7 Tips to Get Your Jungler to Gank for You in League of Legends

7 Tips to Get Your Jungler to Gank for You in League of Legends

How to Get your Jungler to Gank in League of Legends

When it comes to ganking in League of Legends, there are a few things you can do to entice your Jungler to assist you more in lane. While some Junglers struggle to gank and require a little more assistance compared to others, every Jungler regardless of type or champion needs you to do these things.

In this Mobalytics guide by Picklepants, we will discuss some things you should do/ look out for to get more ganks in League of Legends.

1. Make sure you have enough resources to help

It takes two to tango and if you want a Jungler to help you, you need to be in a position where you can help them. The main way it can be achieved is by having enough resources left in your tank to make the trip worthwhile for them and so you can follow up and go in when necessary.

If you have no mana, you are going to be relying purely on auto attacks and if you are a champion who is AP or who doesn’t deal a lot of damage, it’s going to be nearly impossible to kill the enemy.

A general rule that suits ganks and all aspects of gameplay regardless of the situation is having enough mana to use at least one ability. Now it depends on who you are playing and your mana costs, but if you are a tank you need enough mana to use your crowd control ability or if you’re a mage, enough to finish off the enemy with your Ultimate.

In addition to your mana, you need to be healthy in the lane when it comes time to going in and following up the Jungler. If you are low on health, it’s going to be very difficult for the Jungler to actually do anything because you are at risk of dying and making the exchange 1 for 1 which isn’t ideal.

In most cases, both champions will be needed to kill the enemy so a Jungler will probably not even bother trying to help you if you are low and they would just tell you to back.

2. Tell the Jungler about wards

It can be quite challenging for a Jungler to watch every single lane at every given moment in time and while your Jungler usually has good map awareness, it can be difficult for them to know where every ward is placed. It is up to you to ping when you laner goes missing and to tell your Jungler about wards that have been placed while they’re gone. If not, you’re going to waste their time and potentially get them killed.

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Junglers can fall behind in experience very quickly if they are not actively farming or ganking. If a Jungler is waiting in a bush that is warded, they will not be getting any experience or gold and will quickly fall behind in levels and items. They may also find themselves being attacked by the enemy Jungler who has moved into position to counter gank or collapse on your teammate. It’s something that can be reduced by simply calling out potential warded bushes.

Ward alert ping

This is why it is key that you ping when an area is warded before the Jungler makes it to your lane. If you do it too late, or don’t ping at all, then you’re wasting the Junglers time and realistically, they might not bother coming back at all because you haven’t pinged wards. Yes, some players are that petty.

If you know an area is warded, ping and keep pinging. If you’re pushing and know that the lane is warded, you could place a control ward in the warded bush to deny vision, but depending on the Jungler- they might not even gank if you’re pushing.

3. Bait out the enemy’s CC

Not every enemy has a CC ability but for those who do, trying to bait it out first will make ganking so much safer as it reduces the enemy chances to escape. This is because (depending on the champion) the enemy will just CC you and then run away.

There are a few ways you can bait out an ability like this. One way is by walking close to the enemy and looking to trade. Another way is walking into the open and then dodging the enemy’s ability. As an example, baiting out the enemy Thresh’s Hook and then going in when it’s on cooldown.

It’s not just crowd control abilities that you can bait out. In fact, baiting out any key ability like dashes or Ultimates will also handy when it comes to setting up ideal gank opportunities. It does heavily depend on who the enemy is, but if they have a damaging Ultimate like Syndra’s Ultimate, having it down will reduce her chances of turning the exchange around.

4. Follow up when your Jungler ganks

When a Jungler does come, they’ll need you to go in at the same time or before them to reduce the chances of the enemy escaping. If you aren’t paying attention it’ll waste their time and it decrease the likelihood of them returning.

By going in at the same time as them, the chances of you killing the enemy will be much higher. Additionally, if you do not go in when your Jungler goes in, they will be in a 1v1 which will usually favor the enemy.

If you see that your Jungler is approaching your lane, do not walk too far back as you have a further distance to move to assist them when they go in. This is why you should have a constant eye on where they are positioned and when they are coming so you can play accordingly and make sure you are close to them so you can go in with them.

With this in mind, you should also wait until the Jungler is in your lane before using all of your abilities or crowd control on the enemy. It’s very difficult to kill somebody when you have no abilities up or have the mana to do so (as discussed earlier), so make sure you save some mana and your CC ability for when they arrive.

5. Understand your Jungler’s win conditions (and when they can and can’t gank)

Depending on who you are playing, the Jungler may not be able to gank you at all. Some champions are very difficult to gank as they may lack crowd control and if the Jungler is not playing someone with heavy crowd control it is near impossible for you to kill them. So some Junglers will not bother trying to gank this lane as it is an inefficient use of time and resources.

Furthermore, some Junglers will not be in a position to gank until a certain level such as Evelynn with her level 6 power spike or Shyvana when she gets her Dragon form. So up until they hit their power spike, don’t expect them to be able to help you.

In addition to level power spikes, Junglers may not bother helping until they have their Ultimate up which is key to killing the enemy, so if their Ultimate is down, you’ll have to wait again.

6. Stop constantly pushing the lane

Unless the enemy is incredibly low for a dive, your Jungler will not be able to gank the enemy if you are pushing them under tower. Most Junglers, especially in the early game, do not have the stats that will protect and assist them when diving the enemy. This is why if you want your allies to help your lane, you shouldn’t be pushing.

A lane that is pushed up is hard to help because as soon as one of you auto-attack the enemy champion, the tower will start focusing one of you. This can make a 1v1 turn deadly quickly and can result in an easy turnaround kill for the enemy laner.

This isn’t always the case though. If the Jungler or yourself is somebody with a tonne of defensive stats, your ability to Tower dive is heavily increased because you can tank the tower for longer. But as a general rule, pushing will not get your Jungler to gank unless the enemy is low on health and you can tower dive.

So where should you keep the wave? You will want to keep the minion ways either even or slightly closer to your side of the map. We have made a very in-depth wave management guide before, make sure you check it out if you want to know when you should and shouldn’t push. If your default gameplay is to push, I would recommend you check it out.

7. Stop giving the enemy kills by dying

To close off this guide, we have the most important fact around. If you are losing lane and want your Jungler to help you, you need to help yourself and stop dying to the enemy.

If you keep dying, not only are you putting yourself behind and getting the enemy ahead, but you are also making it incredibly difficult for your Jungler to help because they have to do more in the exchange and many Junglers just can’t do that.

As an example, a Jungler trying to help against a fed Renekton or Fiora is going to go wrong very fast because those champions have great turnaround potential. This increases the chances of the enemy getting a kill in return, or killing both of you and surviving.

So, most Junglers won’t even bother trying to help you because they can’t help you alone and they may need more assistance from nearby lanes to actually have an impact in your lane.

survivability ganks

This also includes dying to ganks.

To reduce this issue, try to stay as even as possible in difficult matchups. Your Jungler has a better chance of helping you and your odds of surviving the matchup is heavily increased if you stop dying.

To Conclude

You have to remember that at the end of the day, Junglers as well as every other role, can be very petty and if you are not helping them. Following up when a Jungler goes in and not pinging wards, will probably result in your Jungler not visiting your lane again. This is why it’s important to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if you are in a position to be ganked.

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