Probuilds is a League of Legends website dedicated to tracking the item and rune builds of professional players.

Probuilds has been around since the early days of LoL and has become a staple resource in the competitive community.


Like many League of Legends players, we’ve used Probuilds regularly over the years. Here are some of the features that really stand out in our minds.


The Probuilds Champions tab allows you to find the pros that have been practicing your champion recently.

This feature can help you understand if pros have different approaches in different reasons or if there is one clearly best build you should use.


If you’re looking to find a particular pro player and their champion pool, you can find them through their team filter.

Probuilds even organizes teams by their respective regions. They follow pros from NA, EU, LCK, OCE, CBLOL, and TCL.

Live Feed

If you aren’t sure if you’re looking for a particular champion or a specific pro-player, the live feed is a great tool for exploring.

It collects the most recent games from the solo queue match histories of pros and collects them live in one place.

What we were missing in PROBUILDS and why we decided to build mobalytics

We built Mobalytics to help every player not only learn from other players, but also learn from their own unique playstyle’s strengths and weaknesses.

Although trying to learn from the pros is certainly a great idea in theory, it isn’t always the best way to improve and climb. For example, especially at lower levels of play, some players may not be able to understand the nuanced reasons of why a pro builds the way they do.

Pro players also often experiment in solo queue. This means that it can sometimes be hard to tell if they’re really playing something optimal for climbing or just trying out different things.

At Mobalytics, one of our core goals is to help players of all skill levels climb as efficiently as possible by providing tools that have a lot of depth but are simple to use.

When it comes to finding the best builds, we believe that it should be as easy as clicking a button right before your match. Our Pre Game feature accomplishes this goal by giving you the best build to climb with your champion. It even imports directly into your game client.



Probuilds curates professional builds to explore while Mobalytics prepares you to win your next match with imported builds and other insights.

Mobalytics Champions


Probuilds’s primary function is to give League of Legends players tools to help them find the builds of the professionals.

Players can search by champions, teams, players, or explore the site’s live feed. Each build displays what you’d expect, such as runes, items, skill order, and KDA.


Mobalytics helps players climb by providing a wide variety of features that equip players at every stage of the improvement process.

Mobalytics goes further than Probuilds by making the research process of finding the best builds happen at an instant so players can spend more time playing and ranking up.


While creating Mobalytics, we wanted to make sure that we had all the tools needed to get better beyond just simply getting the best builds.

Mobalytics GPI

Understand Your Unique Identity As a Player

Consistently climbing can be difficult if you don’t understand what you’re truly struggling with and which skills need the most work. The GPI analyzes all your matches to illustrate who you are as a player and then provides resources to help you work on your weaknesses.

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Mobalytics Dashboard

Access Everything You Need When You Need It

The Dashboard is your home base where you can quickly reach anything you need. Whether it’s checking on your progress, setting a new goal, or just getting a refresher of how you’re playing recently, you can do it here.

See Dashboard
Mobalytics Progress Analysis
less-plans-ico Progress Analysis

Watch Yourself Grow and Develop Over Time

The Progress Analysis is sort of like a time machine where you can see how all of your skills have gotten better or worse throughout your journey. Whether you want to see one, two, or all of your skills, you can easily see the trends in your gameplay.

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Mobalytics Match History
Summoner Search

Discover Everything There Is to Know About Your Match History

Similar to Probuilds, our Summoner Search enables players to track and find builds, but there is much more. The biggest difference is that the Mobalytics Summoner Search keeps track of many more games than Probuilds. You can even go back to older patches!

Search Summoner
less-plans-ico Champions

Learn How to Use or Counter Any LoL Champion

Mobalytics champion pages offer everything there is to learn about a champion. You can learn how their abilities work, win rates, builds, counters, power spikes, damage type breakdown, pro builds, tier list status, and much more.

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