord + Shadow Isles decks since you can trigger your own Last Breath cards.

6 (Skill) – Glacial Storm (Anivia)

Freljord - Glacial Storm

Glacial Storm is an AoE champion skill from Anivia that triggers every time she attacks, acting as a consistent soft removal option. In her vanilla state, it will deal 1 damage and it upgrades to 2 after she levels up. Note that it says “ALL enemies” – this means that it will also be hitting the enemy Nexus along with all the enemy units on the board.

Freljord - Anivia

Since Anivia is incredibly sticky by nature (meaning she’s hard to remove) due to her Eggnivia Last Breath ability, you can often get a ton of value by wiping low Health units, discouraging your opponent from playing low Health units, and by setting up favorable trades.

Keep in mind that Skills have the same speed as Slow spells, so players can respond to it before its damage resolves.

7 (Slow) – Winter’s Breath

Freljord - Winter's Breath

Winter’s Breath is similar to Shatter in that it requires Frostbite to get its full effect, but it acts as hard removal instead of soft removal. Even if it’s used without set up, Frostbiting all enemies can be a very potent stall tactic or put your opponent in an awkward position by forcing them to block with 0 Power units and lose Health for free when you attack.

This is basically Freljord’s only option to directly hard high Health targets with effects like Barrier so use it wisely.

9 (Skill) – Balesight (She Who Wanders)

Freljord - She Who Wanders

She Who Wanders is a very unique card as it’s the only LoR card with the Obliterate effect from her Balesight Skill. The Obliterate effect completely removes cards from the match, including ones that are on the board or in your hand.

This card is a staple in Freljord control decks and can outright win games instantly against some aggro decks that use a ton of cheap units.

Be sure to include cards like Avarosan Hearthguard that buff your minions in hand and in your deck to protect your minions before you play her.

Note that Obliterate does not activate Last Breath effects so she’s a great choice into Shadow Isles matchups. Lastly, since Balesight is a Skill, your opponent will have time to respond – watch out for Deny!


Ionia - Ren Shadowblade

Since Ionia uses Stun and Recall effects to control the flow of battle, they’re quite different than other regions when it comes to removal. If you’re unfamiliar with these mechanics, Stun temporarily prevents a unit from attacking or defending while Recall bounces a unit back to their owner’s hand.

Since these effects don’t destroy or remove a unit from play, we won’t be counting them as removal. So keep this context in mind as we list Ionia’s removal options since they will appear to be quite limited in number in comparison to other regions.

Most of Ionia’s removal options rely on manipulating the Ephemeral effect. Ephemeral causes a unit to die at the end of the round. Because of this, although it is technically hard removal since the unit will die, it isn’t instant and they may have the opportunity to act before dying.

Similar to Freljord, this also means that Ionia lacks removal options that have the flexibility to hit face with direct damage. In comparison, however, most of their removal options are Fast.

Ionia Removal Overview

3 (Fast) – Death Mark

Ionia - Death Mark

Death Mark is a solid hard removal option that allows you to destroy an enemy unit while allowing an ally to get more mileage. At 3 mana it’s quite cheap but it does require a bit of set up since it requires having an Ephemeral unit on your board.

This is a great card to pair with Zed since he constantly creates Living Shadow’s that are Ephemeral or with Shadow Fiend, which is a 4|3 unit with Ephemeral that only costs 1 mana to create potent pressure in the early game.

Note that since you grant it to an “enemy” it will work on champions. This is an important distinction as some removal options in LoR are only able to target followers.

4 (Champion) – Yasuo

Ionia - Yasuo

As we mentioned earlier, Ionia has many mechanics and synergies related to Stun and Recall. If you’re building a deck around these keywords, Yasuo is a great option for consistent removal as he’ll instantly damage or strike the enemy units you target with them.

Ionia - Yasuo

In his vanilla form, he’ll deal 2 damage to the unit. Once he levels up, heal strike it, dealing damage equal to his Power level. If you’re able to buff Yasuo, you can often take complete control of a match if your opponent doesn’t have huge units to play.

6 (Fast) – Shadow Flare

Ionia - Shadow Flare

Shadow Flare is a decent AoE hard removal option, but it can be clunky to use at times. This is because it affects ALL followers and only those that are battling (meaning they’re either attacking or blocking).

I’ll give you examples. Let’s say your opponent attacks with 4 units whose combined Power equals 10 damage. Shadow Flare will technically remove them but since it removes them by granting Ephemeral, they’ll survive until the end of the round, meaning you’ll take the 10 damage.

If you don’t want to tank 10 damage to the face in exchange for removing these 4 units, you could use some of your own units as blockers to protect your face, but they would also be receiving Ephemeral. If you can set up a situation where you’re trading your cheaper units for their more expensive ones, it’d be worth it of course, but it would be hard to set this up consistently, especially against opponents who know to play around it (good thing you’re reading this article!).

Another major thing to note is that it only affects followers so champions will be immune, so don’t try to use it against that massive enemy Darius. However, if you play your cards right, you can end up with a board state where it’s only your champions standing after a well-timed Shadow Flare.

8 (Follower) – Ren Shadowblade

Ionia - Ren Shadowblade

Ren Shadowblade, in theory, can act as a persistent hard removal option. In most cases, he’ll act as a deterrent that discourages your opponent from playing minions until they have the tools to remove him. This is another card that only works on followers, so they will be able to play champions.

Ren is a potent deterrent but don’t fall into a false sense of security if your Nexus is low. Since it relies on Ephemeral, if your opponent plays a unit when they have the attack token, they’ll be able to swing for an attack before it dies at the end of the round.

Be careful playing this against Shadow Isles and Anivia Decks since it can activate their Last Breath effects.


Noxus - Captain Farron splash

Although Noxus is associated with pure aggression, it has a surprising amount of removal cards. It has a varied mix of direct damage spells that can be used as soft removal, as well as some single target hard removal options.

Noxus has units that benefit from surviving damage, such as the Crimsons (Disciple, Aristocrat, Curator, and Awakener). Since a good amount of Noxus’s removal options allow you to target your own minions, they also double as ways to activate those effects.

Noxus Removal Overview

1 (Fast) – Blade’s Edge

Noxus - Blade's Edge

Outside of the early game, Blade’s Edge is pretty weak on its own. However, it’s strength lies in its versatility since it can target “anything”. This means that it can be used as soft removal against 1 Health targets, it can activate survival benefits by Noxus units, and it can be used to deal direct damage to the enemy Nexus.

2 (Fast) – Death Lotus

Noxus - Death Lotus

Death Lotus is a serviceable AoE soft removal spell that can also activate Noxus survival effects. Note that it only affects units that are in battle (either attack or blocking).

If you have a Katarina on board and draw another, she will become a Death Lotus as her champion spell.

3 (Fast) – Noxian Guillotine

Noxus - Noxian Guillotine

Noxian Guillotine has one of the highest ceilings for any removal card in the game due to its ability to be recast. This makes it inherently more powerful in the late game since you’ll have a bigger mana pool but is useful in a pinch during the early and mid game.

It does have a condition of needing to be cast on a damaged unit, so you may need to pair with cards like Blade’s Edge and Death Lotus.

3 (Fast) – Culling Strike

Noxus - Culling Strike

This is a great hard removal option in the early to mid game and can take out a surprising amount of champions (Ezreal, Braum, and Shen, to name a few). With Fast speed, it’s a good way to clear out a pesky blocker before you initiate combat.

3 (Fast) – Whirling Death

Noxus - Whirling Death

Whirling Death almost feels like a Demacian removal option since you’re using a specific allied unit to remove an enemy unit. In this case, the two units must already be in combat (either attacking or defending).

Unlike Single Combat, your battling ally will not take damage from its target, so it’s a little bit like Judgment in that sense. Whirling Death is Draven’s champion spell, so if you have a Draven on board, you’ll receive it if you draw additional Dravens.

5 (Slow) – Shunpo

Noxus - Shunpo

Shunpo allows you to ready your attack, meaning that you’ll receive an Attack Token when you play it. Keep in mind that you can only have one Attack Token at a time, so be sure to use it when you don’t already have one (such as after already attacking or when you’re on defense).

In most cases, you won’t be using Shunpo solely for its soft removal, and you’ll instead be using its 2 damage to clear out a blocker before readying your attack.

5 (Slow) – Reckoning

Noxus - Reckoning

Reckoning is a good AoE hard removal option that’s comparable to Freljord’s She Who Wanders but only destroys units that are on the board. It does have a condition of needing a 5+ Power ally, but that shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re running a Noxus control deck since you have offense in spades.

Piltover & Zaun

Piltover & Zaun - Augmented Experimenter splash

As the premier spellslinging region, Piltover & Zaun has a good amount of soft removal through direct damage. Most of your removal will allow you to choose between hitting an enemy unit or the enemy Nexus, some will allow you to do both at the same time.

Since the technology of P&Z is explosive and sometimes unpredictable, you’ll sometimes have to discard cards in order to use your removal options. Luckily, the region has a good amount of cards that synergize with the discard mechanic, such as Jury-Rig and Flame Chompers!, so it isn’t always a penalty.

Keep in mind that when you use removal spells, you can also get value out of champions like Ezreal and Heimerdinger.

Piltover & Zaun Removal Overview

0+(Slow) – Thermogenic Beam

Piltover & Zaun - Thermogenic Beam

Thermogenic Beam is a Slow spell that is technically soft removal (since it does have a damage limit) but is virtually hard removal since it can take down really really big units in the late game.

It can be clunky to use at times due to its speed and because it uses all of your mana so it does lack some flexibility. Pair it with Heimerdinger to get some really good value by creating board presence while you remove big enemies.

2 (Fast) – Mystic Shot

Piltover & Zaun - Mystic Shot

Mystic Shot is versatile Fast spell that can be used as soft removal or to give you the last bit of damage you need to destroy the enemy Nexus in the late game.

Although you can only have a max of three Mystic Shots when you build a deck, you’ll find yourself using a ton of these if you run Ezreal since he generates them when he hits the enemy Nexus.

It’s Ezreal’s champion spell, so you’ll receive a Mystic Shot if you draw an Ezreal when you already have one on board.

2 – Super Mega Death Rocket!

Piltover & Zaun - Super Mega Death Rocket

Once Jinx is leveled up, she creates a Super Mega Death Rocket! the first time her owner’s hand is empty each turn. The rocket is a Slow spell that is also Fleeting, meaning that it will disappear at the end of the round if you don’t use it.

Although you’ll primarily be using it to put your enemy on a clock with consistent face damage, it also serves as soft AoE removal since it deals 1 damage to all other enemy units.

3 (Fast) – Get Excited!

Piltover & Zaun - Get Excited!

Get Excited! is a Fast soft removal option that has a condition of needing you to discard a card to play it. As we mentioned earlier, this isn’t always a bad thing in P&Z since you can often get value by discarding cards.

Like many other P&Z spells, it can go face or hit units, so it’s a versatile option that you can use before, during, or after combat.

4 (Fast) – Statikk Shock

Piltover & Zaun - Statikk Shock

Stattik Shock isn’t the best spell in terms of removal since it only deals 1 damage to two separate enemies, but it can be useful since it includes a card draw. It’ll be pretty decent into aggro decks and against Elusives but definitely won’t hit as hard as some of your other options.

5  (Skill) – Face-melter (Chempunk Shredder)

Piltover & Zaun - Chempunk Shredder

Face-melter is a Skill that is activated when you play Chempunk Shredder. It deals 1 damage to all enemies (including the enemy NExus) so it can be helpful against aggro, set up a trade before combat, or clean up 1 Health targets after combat.

6 (Fast) – Hextech Transmogulator

Piltover & Zaun - Hextech Transmogulator

Hextech Transmogulator is a very unique card as it allows you to transform one follower into another follower. In some cases, you can use this offensively to transform a weak unit into a copy of one of your big hitters.

However, it can also act as a pseudo removal as you can also use it to turn an enemy threat into a much smaller one. It sort of acts as a hard removal in that sense since you can turn a 10|10 unit into a 1|1 unit, but it technically does leave a body behind. Lastly, take note that it only works on followers.

6 (Skill) – Reckless Research (Augmented Experimenter)

Piltover & Zaun - Augmented Experimenter

Augmented Experimenter is a powerful card that also includes some soft removal potential. It’s a key staple in discard decks as it causes you to discard your whole hand, however, it’s also useful in aggressive decks since you’ll be refilling by drawing 3 cards.

Take note that discarding cards isn’t a requirement. If you have no cards to discard, you’ll just draw 3 cards and deal 3 damage.

After you draw 3 cards, you’ll be able to deal 3 damage to anything. Keep in mind that it is a Skill, so your opponent will have a chance to respond to it before it resolves.

7 (Slow) – Trueshot Barrage

Piltover & Zaun - Trueshot Barrage

Trueshot Barrage resembles Stattik Shock in that it cannot target the same enemy and must be distributed. As a Slow spell, you’ll be looking to use it before combat to set up favorable trades, or to clean up after a battle.

If you’re still trying to level up your Ezreal, it can help get you there by targeting 3 different minions with one spell.

8 (Skill) – Magnum Opus (Corina Veraza)

Piltover & Zaun - Corina Veraza

The last removal option of P&Z is Corina Veraza’s Magnum Opus Skill – she’s definitely one of those cards that you build a deck around since she’s at her best in a deck with a ton of spells. This is because her effect causes her to discard 5 cards and deal AoE damage to all enemies (including the Nexus) based on the number of spells that were discarded.

Note that in comparison to other AoE options like She Who Wanders and Reckoning, Corina will only target enemies and will leave allies unharmed.

Shadow Isles

Shadow Isles splash

As the region whose flavor greatly centers around death, it makes sense that Shadow Isles would be a contender for having the most removal options in the game.

Shadow Isles has it all, you want multiple hard removal options? You got it. Want AoE? You’ve got it, and you might even heal yourself along the way.

Keep in mind that Shadow Isles has the most Last Breath units in the game, so it’s acceptable to use removal on yourself sometimes!

Shadow Isles Removal Overview

2 (Fast) – Vile Feast
2 (Fast) – Black Spear
4 (Burst) – The Box
5 (Fast) – Grasp of the Undying
5 (Fast) – Withering Wail
6 (Fast) – Atrocity
7 (Fast) – Vengeance
7 (Slow) – Rhasa the Sunderer
9 (Slow) – The Ruination

2 (Fast) – Vile Feast

Shadow Isles - Vile Feast

Vile Feast is a solid early game removal option as it can often kill a low cost unit while generating a 1|1 Spiderling. This allows you to fight for board control while pumping out spiders to help level up your Elise.

If you’re unfamiliar with Drain, it causes your Nexus to heal for the amount of damage dealt. It’s not huge, but every bit of HP matters when you only have 20 total.

Lastly, Vile Feast can act as another activator for your Last Breath units like Cursed Keeper, which is a 1|1 that leaves behind a 4|4 when it dies.

2 (Fast) – Black Spear

Shadow Isles - Black Spear

Black Spear is a cheap, soft removal spell that deals 3 damage with the condition that an ally died during the round you want to cast it.

Since LoR is so combat-focused, this isn’t that difficult to achieve, especially since Black Spear is a Fast spell.

If you have a Kalista on board and draw another, you’ll receive a Black Spear since it’s her champion spell.

4 (Burst) – The Box

Shadow Isles - The Box

The Box is incredibly unique not only due to its effect, but also because it’s a Burst spell which is incredibly rare for removal. This means you can cast it as a trump card and your opponent won’t be able to act before it resolves.

The Box is sort of similar to Ren Shadowblade since it discourages your opponent from playing units. 4 damage is no joke and will kill most low to mid cost units and will cause most high cost units to be close to half-dead, so your opponent will be unlikely to play units unless the situation is very dire (just watch out for Last Breath).

Thresh’s champion spell is The Box, so you’ll draw it instead of Thresh if you already have him on the board.

5 (Fast) – Grasp of the Undying

Shadow Isles - Grasp of the Undying

5 mana to deal 3 would normally be pretty expensive but Grasp of the Undying makes up for it with its drain effect. You’ll see it in most Shadow Isles control decks.

Unfortunately, it only targets enemies so you can’t use it to activate your Last Breath minions.

5 (Fast) – Withering Wail

Shadow Isles - Withering Wail

Withering Wail is an AoE soft removal that can stop aggro decks in their tracks since it not only kills low Health units but also has Drain. If your opponent tried to zerg rush you down and filled the board, you can swing back into a game pretty easily with this card by regaining board control and replenishing your Nexus.

6 (Fast) – Atrocity

Shadow Isles - Atrocity

Atrocity is a removal option that has incredible potential in Shadow Isles due to its wide variety of Last Breath effects. In most cases, you’ll want to use it in control decks that are built around Commander Ledrosor to keep getting value out of your The Undying

7 (Fast) – Vengeance

Shadow Isles - Vengeance

Vengeance is one of the best hard removal options in LoR because it has no strings attached, you just point, click, and kill a unit. Since you can bank spell mana in LoR, it isn’t always as expensive as you’d think.

This is the bane of decks that are built around certain champions like Fiora and Braum so expect to see it often. The only things that really hold it back are Recall, Last Breath, and Deny.

7 (Slow) – Rhasa the Sunderer

Shadow Isles - Rhasa the Sunderer

Rhasa the Sunderer provides hard removal when you play it from hand if an ally died during the round. It can be devastating in control vs control if your opponent invested resources into one or two massive threats instead of building a board of several units.

9 (Slow) – The Ruination

Shadow Isles - The Ruination

The last removal option in the game we’ll be covering is none other than The Ruination! Since it kills ALL units, on the surface level, it acts as a reset button when your opponent gets the edge on controlling the board.

However, for Shadow Isles…you guessed it. It also has the added bonus of being able to simultaneously activate those sticky Last Breath units.

Be careful when casting The Ruination since it’s a Slow spell. If your opponent responds with something like a Deny, you’ll have effectively wasted your turn since it’s such a costly spell.

All LoR Removal Cheat Sheet

As a closer, here’s a final color-coded list of all the removal options in Legends of Runeterra sorted by mana cost!

Key: Demacia, Freljord, Ionia, Noxus, Piltover & Zaun, Shadow Isles

0+. Thermogenic Beam

1. Shatter, Blade’s Edge

2. Single Combat, Death’s Lotus, Mystic Shot, Super Mega Death Rocket!, Vile Feast, Black Spear

3. Avarosan Marksman, Rimefang Wolf, Death Mark, Noxian Guillotine, Culling Strike, Whirling Death, Get Excited! 

4. Avalanche, Yasuo, Will of Ionia, Stattik Shock, The Box

5. Shunpo, Reckoning, Chempunk Shredder, Grasp of the Undying, Withering Wail

6. Detain, Final Spark, Anivia, Shadow Flare, Hextech Transmogulator, Augmented Experimenter, Atrocity

7. Judgment, Winter’s Breath, Trueshot Barrage, Vengeance, Rhasa the Sunderer

8. Ren Shadowblade, Corina Veraza

9. She Who Wanders, Minah Swiftfoot, The Ruination

Thanks for reading! To explore all the cards in LoR, check out our Card Gallery or jump straight into our Deck Builder if you already got some ideas from our article.