Legends of Runeterra Best Decks – Meta Report

Legends of Runeterra Best Decks – Meta Report

The Best Meta Decks for Legends of Runeterra (Awakening)

Hey everyone! Welcome back to our Meta Decks Report for Legends of Runeterra.

As always, these deck recommendations will be provided by our experts, Kuvira, Shugo, and Scarzig!

Note that our experts update the tier list often so there may be some lag time between this blog version and the one on our site.

When in doubt, use the LoR Meta Tier List feature for the most up-to-date tier list.

Best Runeterra Decks

LoR Meta Decks

Whether you like to play aggro, midrange, control, or combo, we’ve got meta deck archetype for you. Enjoy!

S-tier LoR Decks

Riptide Pirates (Bilgewater + Noxus)

riptide pirates lor deck


[See Riptide Pirates deck details]

General info

This new age Pirates deck is packed with additional removal and card draw. The most notable change is the inclusion of Riptide Sermon.

While the Nexus damage is usually just icing on the cake, this deck takes great advantage of the burn! With spells like Eye of Nagakabouros, the deck can sustain itself far longer than the average aggressive deck, which makes Riptide Pirates a strong contender!

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Annie Jhin, Azir Irelia, Katarina Yasuo,

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Ekko Zilean, FTR

How to play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

The deck runs twelve 1-drops for a reason, so always mulligan to ensure you have one. Consider the matchup when prioritizing one over the other. Legion Rearguard is great against decks without 1-drops and can avoid 1 damage pings like Vile Feast.

Precious Pet and Legion Saboteur are best against other units, as Pet can avoid blockers with Fearsome while Saboteur can trade while still pushing one damage.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

Zap Sprayfin is guaranteed to pull either Make it Rain or Noxian Fervor, with a higher chance of Fervor (due to 2 copies vs. 3). Be sure to factor in that potential damage when looking to find those final points of damage for lethal.

Eye of Nagakabouros can be used as a burst speed 2/2 attacker. This is especially relevant when you need to push just a bit more damage before finishing the game with burn.

Riptide Sermon effectively represents two units on board for one action. While sometimes it’s incorrect to develop before attacking (since the opponent can also develop), Riptide Sermon can remove one blocker and summon a 3/3 simultaneously. It’s a great way to get +1 on board before the opponent has time to respond

Ezreal Kennen (Ionia + Piltover/Zaun)

ezreal kennen lor deck


[See Ezreal Kennen deck details]

General info

This is a Mono Ionia deck at heart, with a splash of Ezreal to top it off. The combination of Kennen’s marks and a flipped Ezreal creates a powerful and explosive burn combo! Kinkou Wayfinder helps guarantee we find Kennen, then we have an arsenal of stall tools with Eye of the Dragon and recall spells to buy time to level-up. Ezreal Kennen is a force to be reckoned with in the right hands. Often its biggest enemy is itself.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Trundle Timelines, Akshan Lee, Viego Shurima

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Azir Irelia, Scouts, Annie Jhin

How to play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

Kennen and Wayfinder are the key to making the deck function. Recall spells can be a useful keep alongside them. Make Eye of the Dragon a priority against aggressive decks.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

This deck can’t win without its champions, so be very cautious not to overcommit mana and put them at risk.

Consider carefully before trading units like Sai’nen and Wayfinder. It’s often worth keeping them around as a premium target for God-Willow Seedling.

It’s often best to duplicate Kennen once he is leveled. Using God-Willow Seedling too early can make it awkward, as recalling one of two Kennens will leave you with only one on board. Unless you’re flipping Kennen via Dragonlings, it’s better to create the second Kennen post level-up.

Kindred Nasus (Shurima + Shadow Isles)

kindred nasus lor deck


[See Kindred Nasus deck details]

General info

This new iteration of the Slay archetype can effectively use Kindred to manipulate the opponent’s side of the board. Unlike decks of the past, The Undying takes a lead role to support powerful spells such as Hate Spike. Pressure the opponent with an arsenal of units while you build up slay triggers, then finish with the classic Nasus + Atrocity finale.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Ekko Zilean, FTR, Deep

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Riptide Pirates, Ezreal Kennen, Gwen Katarina

How to play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

Look for early game units to function as hosts for Bloodletters and removal such as Hate Spike. The Undying is a premium choice that gives us a reusable target throughout the entire game. Vile Feast against aggressive decks.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

Effectively managing Kindred’s marks requires careful planning. When there’s already a premium target on the opponent’s board, play a unit such as Ravenous Butcher or Last Wind to proc the effect immediately before the opponent can react, instead of putting a spell on the stack.

Alongside Kindred’s ability, the deck as a whole can rely a lot on actions. Black Spear is only castable once a unit dies, so be mindful in case you need time to set it up.

Don’t forget the back side of Bloodletters. You can slay your own units to return the equipment to hand, then play it as Xolaani. This can turn a mediocre turn into a powerful one.

Trundle Timelines (Freljord + Piltover/Zaun)

trundle timelines lor deck


[See Trundle Timelines deck details]

General info

This deck looks to take advantage of Concurrent Timelines to turn weak value units into massive threats. With the new Improvise mechanic, units like Combat Cook take this idea to the next level!

Every turn you’ll generate small advantages by building up the board and refilling your hand. Then once you hit turn eight, drop Trundle’s Ice Pillar for a HUGE tempo swing!

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: FTR, Darkness, Nami TF SI

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Gwen Katarina, Viego Shurima, Ezreal Kennen

How to play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

Throw away absolutely everything in order to find Concurrent Timelines. Without it, the deck’s power is vastly weaker.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

Utilize Aloof Travelers at the right time to try and hit the opponent’s key cards before they can be cast.

Combat Cook on turn four and Ice Pillar on eight are the biggest power spikes. Some of the turns in between can be mediocre, so make sure to capitalize on the power turns.

Buried in Ice + It That Stares is a great combo to wipe the opponent’s entire board.

Gwen Kat (Noxus + Shadow Isles)

gwen kat lor deck


[See Gwen Kat deck details]

General info

Efficiency and tempo are the name of the game. Go wide with cheap units as you pressure the enemy nexus. All three champions are difficult to block as they build up to threaten even more damage each turn. The Reckoner duo denies blockers and launches attacks even on defending turns. And once we reach that final dance, the board floods with an endless rallying army.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Annie Jhin, Lurk, TF Nami SI

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Evelynn Viego, Scouts, Nasus Thresh

How to play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

Focus on early units such as Boisterous Host, Burgeoning Sentinel, House Spider, and Phantom Butler. Gwen is a great keep alongside an aggressive hand.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

Be aware of which unit will receive the Hallowed buff before committing your attack. Similarly, be aware of which unit will be revived with Eternal Dancers.

Reviving Katarina or Ruined Reckoner enables extra attacks and/or rallies. You can use this to set up sneaky lethals. This lets The Harrowing launch an attack without needing the attack token.

Ruined Reckoner on Gwen can flip her on the same turn.

A-tier LoR Decks

Spooky Fish (Bilgewater + Shadow Isles)

spooky fish lor deck


[See Spooky Fish deck details]

General info

If you like buffing small cute elusive fish into OTK monsters, this is the deck for you. it’s centered around maximizing Nami’s value and pressure with new cards like Shadow Isles Tellstones and Eye of Nagakabouros.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Annie Jhin, Fizz Riven

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Thralls, TF Annie

How to play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

You usually want to look for Nami and a spell to use on turn 3 like Double Trouble, Vile Feast, Tentacle Smash or Answered Prayer. Only keep Coral Creatures vs aggro. β€Ž β€Ž β€Žβ€Žβ€Ž

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

  • Play around leveling Twisted Fate if the opponent is playing a deck without removal.
  • Spirit Journey can be used to protect Nami if she’s being challenged.
  • Don’t play Wiggly Burblefish until it’s discounted to 1 or 0 mana.
Nami TF Ionia (Bilgewater + Ionia)

nami tf ionia lor deck


[See Nami TF Ionia deck details]

General info

This new flavor of Nami takes advantage of the new unit Vastayan Disciple. Coupled with Eye of the Dragon and a ton of spells, this deck creates a constant wall of pesky blockers while it builds up its champions.

With its additional card draw and protection spells, leveling up Twisted Fate becomes a lot more achievable. It’s a lot slower than the SI version, but packs a lot of stall tools to carry it through the late game.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Trundle Timelines, Jax Timelines, Nasus Thresh

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Ekko Zilean, Poppy Taric, Scouts

How to play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

Pass, pass, Double Trouble remains the ideal start against most non-aggressive decks. Coral Creatures and Eye of the Dragon are priority keeps versus aggro. Always keep Nami.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

The majority of our spells are reactive, which can make it awkward to enable Flow. Vastayan Disciple really helps here, so consider saving it when you really need to summon a Dragonling.

Be careful not to let your hand get too full. Occasionally we’ll get stuck with garbage generated spells and a whole bunch of interaction. This can be an annoying spot to navigate out of, so be mindful early on.

Shimon Wind provides a chump blocker at burst speed. This is great for anything without Fearsome or Overwhelm. Consider saving Concussive Palm and Homecoming for those types of threats.

Heimer Norra (Bandle City + Shadow Isles)

heimer norra lor deck


[See Heimer Norra deck details]

General info + How to play

Coming soon!

Scouts (Bilgewater + Demacia)

scouts lor deck


[See Scouts deck details]

General info

Scouts is a unit-focused Demacia deck. It relies on swarming the board and pressuring the opponent constantly with Challengers, Miss Fortune, wide board payoffs, and rallies. Scouts aim to curve out, trade efficiently, and level up Miss Fortune or Quinn.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Thralls, Jayce/Heimer

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Pantheon/Yuumi, Viego Shurima, Ezreal/Caitlyn

How to Play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

Miss Fortune is an amazing keep in the mulligan because of how easy she is to level with your scout units. Only Keep Petricite Broadwing and Durand Sculptor and Miss Fortune.

πŸ’‘Tips πŸ’‘

  • Your strong early plays are Fleetfeather into Brightsteel on turn 2 attack.
  • Avoid playing Miss Fortune into obvious removal unless you have a way to protect her with one of your protective spells.
  • Once you’ve built a wide board, you can overwhelm your opponent with Cithria the Bold or Rally for lethals.
Poppy Taric Rallies (Demacia + Targon)

poppy taric rallies lor deck


[See Poppy Taric Rallies deck details]

General info + How to play

Coming soon!

Akshan Kai’Sa (Demacia + Shurima)

akshan kai'sa lor deck


[See Akshan Kai’Sa deck details]

General info

Akshan Kai’Sa is a fun deck for those who like to assemble exodia. This deck has a strong and consistent win condition that feels amazing once you get her online.

How to play

Mulligan πŸƒ

β€Žβ€ β€Žβ€Žβ€Ž β€Ž Look for early keyword units such as Voidling and Petricite Broadwing. So long as you have a couple of early plays, be sure to keep Kai’Sa in hand.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

β€Žβ€Ž β€β€Ž Plan ahead and be mindful of when you can activate Evolve. Being able to buff Voidling and Void Blaster is a huge tempo advantage that threatens the opponent even before Kai’Sa comes down.

Don’t overcommit Kai’Sa if you can’t protect her. Many times it is incorrect to play her on turn five. By playing smart you can force the opponent into an awkward position so that they’ll either tap out of interaction range, or pass and do nothing.

Evelynn Viego (Runterran + Shadow Isles)

evelynn viego lor deck


[See Evelynn Viego deck details]

General info

Evelynn provides a different angle for Viego decks. While the deck may not have the same protection tools as Shurima, it offers unique utility via Husks.

These swarm the board and can grant powerful keywords to Viego, which occasionally makes him even more menacing than normal…and Evelynn herself is nothing to scoff at either.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Ekko Zilean, Gwen Katarina, Azir Irelia

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: FTR, TF Nami SI, Trundle Timelines

How to play
Viego Shurima (Shurima + Shadow Isles)

Viego Shurima lor deck


[See Viego Shurima deck details]

General info

This mono Viego deck is all about consistently drawing Viego and protecting him all game with cards like Ancient Hourglass and Rite of Negation until you win the game when he’s leveled.

How to play

Mulligan πŸƒ

Look for Viego, Treasure Seaker, Merciless Hunter, Camavoran Soldier, Aspiring Chronomancer and Baccai Sandspinner. Keep Vile Feast and Undergrowth vs Aggro/Burn.

πŸ’‘Tips πŸ’‘

  • Always keep at least 2 spell mana to protect Viego using Ancient Hourglass.
  • Focus on leveling Viego as fast as possible by sacrificing every other unit including Invasive Hydravine in some spots.
  • Ancient Hourglass can be used proactively on Camavoran Soldier or an Encroaching Mist to trigger their effect.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Scouts, Thralls, Illaoi Demacia

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Annie Jhin, Pantheon/Yuumi

Jhin Annie (Noxus + Runeterran)

jhin annie lor deck 6-14


[See Jhin Annie deck details]

General info

Currently the best aggro deck in the meta. It utilizes Noxus’ premium aggro units like Annie, Legion Rearguard, and Legion Saboteur to push damage early game, combined with multiple Stun followers to set up explosive mid game attacks, and finishes the game with multiple burn cards.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Pantheon/Yuumi, Thralls

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Viego Deserter, Ezreal Annie

How to play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

Keep Everything BUT Imperial Demolitionist, Noxian Fervor, Decimate, Doombeast, and Astral Fox. Do not keep 2 of Jhin or more than 1 stun card.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

  • Taking damage is okay, you usually want to keep your stun cards for attack turns.
  • Be okay with sacrificing Annie to push burn damage especially if you have another one in hand.
  • Playing Jhin before the attack to setup for multiple stuns on the next turn is a great way to push lethal damage.
Jax Time! (Runetarran + Piltover/Zaun)

jax time! lor deck


[See Jax Time! deck details]

General info + How to play

Coming soon!

B-tier LoR Decks

FTR Control (Freljord + Shadow Isles)

feel the ramp lor deck 5-5


[See FTR Control deck details]

General info

Feel the Rush is an easier-to-use and more immediate payoff version of Warmother’s Call. This is the premier deck for ramp players. Feel the Rush doesn’t provide as much value over time the Warmother’s Call but it provides a big enough impact to end the game on the turn or 2 after you play it.

The combination of Freljord Shadow Isles stall tools and the over the top potential of giant overwhelm units like Trundle and Tryndamere being pulled out for free off FTR.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Jhin/Annie, Ezreal/Annie

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Scouts, Thralls, Viego Shurima

How to play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

Always look for either Catalyst of Aeons or Voices of the Old Ones to ramp and get to your wincons faster. Vs early aggression, keep wide board removal like Avalanche, Blighted Ravine and early blockers like Kindly Tavernkeeper and Vile Feast.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

  • Early game, your goal is ramping your mana with Catalyst of Aeons to get a fast Feel the Rush vs control.
  • Keep your stall tools like Avalanche and early blockers so that you can survive to your late game.
Darkness Control (Bandle City + Shadow Isles)

darkness control lor deck


[See Darkness Control deck details]

General info
How to play
Slay Midrange (Shurima + Shadow Isles)

[See Slay Midrange deck details]

General info

This anti-aggro deck is perfect for those who enjoy sacrificing their own units while applying pressure. Comboing Cursed Keeper with a Ravenous Butcher can result in massive early damage, and if that’s not enough Nasus Atrocity will be enough to end the game.

How to play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

Auto Keep: Treasure Seeker, 1x Cursed Keeper, 1x Merciless Hunter

For these mulligans, think about certain combos, like if you have a Cursed Keeper, try to keep a Butcher or Wings to enable it. Vile Feast is a great keep against aggro or 1HP threats, and Black Spear can be kept when dealing with champions such as Draven or Ezreal.

β€Ž β€Ž πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

-Waiting until you can safely Atrocity and Rite of Negation means that you can answer at least one spell that might prevent lethal.

-Atrocity counts as a slay, this could be useful for buffing Nasus to 10 attacks or finding a sneaky lethal. β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

-Merciless hunter can be used to give a unit vulnerable which then can be used to kill off your Cursed Keeper for the Last Breath effect.

-Keep track of your slays especially in mirrors, you don’t want to be pulling out a weak Nasus with a leveled Thresh. Thresh Champion Spell is The Box, this can be used to prevent your opponent from over developing.

-When using either Rite Spells only kill off a unit when it’s 100% safe to do so.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Aggro, Irelia Azir β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Targon, Elusives, Overwhelm

Masterminds (Piltover/Zaun + Shadow Isles)

jayce heimer control lor deck


[See Masterminds deck details]

General info

This is the best control deck in the current meta. It Shadow Isles’ premium 6+ cost spells like Vengeance and Absorb Soul to level up jayce and generate value with Heimerdinger.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Annie/Jhin, Pantheon/Yuumi

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Scouts, Thralls, Viego Shurima

How to play

Mulligan πŸƒ

Look for Forge Chief, Ferros Financier, Hextech Handler and Production Surge. Only Keep Heimer/Jayce if you have at least 2 of the cards mentioned before. Keep all the cheap removal tools vs aggressive decks.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

  • Don’t overpass, playing your 6 mana spells to level Jayce is usually important before turn 7.
  • Always keep Heimer with mana left to use spells on the stack before he gets removed to get value with the created turrets.
  • Shock Blast can be used on the enemy Nexus when you have a leveled Jayce on the board to push 6 damage and find lethal.
Yas Kat (Ionia + Noxus)

yas kat lor deck


[See Yas Kat deck details]

General info

Yas Kat is a deck that pops off once it has time to assemble its stun engine but struggles when it can’t accomplish its goal. This deck is fun for players that like to put together their machine.

How to play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

Yasuo, Katarina, and Windswept Hillock are crucial for this deck’s function.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

-Assembling your engines is how this deck wins. Don’t be afraid to pass before putting down your main cards until you have back up mana to protect them.

-Be patient with saving your interaction for the most impactful scenarios when playing against value decks and don’t greed for value against aggro.

Irelia Azir Blades (Ionia + Shurima)

irelia azir blades


[See Irelia Azir Blades deck details]

General info

This lightning fast combo deck is for the players who love to bombard their opponent with constant attacks from card effects. Set up Azir or Emperor’s Dais and then spam blade dances until your opponent folds to the unrelenting pressure.

How to play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

Auto keep: Azir, Emperor’s Dais, Sparring Student.

Luxury keep (Keep these if you already have some auto keeps): Irelia.

Only keep Irelia if you have some of these early pieces already in hand; she isn’t core to the strategy and is interchangeable with other blade dances. Greenglade Duo should only be kept in matchups without elusive blockers.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

  • Try to save your Blade Dances for finishers once you’ve set up your Dais, Azir, and sometimes Field Musiciansl. Usually this is turn 4-6. β€Žβ€Ž β€β€Ž
  • When Irelia is leveled you can save up the swap spell given each attack to then swap Irelia with a unit with no blocker then swap again with a bigger unit such as Azir or Sparring Student.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Any slower decks

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Aggro

Lurk (Bilgewater + Shurima)

Lurk (lor deck 12-13)


[See Lurkers deck details]

General InfoΒ 

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

We’re trying to trigger Lurk as much as possible so prioritize mulligan for a good early curve.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

Snapjaw is best used on off-turns in order to trigger more Lurks.

We want to avoid playing Rek’Sai unless we can level her that turn or if we plan on using her on a turn we also want to Bone Skewer.

Predicts are perfect in order to ensure we have a Lurker on top of our deck or to grab key cards when we need them for a matchup

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Dragons, Thralls, Darkness Control

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Rally Elusives, Bandle Burn, Plunder Midrange

How to Play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

We’re trying to trigger Lurk as much as possible so prioritize mulligan for a good early curve.

πŸ’‘ Tips πŸ’‘ β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž

  • Snapjaw is best used on off-turns in order to trigger more Lurks.
  • We want to avoid playing Rek’Sai unless we can level her that turn or if we plan on using her on a turn we also want to Bone Skewer.
  • Predicts are perfect in order to ensure we have a Lurker on top of our deck or to grab key cards when we need them for a matchup.
Deep (Bilgewater + Shadow Isles)

deep lor deck 6-14


[See Deep deck details]

General info

Deep Monsters is a cool thematic deck that uses a majority of cards from Bilgewater. It’s one of the first decks that gives the fantasy of playing a ton of huge creatures.

Pick this deck up if you like big stats and huge boards. You’ll win by hitting deep then overwhelming your opponents with huge units, not by chip damage.

πŸ‘Œ Strong Against: Thralls, Jayce/Heimer

πŸ‘Ž Weak Against: Pantheon/Yuumi, Viego Shurima

How to play

πŸƒ Mulligan πŸƒ

Aggressively mulligan for Dreg Dredgers, Sea Scarab, Deadbloom Wanderer, Undergrowth and Lure of the Depths.

Only keep Vile Feast vs Aggro decks or to remove Zoe/Teemo

πŸ’‘Tips πŸ’‘

  • Don’t use things like Jettison until you get to the turn where you want to hit Deep, you want to be using your early mana to stay alive and stabilize.
  • Be careful with Devourer of the Depths. Ideally, you’ll want to hit Deep before you use Devourer of the Depths and keep in mind what damage options your opponent has as they will be looking to hit its health before the effect goes off.
  • Look to play around mana thresholds and let your opponent tap out.
Kayn Zoe (Runeterran + Targon)

kayn zoe lor deck


[See Kayn Zoe deck details]

General info + How to play

Coming soon!

Ekko Time Bombs (Piltover/Zaun + Shurima)

ekko time bombs lor deck


[See Ekko Time Bombs deck details]

General info

Ekko Zilean is an archetype that tries to utilize the Predict mechanic. This archetype is perfect for those who like to look into the future and plan ahead.

How to play

This deck levels Ekko quickly with the large amount of Predict cards and then uses him as a value engine to push for wins. Hexite Crystal is your main blowout tool to deal with aggressive openers so you want to try to get that in hand as quickly as possible.

Predict also lets us find our Chirean Sumpworkers reliably so that we can clone them for an oppressive elusive pressure.

Yi Zoe (Ionia + Targon)

yi zoe lor deck


[See Yi Zoe deck details]

General info + How to play

Coming soon!

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So there you have it! We’ll be updating the decks regularly so check back here. We also have our dedicated meta feature for LoR within our platform. See you next time.

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