Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes Breakdown (Patch 1.10)

Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes Breakdown (Patch 1.10)

Lor Patch Rundown (Patch 1.10)

In this patch breakdown, we’ll discuss the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments regarding LoR champions, followers, and spells.

These impressions are from our Glimpse Beyond expert, NicMakesplays! He’s peaked #1 in NA and is on his way to #1 in EU.

We recommend following along with the official Riot patch notes if you’re looking for their explanations related to game design. We’ll be focusing more on how impactful the changes are in regards to their strength in the game and the general meta.


Ezreal (nerfed)

ezreal 1.10

  • Ezreal has been on a decline lately so this nerf will make him even less popular on top of that. Overall, he’s still pretty decent but I’d expect to see him less in the meta.

Lee Sin (buffed)

lee sin level 1 1.10

  •  Lee Sin is seeing huge buffs and I’d expect to see him become a regular deck in the meta now, especially the first week.

lee sin level 2 sonic wave 1.10

  • Lee Sin Taric was already a decent deck and now I could see it becoming a solid tier 2 deck or better.

Followers & Spells

War Chefs (nerfed)

war chefs 1.10

  • This is a huge nerf to Demacia overall and will result in Scouts becoming a lot less popular in the meta since Demacia doesn’t have too many alternative 2 drops that fit this role.
  • Overall, Demacia as a region will be hurt a lot in this in win rate and playability. Lucian may see more play because of this, especially in Scouts.

Flash of Brilliance (buffed)

flash of brilliance 1.10

  • This revert back to 3 mana will cause Heimer to become more popular and a better champion overall. I’d expect to see some more Heimer decks now that he has Tribeam Improbulator on top of this buff.

Overgrown Snapvine (buffed)

overgrown snapvine 1.10

  • This buff makes Snapvine slightly better and more consistent now that it is searchable off of Babbling Bjerg.

Crackshot Corsair (buffed)

crackshot corsair 1.10

  • Overall, this change is a slight buff to aggro decks. Consider adding Crackshot in Bilgewater Noxus decks to have extra 1 drops that apply pressure.
  • This card also can also be run in decks with the newly buffed Jagged Taskmaster and new GP Sej variants.
  • 2 health is a big deal because it can live through Make It Rain and Crackshot Corsair may be used as a reliable Plunder proc with this patch’s changes.

Jagged Taskmaster (buffed)

jagged taskmaster 1.10

  • With Jagged Taskmaster’s new buffs, I’d expect to see more aggro decks based around 1 drop units such as Fizz TF Daring Poro decks and other Poro decks.

Yordle Grifter (nerfed)

yordle grifter 1.10

  • This change is a slight nerf to GP TF, Swain TF, and GP MF since it will make Yordle Grifter less reliable in proccing Riptide Rex.
  • The change also requires decks running Yordle Grifter to have to think more heavily about their Allegiance ratios.

Cygnus the Moonstalker (buffed)

cygnus the moonstalker 1.10

  • This is a slight buff to Nightfall and will make Cygnus more likely to be included in Nightfall variants (like Diana Nocturne). It also makes hitting Cygnus on Unspeakable Horror better.

Bug Fixes

bugfixes 1.10

  • The main change to pay attention to here is the Discard bug fix. It lets you choose the order of what effects happen first on discard with Rummage.
  • For example, if you discard Flame Chomper and then Vision, now Flame Chomper will be summoned and then Vision will buff it.
  • Before, whatever card is furthest to the left side of your hand always activated first. This helps Draven Jinx a lot and hopefully also effects Jury Rig in the same scenarios.

Thanks for reading! To explore all the cards in LoR, check out our Card Gallery or jump straight into our Deck Builder if you already got some ideas from our article.

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  • Katie Egervari

    As a person who is starting to play the game, I can’t believe how bad Noxus is. I’m a bit surprised they were not giving some love. The free cards you get with them are all pretty bad and I don’t want to play with the vast majority of the units unless I want to make a spider deck. I feel like I win a lot more, even with budget cards, in other factions.

  • Natu Perera

    Did you guys now a deck that counters shadow isles? Because i cant stand them anymore. They have a opressive early and mid game, and even when you can win the early game against then, they just summon Rhasa and Ledros and win the game.