LoLNexus was the first website to provide summoners with valuable insights before the game. Their core feature was helping players scout other summoners in real time just before the game loads.

The website was released in March 2013 and quickly became the default place to go for pre game information. Here you can see one of the first versions of their website.

Unfortunately, LoLNexus got shutdown in August 2018, after Twitch acquired Curse Voice and all their assets.



Like many League of Legends players, we will always remember LoLNexus and the cool tools it pioneered for the LoL community.

Live Game Search

LoLNexus allowed you to find details about a game by searching your stats (or any other summoners) before a match begins.

This is useful for understanding the summoners on your team and the enemy team so you can create your gameplan.

Builds and Runes

The LoLNexus pre game tool offered scouting on enemy runes and masteries to help you understand how to best play against them.

LoLNexus was one of the first sites to refine and feature this type of tool.

Recent Game Filtering

This LoLNexus feature made it easy to find the games you wanted to see by filtering by specific criteria.

You could filter by champion, rank, queue type, promotion status, and more!

What we were missing in LoLNexus and why we decided to build Mobalytics

We built the Mobalytics Pre Game feature to cover all the needs of players who were using LoLNexus but decided to take it further by introducing some unique concepts.

LoLNexus was one of the first products that used Riot Live Game API endpoints to provide scouting before a game of League of Legends. They helped summoners to easily understand who they will face in the upcoming match and who is on their team.

That was extremely useful information if you were experienced and knew how to use it in a proper way. However, with Mobalytics we took a slightly different approach and decided to provide not only the summoners data but also the intel.

Moblaytics was the first product to introduce playstyle badges within a Pre Game feature. In addition to the badges, we added an advice section that provides summoners with insights on how they need to play current matchup, their powers spikes for their champion and team, and much more.

Moblaytics Pre Game


LoLNexus provided players with some scouting information before the game while Mobalytics acts as a personal coach giving you information and advice necessary to win your next match.

LoLNexus Pre Game Moblaytics Pre Game


It’s hard to compare LoLNexus features today since the website is no longer around, however, they will always be remembered for their contributions to the League community.

Their pre game summoner info as well as their runes and builds recommendations were undeniably influential for future tools. Most notably, they were known for a feature that allowed players to see if summoners were queueing together (no longer allowed by Riot).


Mobalytics is one of the tools that has learned from and improved upon the blueprint of LoLNexus. Its Pre Game has all the great tools of LoLNexus with added depth and functionality.

For example, players can use the import tool to get all their recommended item builds and runes directly in their clients. They’re able to see everything about the other summoners in their game and go directly to their profiles pages.


From day one, we wanted to design a solution to provide you with everything you need to get better and have more fun while playing League of Legends.

Mobalytics GPI Feature

Discover the Details of Your Unique Playstyle

The Gamer Performance Index (GPI) takes all the stats from your games and interprets the numbers in an easy to understand graph. The graph illustrates your play across eight fundamental skills to present your strengths and weaknesses.

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Mobalytics Dashboard
GPI Icon Dashboard

Control All Your Improvement Tools from One Place

The Dashboard is your personal command center. It’s the first page you see and your main hub for accessing all of other Mobalytics tools. It also gives a quick summary of your recent performances as well as changes in your GPI graph.

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Mobalytics Progress Analysis
less-plans-ico Progress Analysis

Track Your Overall Development Over Time

While the GPI helps you understand the type of player you currently are, the Progress Analysis focuses on the progress of your overall development over time. How has your farming gotten better or worse? Your vision control? This feature answers those questions.

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Mobalytics Match History
Summoner Search

Explore Everything In Your Match History

There are many stats and match history sites out there, but we go deeper than all of them. Not only do we keep ALL your games (whereas some only collect per patch), but we also have an in-depth filtering system, a daily activity calendar, as well as an all-time records feature.

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Mobalytics Champions
less-plans-ico Champions

Compendium for Champion Knowledge

If you want to learn everything there is about a champion on one page, this is your feature. Our team provides a comprehensive understanding of how to play a champion with insights such as builds, combos, matchup advice, and even links to specifically dedicated communities to learn more.

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