Legends of Runeterra Best Decks – EG Swim’s Meta Report

Legends of Runeterra Best Decks – EG Swim’s Meta Report

The Best Meta Decks for Legends of Runeterra

Hey everyone! Welcome back to our Meta Decks Monday Report for Legends of Runeterra.

We’ve added brand new decks for the Rising Tides expansion set.

As always, these deck recommendations will be provided by our experts EG Swim and TL Alanzq.

EG Swim will be creating and curating competitive decks for our site and content so be sure to bookmark his Mobalytics Deck Library and follow him on Twitch, Youtube, or Swim’s LoR website.

If you want to explore the meta on your own, check out our Meta Stats feature for the most in-depth statistics in LoR.

Best Runeterra Decks

  • To see the best decks ranked across S/A/B tiers, check out our LoR Meta Tier List! If you’re a new player, check out our best LoR budget decks article.

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    LoR Meta Decks

    Whether you like to play aggro, midrange, control, or combo, we’ve got meta deck archetype for you. Enjoy!

    S-tier LoR Decks

    Heimer Control

    heimer control 5-4


    [See Heimer Control deck details]

    General info:

    If you want to make your opponent’s life miserable by preventing them from playing the game, this is the deck for you. Bonus points if you love the Donger and all his quirkiness. In general, it’s a fun deck to play where you can be creative with your answers.

    How to play:

    The main win condition is to control your board and play Heimer at a moment when you can get maximum value. What that means is that you ideally want to play him and a Flash of Brilliance or two, so you can get some elusive bots.

    Having a Progress Day for a T-Hex is another powerful combo you should be able to get off if you keep Heimer alive by using Deny. Until that play happens though, you must be very resourceful with your removal and stall cards.

    Tempo Sejuani

    tempo sejuani 6-1


    [See Tempo Sejuani deck details]

    General info:

    A deck for players that like to curve out and play to the board while having tricks in their back pocket.

    How to play:

    This deck has an easier time leveling Miss Fortune because of scouts and protective spells like Elixir and Fury of the North.

    Make sure you hold a good curve in your opening hand so that you can put pressure on your opponent.

    If you have a Sejuani and hand then you can aggressively use your Warning Shots off in order to level your Sejuani and set up Plunder.

    Deep Monsters

    deep monsters 5-19


    [See Deep Monsters deck details]

    General Info

    Deep Monsters is a cool thematic deck that uses a majority of cards from a new region. It’s one of the first decks that finally gives the fantasy of playing a ton of huge creatures. Pick this deck up if you like big stats and huge boards.

    How to Play

    Deep Monsters wants to hit Deep as fast as possible while dealing with aggression. This means you don’t want to be using things like Jettison until you get to the turn where you want to hit deep, you want to be using your early mana to stay alive and stabilize.

    Because you’re not the aggressor, don’t tempo out cards like turn 2 Hired Gun on empty boards, you want to bank your mana for things like Grasp instead.

    Think of your units as removal options so you want to play slow with them and use them to get value blocks and challenges instead of pressuring face.

    You’ll win by hitting deep then overwhelming your opponents with huge units, not by chip damage.

    Be careful with Devourer of the Depths. Ideally, you’ll want to hit Deep before you use him but if you can’t then you need to keep in mind what damage options your opponent has as they will be looking to hit its health before the effect goes off.

    Look to play around mana thresholds and let your opponent tap out.

    A-tier LoR Decks

  • Burn Aggro

    burn aggro 6-1


    [See Burn Aggro deck details]

    General info:

    Burn Aggro is exactly what the name implies: play units, hit face, then burn them down with spells. This deck either wins decisively or loses quickly so pick it up if you want fast and aggressive games.

    How to play:

    Burn Aggro relies on strong early game starts so that you can rely on top decking burn to close out the game. Make sure to mulligan hard for 1 drops so that you can pressure slower decks that like to float mana the first two turns but Boomcrew Rookie is a card you can almost always keep in your opening hand.

    Usually, you’ll want to save your axes as Get Excited! or Rummage targets so you can hit more burn rather than an extra 1 damage. Used Cask Salesman is a card better utilized on defending turns to provide you additional chump blockers to win damage races.

    Also, if you’re trying to use Noxian Fervor, make sure to wait for your opponent to be tapped out of removal, or for your unit to already be targeted by removal before going for it.

    It’s important to be patient with Noxian Fervor unless forced to because you don’t have a lot of value or card draw so every point of burn counts.


    scouts 5-11


    [See Scouts deck details]

    General Info

    Scouts is a new concept introduced in Rising Tides. It’s very similar to Midrange Bannerman but takes advantage of fast leveling Quinn and Miss Fortune with the multiple attacks from Scouts instead of using Garen and Fiora.

    Consider picking scouts up if you were itching for a Demacia list that was a bit more aggressive.

    How to Play

    Your early game is straightforward. If you’re going second, Fleet Feather into War Chefs or Brightsteel Protector lets you trade up in value. If you’re defending on turn 2, Brightsteel Protector is a good card to keep.

    The Barrier can completely shut down aggro starts if they choose to develop. After you get a solid start and reach turn 3/4, don’t tunnel hard on sticking a Miss Fortune against removal heavy decks.

    Loyal Badgerbear will be much more reliable if you’re trying to develop into an attack. Against decks like Ezreal or Corina Control, try sticking Miss Fortune on turn 3 if they don’t have mana open for a Grasp or Get Excited! or if you have mana saved for Ranger’s Resolve.

    Even though Grizzled Ranger is a 4 drop, it’s a great card to keep in your opening hand because of how pivotal it is to the deck. Curving Badgerbear into one or two Rangers puts a ton of pressure on your opponent making it incredibly difficult to block.

    If you play the early game right, you’ll have enough steam to close out the game through your top end on turns 6 and 7.

    Sejuani Vlad

    sejuani vlad 6-1


    [See Sejuani Vlad deck details]

    General info:

    A deck that aims to plant down big bodies and buff them to both protect and push for lethal.

    How to play:

    This deck does not have much card draw outside of huge Trifarian Assessor turns so it’s imperative that you get the most value out of your units by looking for high value trades.

    The usefulness of keeping Culling Strike early depends on your matchup. When playing into decks like Shen or Heimer, having Culling Strike can help you deal with hard to interact units.

    If you’re against more straightforward decks then you can rely more on your big units to hold down the board.

    Wait until you can get at least 2 cards to draw off Assessor unless you’re very pressured and are facing down lethal.

    Midrange Bannerman

    midrange bannerman 5-19


    [See Midrange Bannerman deck details]

    General Info

    Midrange Bannerman is a simple deck that is great for climbing but is not for those who like long complex games.

    How to Play

    This deck is fairly simple, if you can curve out and pressure your opponent then you can easily close out with a Bannerman.

    A few combos you can do that are useful is curve Fleetfeather Tracker into Brightsteel Protector when you’re going second for a Barrier + Challenger unit. It allows for an easy development against removal light decks.

    If you have Bannerman in hand and you’ll lose a few units on an attack, slow down just a bit so that you can get the buff on a wide board.

    It’s hard to get through chump blockers but they typically do not have great removal options. Against those decks you want to prioritize getting and keeping Fiora alive.

    Ezreal Karma

    ezreal karma 5-19


    [See Ezreal Karma deck details]

    General Info

    Ezreal Combo is a fun deck but playing the same Freljord variant can get tiring.

    This deck is a nice way to add some variety while staying within the same concept. It plays a lot slower than the other variants so only pick this up if you have the patience for long games.

    How to Play

    This variant of Ezreal is especially slow so your objective is to stall as late as possible until you get a leveled Ezreal and combo off. Use Thermo, Mystic Shot, and Statikk Shock to deal with early game threats if you’re against aggro.

    Against decks with bigger units, you’ll want to prioritize Thermogenic Beam and blocks to deal with them since Statikk Shock will be to little damage.

    Some games you’ll have control over the mid game and can push for damage with Elusives. Getting chip damage is good but never overextend. The longer the game goes, the easier it is for you to win.

    Midrange Shen

    midrange shen 5-27


    [See Midrange Shen deck details]

    General Info

    A midrange deck that looks to curve out. Perfect for players who like a consistent and easy strategy that honestly fights for the board.

    How to Play

    This is a simple curve out down so you’re looking for a 1-2-3-4 curve. Both Greenglade and Fleetfeather curve nicely into your 2 drops.

    Challenger units are important to this deck since they curve nicely into Shen to utilize his barrier as well as being the main way you interact with and control the board.

    Once Shen levels, his buff applies to those that receive a barrier after he levels and not those who already have it so be careful when trying to calculate trades and lethal.

    Endure Spiders

    endure spiders 5-19


    [See Endure Spiders deck details]

    General Info

    This deck is great for players who like to have answers and flexibility. With card draw, removal, and a strong suite of followers, you can pivot on any angle that you need to.

    How to Play

    This deck doesn’t play very fast. Your primary objective is to fight for board and make favorable trades until you can stick a large They Who Endure.

    Against hard aggro decks like Burn Aggro, you want to make sure you get Vile Feasts and Withering Wails in order to deal with the low health high damage followers like Legion Saboteur.

    Against strong midrange decks, a strong Ruination is crucial to get off but you’ll have to play around Deny.

    Kinkou Elusives

    kinkou elusives 3-3


    [See Kinkou Elusives deck details]

    General Info

    Kinkou Elusives is an aggressive deck that buffs elusive units that bypass blockers to hit face. This is a quick deck that will win if played correctly in favorable matchups and still have a good chance when against a tough one.

    How to Play

    Against control decks, the most important objective is to be able to protect your units with spells until you can push for a win. Against aggro decks, you want to develop faster than they can while using your 1 drops to chump block while your elusives finish the job.

    This deck has a few tricks like Kinkou Wayfinder to buff up your Greenglade Duo by 3 attack in one turn. Navori Conspirator is great to keep when you already have a Bladescout or Omenhawk in hand.

    Jeweled Protector is a great way to hold the board while setting up a huge unit to either stabilize the game or push through over removal.

    Lux Karma

    lux karma 5-19


    [See Lux Karma deck details]

    General Info

    Lux Karma is a control deck that uses the new Demacia units to have a stronger early board pressence than before. Pick it up if you’re looking for a premiere Lux deck.

    How to Play

    Eye of the Dragon is the most useful tool early game for halting aggro. The repeated lifesteal blockers going into the mid game will help you stabilize when used in conjunction with Health Potions and Radiant Guardian.

    Once you get past turn 6 and stabilize, you’re looking to get your Lux out with Remembrance or a few smaller spells to start pumping out Final Sparks.

    Once you reach turn 10, your Karma can generate value with Insight, Deep Meditation, Concussive Palm, and Remembrance to close games by herself but if you ever get Karma and Lux on the field at that point, Final Spark generation will easily win you the game.

    Swain TF

    swain TF 5-11


    [See Swain TF deck details]

    General Info

    Swain TF is a nice deck chock full of removal and ways to plunder your opponent’s cards.

    How to Play

    For your early game, Make it Rain, Parrrley, and Dreadway Deckhand are your main ways to make sure things don’t get out of hand in the first few turns against aggressive starts.

    Once we start getting to the mid game, we can use Kegs to bump up our removal to deal with most threats.

    Twisted Fate is a nice supplement to the deck but remember that the main way we’re going to win is through Swain and Leviathan triggers.

    Against slower decks, you won’t be able to pressure them with your units very well so make sure to get the most value out of your Plundered cards and level your Swain as quickly as possible.

  • B-tier LoR Decks

    Keg Control

    keg control 5-4


    [See Keg Control deck details]

    General Info

    A new slow deck for those dedicated control players. This deck utilizes kegs to make your removal more potent so you can reach your explosive late game.

    How to Play

    This deck has a ton of options and does very well at controlling the early game and dealing with aggression because of its healing, chump blockers, and various forms of single target and area of effect removal.

    Against extremely aggressive decks, keeping cards like Vile Feast, Make it Rain, and Hapless Aristocrat will make minimizing early damage a breeze.

    Once things slow down, generating kegs and pushing 2 to 3 damage Withering Wails or Twisted Fate Red Cards will seal the deal against their board based aggression while the healing from Grasp, Wail, and Vile Feast helps keep you healthy from burn.

    Slow decks don’t have enough pressure to really threaten you so you can pressure them while you utilize your draw package with Twisted Fate, Glimpse, and Salvage to sculpt your hand with your late game threats that can end the game like The Dreadway into Ledros.

    Yasuo Control

    yasuo control 5-4


    [See Yasuo Control deck details]

    General info:

    There aren’t many control decks and many of them aren’t cheap. This is a fun, viable, and budget friendly control deck that utilizes a card that hasn’t been considered good in awhile.

    How to play:

    Against aggro, Arachnoid Sentry and Herald to get through the first few turns.

    Against slower decks, you want to drop key units like Yasuo and Minotaur Reckoner when you can protect them with spells like Deny and Twin Disciplines.

    It’s important to know that you don’t have to attack with Minotaur Reckoner. If it gets blocked by 3+ power units then it can get low enough to remove.

    If you set up your Reckoner and have the Yasuo value train going, just sit back and let it accrue its value until you have an attack that’s worth risking it.

    Corina Control

    corina control 5-19


    [See Corina Control deck details]

    General Info

    Corina Control is a new deck that can deal with board centric decks with spiders into board wipes while also having good matchups into Ezreal or other control decks.

    It plays extremely slowly but relies on the inevitability of damage from Ledros and Corina after turn 9. Pick up this deck if you like to slowly grind your opponents into the ground.

    How to Play

    Never keep cards like Corina or Ledros in your opening hand. You’re likely to draw into them by turn 9 between Statikk Shock, and natural draws.

    Aggro matchups are straightforward, your units and cheap removal are all good versus aggro matchups but Withering Wail and Grasp and necessary to stabilize for Burn matchups.

    Against Ezreal decks, focus on relying on your removal spells and don’t play units to the board as much so that you can deny them leveling Ezreal.

    Against midrange decks like Bannerman, past turn 6 you’ll want to make sure you leave mana open for Ruination to punish developing while using your fast spells like Grasp to punish open attacks.

    This means that a lot of turns you’ll have to bank mana instead of developing going into turn 6 and onwards.

    Sejuani TF

    sejuani tft 5-27


    [See Sejuani TF deck details]

    General Info

    Sejuani TF is perfect for players that want a flexible deck that has answers to different situations. When you run into a situation that you can’t deal with, chances are you can steal one.

    How to Play

    In the early game, Ruthless Raider and Warning Shot help you enable your Black Market Merchants and Pilfered Goods. Against aggressive decks, you’re in no rush to generate value off Pilfered Goods but Black Market Merchant is fine since it generates a blocker.

  • Sejuani Swain

    sejuani swain 5-11


    [See Sejuani Swain deck details]

    General Info

    Sejuani Swain is a deck that takes advantage of how similar both champions triggered conditions are. This is a deck for players that love the feeling of getting a value engine set up and running.

    How to Play

    T1 Omen Hawk is the dream. Setting up a buffed Raider, Disciple, or Ember Maiden can get you a lot of mileage in the early game. You can bank 3 mana going into turn 4 if you have Death’s Hand and Wolfraider so you can trigger the ramp.

    Ruthless Raider is great against decks that rely on a lot of ping effects or chump blockers like Corina Control. If you can combine her with Elixirs and Transfusions, then she’ll have an easy time pressuring those decks.

    Raider is also an amazing curve into Ember Maiden because you can clear out lower health followers while pushing face with tough.

    When we’ve stabilized versus aggro or are in a slower matchup and we’re looking to level up Swain and Sejuani, we want to be putting high value on our Disciples, Maidens, and Death’s Hands to push for levels.

    Once your champions are leveled, you can lock your opponent out of attacking with Leviathan triggers stunning and freezing the enemy boards.

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    So there you have it! We’ll be posting the meta report every week so be sure to check back here. We also have our dedicated meta feature for LoR within our platform. See you next time.

    Thanks for reading! To explore all the cards in LoR, check out our Card Gallery or jump straight into our Deck Builder if you already got some ideas from our article. Show us your best decks in the comments below. Be sure to follow our expert, EG Swim, at his LoR website, Twitch, Twitter, and Youtube.

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