Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes Breakdown (November Update)

Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes Breakdown (November Update)

In this patch breakdown, we’ll discuss the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments regarding LoR champions, followers and spells. Be sure to visit our site to explore all cards or build your own deck.

We recommend following along with the official Riot patch notes if you’re looking for their explanations related to game design. We’ll be focusing more on how impactful the changes are in regards to their strength in the game and the general meta.

Our key going forward will be green = buffed, red = nerfed, and yellow = adjusted (changed but still around the same relative strength).




Nov Vanilla Lux

  • Lux was one of the weaker and lesser used champions of the October closed beta.
  • Despite the increase to 6 mana cost and the decrease of Power to 5 to 3, this will be a major buff overall since it’s much harder to remove a 4 Health unit than a 3-cost.
  • With more survivability, it becomes much more feasible to set up Lux’s level up.
  • She also has the added bonus of gaining a Final Spark instantly when she levels up.

Nov Leveled Up Lux

  • Her leveled up form follows a similar pattern in that she’s losing Power in exchange for Health but it’s more than worth it since she’ll be able to reliably stay on the board and create value.
  • Before, it was usually a death sentence to attack with Lux since there were usually big blockers around in the mid to late game. This made it very difficult to consistently generate Final Sparks.
  • Now, Lux doesn’t have to attack to generate a Final Spark and instead, you just have to cast 6+ mana worth of spells in order to make one.

Nov Lux Final Spark

  • Last and definitely not least, Final Spark is being reduced from 6 mana to 0! It lost 2 damage and it became Slow instead of Fast but the trade-off is worth it.
  • Before, you could only get Final Spark on attack and would have to save your mana to use it. Since it was so expensive, it could often be inflexible at times.
  • Now, as long as you spend mana drawing cards and protecting Lux, you will always have good removal each turn to clear enemy units and apply a bit of pressure with Overwhelm.


Nov Vanilla Garen

  • Garen does lose some stats for his lower mana cost but overall this should be a buff for aggressive and midrange decks alike.
  • At 5 mana, he’ll be able to level up faster so that you can use his Ready mechanic earlier on.

Nov Leveled up Garen

  • The cheaper cost helps him longer avoid removal that can normally kill him like Vengeance and Rhasa (which are on turn 7).



Nov Vanilla Draven

  • Draven’s receiving a simple nerf with a loss of 1 Power. However, this is a bigger deal since he is a Quick Attack unit.
  • Every little bit counts for Quick Attack units since it can mean the difference between killing something for free or having to trade.
  • With his Spinning Axes, he could pressure 5 or 6 Health champions (depending on if he was leveled up), but now his range is 4 or 5 with his axes.

Nov Draven Leveled Up

  • Similarly, his leveled up form will be 4|4 instead of 5|4.



Nov Vanilla Shen

  • Shen’s losing 1 Health but this isn’t really a huge deal since he’s still very tanky and you’ll likely be running Barrier effects with him.

Nov Shen Leveled Up

  • Similarly, his leveled up form will be a 3|6 instead of a 3|7.

Shadow Isles


Nov Vanila Thresh

  • Thresh is losing his ability to heal but he’s getting a Health buff and an easier level up condition so we’re seeing it as a powershift.
  • Being a part of Shadow Isles, he can proc his level up condition with Last Breath and Ephemeral units instead of just enemies.

Nov Thresh Leveled Up

  • In his leveled up state, he’ll be a 4|7 instead of a 4|6.

Nov Thresh's The Box

  • Another big change is coming to Thresh’s The Box (so the normal The Box will be affected as well).
  • It’s no longer a spell that you cast preemptively as a deterrent, and instead, you’ll be casting it reactively in response to your opponent playing minions.
  • It’s slightly less powerful in terms of damage dealt, but it’s flexibility improves.


Nov Vanilla Kalista

  • Kalista’s getting nerfed quite hard in our minds since she no longer sends her damage to a bonded ally.
  • The +2|0 Power would be nice in more aggressive decks but it doesn’t matter much when she can just get killed by a Mystic Shot.
  • She’s getting Fearsome as well but again, she’s way too squishy for it to be meaningful.

Nov Kalista Leveled Up

  • Kalista’s leveled up form is keeping the same stats but she’s getting Fearsome and the +2|0 buff to her bonded ally.


Nov Vanilla Elise

  • Elise is receiving a minor buff since she now has the Spider tribal tag.
  • She can now be buffed by Frenzied Skitterer, Arachnoid Host, and Brood Awakening.

Followers & Spells


Tianna Crownguard

Nov Tianna Crownguard

  • The increase of mana cost hurts but isn’t too big of a deal. This nerf makes her a lot harder to use in more aggressive decks using her as a top end but for more top heavy decks, she is still an amazing choice.


Nov Detain

  • The mana cost reduction makes Detain a lot more flexible because of spell mana.
  • A common application will be to play a 2-cost card on round 3 which lets you bank 1 mana so you’ll be able to play Detain on round 4.

Mageseeker Investigator

Nov Mageseeker Investigator

  • Purify is a strong effect but there weren’t a lot of Demacia decks that could fit a tech card that was a spell instead of putting in another high value unit.
  • By giving the Purify effect to Mageseeker Investigator, Demacia will have more interactivity while still accomplishing their main gameplan of playing strong statted units.


Nov Mobilize

  • This is an understandable nerf. It’s a lot easier to reach higher mana cost in Legends of Runeterra since both players get mana every round.
  • With that in mind, mana acceleration needs to be appropriately costed to give more aggressive decks a reasonable chance at getting off the ground.


Basilisk Rider

Nov Basilisk Rider

  • Basilisk Rider is receiving a sizeable nerf but it won’t kill the card.
  • 3 health gets killed by things like Grasp of the Undying but still dodges most normal early game removal like Mystic Shot and Avalanche.

Intimidating Roar

Nov Intimidating Roar

  • Intimidating Roar is receiving a nerf to its spell speed, changing from Fast to Slow.
  • If the enemy attacks immediately on their turn before playing a card, the old Intimidating Roar could still stop their board from attacking or even board wipe if you have a Yasuo in play.
  • Now with Intimidating Roar being Slow, it fits more as a proactive card or as a punish to a player taking too long to set up an offensive on their round.

Precious Pet

Nov Precious Pet

  • Precious Pet is losing its stun effect and gaining the Fearsome effect.
  • When playing aggressively, this card is still useful because Fearsome on round 1 can net you 2 to 4 extra damage than you normally would get with the old effect.
  • However, the old effect was very flexible and could easily set up for game-winning turns.
  • Overall, this is a nerf and a bit redundant sometimes with Elise giving Fearsome but the card still has its uses.


Nov Reckoning

  • Reckoning’s mana cost is increased from 5 to 6.
  • Throughout this patch, AoE removal is systematically getting hit so it’s not a huge deal.


She Who Wanders

Nov She Who Wanders

  • If you played in the beta, you probably expected She Who Wanders to be on the nerf list and she’s receiving a few.
  • To start off, her mana cost is increasing to 10. There are a lot of strong cards on rounds 7-9 so being a turn late at that point in the game can mean the difference between dying and stabilizing.
  • Another big hit is to her ability, Balesight as it now, no longer affects champions. This means that Ezreal, Heimerdinger, Draven, Shen, Anivia, Braum, and more will now be safe.


Nov Avalanche

  • We’re seeing this as a powershift since Avalanche hitting EVERYTHING was contextually good or bad.
  • When the game goes long and you need every point of damage you can get to close it out, this change will be more of a nerf.
  • However, for games where you’re trying to survive against aggro early, this will be a nice buff.

Heart of the Fluft

Nov Heart of the Fluft

  • If you scooped up a Pluck Poro and a Mighty Poro, that was an 8/8 with Overwhelm and Tough your opponent had to deal with on turn 5.
  • The extra turn will go a long way in giving players time to answer these insane Poro monsters this card can create.

Wyrding Stones

Nov Wydring Stones

  • Despite gaining 1 Health, this is a significant nerf because the earlier you get mana acceleration, the more ideal it is to get the ramp ball rolling.
  • Not only will Wyrding Stones be slower to put out, but it’s also harder to weave other cards as part of the same turn.

Scarmaiden Reaver

Nov Scarmaiden Reaver

  • Regeneration cards need to survive a hit so they can go back up to full so any reduction of health hurts.
  • That being said, 5 Health is still very solid so she should still be good.


Navori Bladescout

Nov Navori Bladescout

  • Ionia benefits a lot from recalling units back to their hand and replaying them. In aggressive decks, if you don’t have time to recall Bladescout, you break even after 2 attacks. If you get time to recall him multiple times then you start to lose out on a lot of damage.
  • He does get better at blocking and recall isn’t mandatory anymore but overall, it’s a nerf in the aggressive decks that you want to use him in.

Sown Seeds

Nov Sown Seeds

  • Sown Seeds is getting a lower mana cost for a lesser effect, but overall, this is a positive change.
  • Since Ionia thrives on weaving and comboing multiple spells together in one turn for big benefits, the reduced mana will give you more flexibility.

Piltover & Zaun

Corina Veraza

Nov Corina Veraza

  • Corina Veraza has a very powerful effect, acting as burn, board sweeper, and a decent body all in one card.
  • She deserved to come out a little later and lose some stats in exchange for how many things she brings.

Assembly Bot

Nov Assembly Bot

  • Assembly Bot was a little bit too clunky in constructed play. Removal is more prevalent and it’s easier to deal with him before he becomes a problem.
  • In Expeditions, where the games are a bit more jank and slower, Assembly Bot can easily get rolling and become unstoppable. This change makes him less narrow and more fun to play against.

Augmented Experimenter

Nov Augmented Experimenter

  • Augmented Experimenter is losing the ability to target anything with his burn damage.
  • He’ll still be useful in aggressive discard decks as a reload but you won’t be able to count his 3 damage towards your win condition in hitting face.

Chempunk Shredder

Nov Chempunk Shredder

  • Similar to Augmented Experimenter, Chempunk Shredder is losing its ability to hit the enemy Nexus with its play effect.
  • This makes it more of a play in slower decks instead of aggro but it will still be a useful tech in the aggro vs spider aggro matchup.

Eager Apprentice

Nov Eager Apprentice

  • Despite no longer filling 3 spell mana, 2 mana cost is a lot better than 3 because there are a lot more turns you can weave a 2 cost card into.
  • This also gives Piltover a good early blocker while still preserving mana for big round 3 plays since you’ll have at least 5 mana (3 regular, 2 spell mana) even if playing on curve.

Flame Chompers

Nov Flame Chompers!

  • Flame Chompers was good for letting big early heavy hitters connect to face. Being 3 health let them potentially Challenge 2 or even 3 units before they died, getting a lot of value.
  • Now that they are 1 health, Flame Chompers will only even be able to force a unit to block once unless they’re 0 power as well.

Flash of Brilliance

Nov Flash of Brilliance

  • This is a great buff for spell focused decks. If the majority of your cards are spells then Flash of Brilliance effectively costs 0.
  • This makes it incredibly useful for triggering cards that rely on spell casts like Heimerdinger since you can play so many more spells in a turn.
  • The loss of 6+ cost spells hurts but overall the change makes the card much more flexible.

Rising Spell Force

Nov Rising Spell Force

  • TLDR, this change mostly just helps prevent you from misclicking.
  • It could technically be seen as a nerf since there were some rare edge cases where it could be beneficial to buff an enemy but that’s not strong enough for us to list it as such.

Shadow Isles

Absorb Soul

Nov Absorb Soul

  • Burst speed is always amazing since your opponent can’t respond.
  • Now your opponent has a chance to Deny you the heal and if you’re trying to trigger Last Breath since it goes on the Fast resolve stack.
  • Cards like Capture or Purify can 2 for 1 you when you try to Absorb Soul your Cursed Keeper.

Glimpse Beyond

Nov Glimpse Beyond

  • At burst speed, Glimpse Beyond was able to be used in response to a spell or skill and play whatever your draw (like a Deny that you use on the original spell or skill for instance).
  • However, the main issue is what we talked about with Absorb Soul. At Fast speed, your opponent will now have counterplay to Shadow Isles trying to trigger Last Breath units.

Grasp of the Undying

Nov Grasp of the Undying

  • Grasp is receiving the ability to target your friendly units. Getting options that double as Last Breath triggers, as well as removal, is amazing as Shadow Isles.

Warden’s Prey

Nov Warden's Prey

  • The previous Last Breath effect from Warden’s Prey was pretty underwhelming.
  • Now, you’ll be able to keep the Last Breath train coming with this refill ability with solid cards like Cursed Keeper, The Undying, and even more Warden’s Prey.

Withering Wail

Nov Withering Wail

  • The official LoR patch notes explain it pretty well. It’s a buff when using it on 2 or less units but a nerf when using it on 4 or more.
  • Overall, it’s more consistent and less swingy.

Brood Awakening

Nov Brood Awakening

  • Round 3 Brood Awakening is scary and was very consistent at 5-cost. It’s still possible at 6-cost but skipping both round 1 and round 2 is a steep price for an aggro deck.

Thanks for reading! To explore all the cards in LoR, check out our Card Gallery or jump straight into our Deck Builder if you already got some ideas from our article.