Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes Breakdown (Patch 1.14)

Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes Breakdown (Patch 1.14)

Lor Patch Rundown (Patch 1.14)

In this patch breakdown, we’ll discuss the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments regarding LoR champions, followers, and spells.

These impressions are from our Glimpse Beyond experts, Silverfuse and Precipic!

We recommend following along with the official Riot patch notes if you’re looking for their explanations related to game design.

Overall, we’ll be focusing on how impactful the changes are in regards to their strength in the game and the general meta.

For more insights, be sure to also check out Swim’s video with his thoughts on the patch:


Lucian (buffed)

lucian level 2 1.14

This Lucian change is actually kinda scary. In a regular Demacia aggro deck, this can make attacks and blocks from your opponent basically impossible because of the ability to get a level mid-combat and then get an extra combat right away.

In a Shadow Isles build, it can even enable combo-eque draws with cards like Blighted Caretaker and Ravenous Butcher, giving you potentially a turn 3 Lucian flip plus extra combat. Overall, Lucian might be a much better card with these changes.

Shyvana (buffed)

shyvana level 1 1.14

This is actually a much bigger change than it looks like. Shyvana levels off of Dragons dealing damage so any attack buff to Shyvana is also helping her level more effectively.

shyvana level 2 1.14

Add onto this that she obviously just does better in combat now and Dragons have the potential to be a pretty solid deck.

Vladimir (buffed)

vladimir level 1 1.14

To preface, I think this change is really cool and a good direction for the card.

The ability to decide which units you want to have take damage is really nice and should make the card play a lot better. However, I do not think this change makes the card good.

vladimir level 2 1.14

Vlad still suffers from a lot of the issues he had in the past because he’s mostly just a vanilla unit with no real way to attack past small blockers.

The level requirement buff is nice but it just doesn’t change the fact that Vlad isn’t that great of a card.

Trundle (nerfed)

trundle 1.14

Trundle has been a monster in the recent meta and was often described as oppressive. With the health reduction, this gives midrange a bit more breathing room as beefier units have a chance to trade into him where they did not before.

trundle level 2 1.14

This also makes combat tricks more relevant where you might be able to get a sneaky kill on a Trundle as well. Trundle’s Pillar was also reduced in health which will make the pillar easier to deal with than before.

ice pillar 1.14

Trundle is expected to still be one of the strongest champions in the game despite these nerfs, but he should be easier to deal with than before and a lot less oppressive.

Ezreal (buffed)

ezreal level 1 1.14

This card has a lot of potential in a controlling Piltover and Zaun deck. A Shadow Isles control deck with Ezreal and Go Hard as its main finishers could be really scary to play against and something like Karma Ezreal could also be good.

ezreal level 2 1.14

There are a good number of directions this can go for this new version of Ezreal but the fact that he can’t kill you from 20 with a pile of Mushrooms and Rummages should make the card a lot less frustrating to play against while still being competitive.

Jinx (buffed)

jinx level 2 1.14

This is just a good change for Jinx. There will now be spots where you can get a Rocket the turn you play Jinx – for example, you can Rummage to flip Jinx and then play the cards you got off Rummage to get a Rocket. It very likely won’t change the card or the deck it’s in much but it just makes a lot more sense.

Taric (buffed)

taric level 1 1.14

This card is very likely still not great however this is not an insignificant change. The ability to effectively attack and block into a wider range of boards will always matter.

taric level 2 1.14

So while it’s unlikely that Taric will be a tier 1 card, changes like this definitely help

Followers & Spells

Tianna Crownguard (buffed)

tianna crownguard 1.14

This buff is basically irrelevant. A +1/+1 stat change in the late game is not going to be particularly impactful.

Wyrding Stones (nerfed)

wyrding stones 1.14

Wyrding Stones has been a strong reason why ramp and Trundle Feel the Rush decks have been strong in the meta. At 4 health, it is able to block and stall especially when paired with cards such as Troll Chant.

It is well known that in Runeterra, 4 health creatures are hard to remove, so losing one health is a huge change. Some cards such as Boxtapus and Fiora can now remove it through Challenger where they could not before.

This allows the card to be interacted with more consistently as it was much harder before. This change is quite impactful on the meta as ramping intro Trundle or Feel the Rush will be more difficult now.

Fuzzy Caretaker (adjusted)

fuzzy caretaker 1.14

This card is potentially a roleplayer in a support aggro deck. Its ability to buff by 3 power on turn 3 is pretty strong.

At 2 health, it’s a little bit vulnerable to removal but its utility with Overwhelm units and other aggro concepts is definitely real.

Minah Swiftfoot (buffed)

minah swiftfoot 1.14

Minah Swiftfoot began to see more play than ever this past week with a deck from Random7HS which utilized ramp and Minah to recall creatures in Feel the Rush and other ramp lists.

This stat change isn’t anything too insane but is a welcomed change for Minah being a 9 cost card with much better stats.

This helps anti Feel the Rush decks quite a bit allowing her to trade intro Trundle easier. Yauso decks will also rejoice at this buff as they need all the help that they can get.

Funsmith (buffed)

funsmith 1.14

This card only ever saw play in decks running Crackshot Corsair, Miss Fortune, and Make It Rain. It’s unlikely this sees play despite the changes.

Black Spear (buffed)

black spear 1.14

This change is actually kind of crazy. In a controlling Shadow Isles deck, it can allow you to kill Miss Fortune through a Ranger’s Resolve or kill a 5 health unit that you block with a Hapless Aristocrat or a spider.

It basically gives every control SI deck another powerful removal spell in their arsenal.

Riptide Rex (nerfed)

riptide rex 1.14

Bilgewater had already been suffering due to Make It Rain as well as Petty Officer nerfs. Riptide Rex nerf is the nail in the coffin.

Although the power is mostly in the ability of Cannon Barrages, the attack reduction certainly hurts.

Although this hurts Riptide Rex quite a bit, outside of Bilgewater Noxus Burn, Bilgewater hasn’t been seeing much play. I don’t think that this change will be too impactful on the current meta for this reason.

Eclipse Dragon (buffed)

eclipse dragon 1.14

This Dragon would love to see play in a midrange Targon archetype with Leona. At the previous stat line, it had a hard time fitting without being traded into easily.

However, with this buff, it can often trade into two creatures rather than one creature. This also allows it to get more usage out of the Fury keyword.

The big question is, how useful will this change be? The last few patches, Celestials and Targon Midrange have not seen much play.

With this patch, we don’t expect to see Midrange Targon’s play rate to go up, so we don’t expect this change to be too impactful this patch.

It is possible that this change is put into action in future patches as well as the third part of the Targon expansion.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

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