Outlaw: primary

fire mode


rate of fire

2.75 rounds/sec

magazine capacity


wall penetration


Spray (10m)

Spray (10m)
Outlaw recommendations

Despite being a sniper rifle, the Outlaw plays differently from the Marshall and the Operator. This is primarily because of the difference in its mag size, reload speed, fire rate, and damage. The same agents utilize the Outlaw the best, and that is Chamber and Jett. This is because they can play aggressive angles then dash or teleport away and distance themselves while they go through the extremely slow reload.

The weapon can one-shot a player with light armor, but the high damage has such a high impact on a tag on a full armor player. The fast fire rate also allows the user to quickly two-tap before disengaging. The recoil follows the crosshair when ADS which means your second shot will go where you are aiming. Conveniently the bounce of the crosshair perfectly returns to where you were aiming the first shot when the second shot is ready. This means you can two-shot the same spot in 0.36 seconds and kill someone with full armor and/or hit two people.

If you take note of the reload speed, there is a big difference between the reload speed of one and two shots. If you are in a situation where you can reload with only one shot, you should. It is roughly a 1.5-second difference which is the entire reload speed of the Ghost.

As mentioned before the hip-fire is fairly accurate. It can’t be fired from the hip from very long range like the Marshall, but it can from up close. This weapon is like a Shorty sniper, but it also fills the role of the Shorty quite well. The fire rate, damage, and hip-fire accuracy are all at the level where you can use the Outlaw up close like a shorty. This is a much riskier play, but of all the snipers it is by far the best to use this way if you are getting rushed down.



2 400

skins (3)





0 - 50m