Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes Breakdown (Patch 3.6.0)

Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes Breakdown (Patch 3.6.0)

LoR Patch Rundown (Patch 3.6.0)

In this patch breakdown, we’ll discuss all the buffs/nerfs/adjustments from the latest balance changes.

We recommend following along with the official Riot patch notes if you’re looking for their explanations related to game design.

Hey, it’s Silverfuse here and we will be discussing it all in this patch breakdown.

There are a lot of changes in patch 3.6.0, notably multiple champion changes and even new cards!

Let’s start off with the new cards.

New Cards

Might of the Vanguard

might of the vanguard breakdown

Lots of players love Elites, so why not a bit more Elite support? This card allows you to turn spell mana into a unit which makes it unique compared to most cards in Runeterra. On top of this, at 9 mana or more you give all your units +2|+2. The downside to this card is that since it spends all of your mana, you can’t play a rally after you buff your units which is something Demacia thrives off.

For Glory!

for glory! breakdown

Reputation has long been an underrepresented keyword in Legends of Runeterra. This card aims to help that out a bit. This card has a neat design in the fact that it can help activate future Reputation as well as benefits off of Reputation itself. I like this design a lot for this reason. I don’t think it will be able to quite lift Reputation off the ground, but I think this is a good direction for it and that players will enjoy this card!

Inner Beast

inner beast breakdown

Udyr needed some support, and I really appreciate this card! Having a combat trick for Freljord that gives +1|+1 is quite strong. As well as Stance Swap being created for an efficient amount of mana means this card has potential of seeing play even outside of Uydr decks.

Champion Updates


ashe level 1 breakdown

I love this change. Ashe was limited by the number of frostbites you would draw as well as attack with her. However, being able to use more cards such as Troll Chant allows you to level her up more efficiently. This also gives her a more flexible way of being able to build decks with her which is something I always welcome! I love that this small change helps her out quite a bit as well as gives her some much-needed flexibility. I don’t expect this to change her power very much, but I love that it allows players to experiment with her a bit more.


darius level 1 breakdown

There isn’t much to say about this one. It’s a solid rewording that helps Darius in other game modes outside of PvP.


galio level 2 breakdown

This is once again another change that makes things in line with other champions. Galio only got 1 point of stats when he leveled up where everyone else got 2 points worth of stats. Not a surprising change that helps him out a bit, but I don’t expect much to change with this.


garen level 1 and 2 breakdown

I think this is a great change for Garen. Garen isn’t a card that should be fully reworked due to his simplicity is a great way for new players to be introduced to the game. Giving allies +1|+1 fits the Elite and Demacian archetype well. I think this is a simple but elegant change to make Garen feel a bit better to play.


katarina level 2 breakdown

This is another simple yet very elegant change to an old champion. Getting Karma to Enlightenment is where all the fun for Karma players begins. However, it’s not much fun if you don’t have any cards to play since you spent most of the time defending against your opponent.

This change helps give more possibilities. It also helps Ionia keep up with other regions that are constantly generating new cards from other cards. I really like this change although I don’t expect it to make a huge difference in the playability of Karma decks.


katarina level 2 breakdown

Katarina got a small change. As most players know, Katarina’s design needs a full rework for her to be playable as well as not broken. This isn’t what most players will be looking for, so it does come as a bit of a disappointment. Hopefully, she does get a full rework sometime in the future!


leblanc level 2 breakdown

Another simple yet elegant change to Leblanc! Instead of needing to see 30 damage for a Mirror Image she only needs to see 15. This is a great change that she desperately needed!


leona level 2 breakdown

The sight of Leona is always a bit overwhelming and finally, she has Overwhelm! I love this change. Leveling up Leona in the past didn’t feel much different than having a level 1 Leona.

This allows her stuns and overwhelm to work together a bit more to finish games. Leona is a 4 cost champion and requires multiple turns to level up. Her payoff should be better than what it is and Overwhelm will certainly help with this!


malphite level 1 and 2 breakdown

Malphite Yasuo? Maybe. However, this is a nice change to Malphite as a big issue of his was that he was a big boy who sat there and didn’t do much. An on play effect will help him out a lot as he is 7 mana and that late in the game, it is hard to play a card who isn’t instantly giving you value in the game. The stun he has changes this, and I think it is a great change.


nasus level 1 breakdown

At one point, Shadow Isles Swarm was overrunning Runeterra. The deck capitalized off of Nasus having Fearsome and hard to chump block. However, many aspects of this deck were nerfed to the point where it was overnerfed and Nasus hasn’t seen play since. He needed something and hopefully, this is a step of the right direction for him.


nocturne level 2 breakdown

This one can be a bit spooky with cards such as House Spider as they have the potential to swing the board heavily in the favor of the Nocturne player. In board-based matchups, Nocturne is going to feel a lot better!


sion all breakdown

Sion used to have a bit too firm of a grasp on Runeterra, but got a bit over nerfed. It is no surprise that adding an extra attack to try and help him out as a finisher made sense here.


udyr level 1 and 2 breakdown

The one that everyone had been waiting for: Udyr! Udyr’s original form was pretty disappointing and his design didn’t make much sense. I like this new direction of him playing into his Stance Swap more rather than his damage to the Nexus to level up.

On top of this, Inner Beast will help make him easier to level up. The extra damage helps a tad as well. I think Udyr players will be very happy with this change!


vladimir level 1 and 2 breakdown

Vladimir hasn’t been in the meta for a long while and while Fearsome would have been really helpful for him a year ago, I’m not sure if it will be able to do enough for him now. It is something, but at this point I think Vladimir will need more to be where players want him to be.

The good news is Fearsome might give him some more opportunities to strike the Nexus which is something he always struggled with.

Followers, Landmarks, and Spell Changes


ambush breakdown

No surprise here. This card was incredibly strong as it was very easy to activate in most PNZ decks. Viktor and Riven for instance allowed this card to shine and even brought about turn 5 OTKs that were hard to stop without hard removal or keyword removal such as Quicksand. This nerf slows it down a bit.

Ballistic Bot

ballistic bot breakdown

I’m not sure about this change. I don’t think Ballistic bot was the problem in Viktor and PNZ decks. I think regions should have strong cards and Ballistic Bot has never felt like part of the problem to me. This nerf makes PNZ have a tougher time with aggressive, swarm decks when I don’t think the deck needed to be weakened against that archetype.

Blood for Blood

blood for blood breakdown

A simple but great change to help out Vladimir and the Crimson archetype a bit more. As this being a fast spell made it extremely susceptible to being countered when you were interacting with your own units and not directly influencing your opponent. This makes Blood for Blood more in line with other cards that carry out similar functions.

Buried Sun Disc

buried sun disc breakdown

A simple change just to make it so Sun Disc doesn’t advance quite as quickly. A pretty clean, simple fix that will keep Mono Shurima viable as many players have enjoyed playing it.

Callous Bonecrusher

callous bonecrusher breakdown

More reputation support! This is a nice change by giving the unit Overwhelm when Reputation is activated. This helps reputation have a bit of a stronger payoff. However, when comparing this card to a similar card – Ruin Runner it’s hard to get too excited about this card when it requires Reputation to be activated to get the Overwhelm.

Hyara Allseer

hyara allseer breakdown

This is a good change that makes it feel less punishing to have multiple Stance Swaps in hand. As well as, this means this card can get recurring value which is great is needed for an understated 6 cost card with no keywords. It needed something to help it out and this is that something.

Swiftwing Lancer

swiftwing lancer breakdown

A great change for all Elite players. There isn’t too much more to say about this one as it won’t have crazy impacts on the meta, but it will make a lot of players happy.

The Bandle Tree

the bandle tree breakdown

Bandle Tree being able to be played from hand already leveled and ready to go was one of players’ biggest gripes with the card due to it feeling not very interactive.

This change makes it so the card has to see all the regions for it to win the game which makes it much more difficult for this card to just outright win games. It gives players a win condition that has a bigger window to be interacted with than before.

Vanguard Squire

vanguard squire breakdown

Once again, more Elite buffs! It doesn’t come as a surprise as many players love this archetype. This one can be a bit more spooky than others as a 0 cost 3|3 is much more likely than it was before.

However, Demacia’s lack of draw is a big factor that will help keep this card in line where a year or two ago this change could have easily been too much for a lot of other decks to handle.

A change that a lot of players are ready for! This makes it so Yordles in Arms gives a few fewer stats for its cost. The pay off this card was entirely too easy and made it difficult for a lot of decks to keep up with the amount of pressure it put on the board. Very happy to see this change!

Game Rule Updates

Well, there are certainly some huge changes in these updates!

First, burst passing no longer exists. The idea of this is to make the game a bit faster by reducing the number of pass backs. This also makes the game flow a bit better and creates higher stakes.

It’s hard to say exactly how this will impact the game. Personally, I have always felt like the flow of the game was in a weird spot at times and that this will help it out a bit.

I also think that this does hurt reactive, control decks who already struggle a bit. Most aggressive players won’t even notice a difference in this change as they aren’t burst passing and being proactive. However, control and combo players are really going to feel this and likely dislike this change.

“Cast” is merging to “Play”

This is a change that is being hotly debated by many in the community. The idea of this change is to make it easier to understand what a card is going to do, helps slow spells which desperately needed help, as well as make it so players can find more satisfaction in playing cards like Lux and Heimerdinger where often slow and fast speed spells are countered which leads to players feeling upset about the interaction.

This change effectively makes there less “feel bad” interactions in Legends of Runeterra.

While a lot of competitive players will dislike this change as it does limit interaction a bit – most players will be happy with this change and feel like exploring different cards is less punishing to them.

There are certainly other things that come into question such as the way Ezreal and Fated will play into this as this does make cards such as Ezreal less interactive than before.

To me, this is one that we will have to wait and see before making final thoughts on it.

Visual UX Updates

This one is clear-cut and simple – it makes the game easier for players to understand and helps with the learning curve.

These changes should be invited by veteran and new players as it allows more players to be able to enjoy and experience Legends of Runeterra.

There could be an argument for making this a toggle for players who want less things in their way, but people who are used to the standard version will adjust. Personally, I love how the blue button has been rephrased to things such as Commit and Resolve. This is such a great change that will help players understand the turns much better.

Closing Thoughts

This was a huge patch with a lot of changes. Some changes players will be super happy with and others might cause some disappointment.

Overall, I think the changes are a net positive for the game although I know people had higher expectations for the champion reworks.

Hopefully, in the future we get focus on bigger champion reworks even if fewer champions get helped.

Hopefully, you enjoy the patch and the meta!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

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