The Smartest Highlights for LEAGUE OF LEGENDS

Get AI-powered highlights that capture your key moments so you can review and learn from them

Learn about Smart Highlights


Here's how Smart Highlights makes learning from your game easy!

Get Smart Highlights Right After Your Match Automatically

Going back to watch your replays is clunky and takes a ton of time. Smart Highlights instantly generate in your Post Game.

AI Analysis
Our AI Anaylzes and Identifies Your Best and Worst Plays

The Mobalytics AI studies every second of your match to show your most impactful moments. They’re called Smart Highlights for a reason!

Understand the Details of Every Highlight

Want to learn more about your Smart Highlights? Each one includes additional context like category tags and stats.

Highlight Manager
Access Past Clips with the Highlight Manager

Whether you want to relive a clutch play or dissect a disaster, you can easily do so for games from the past 30 days.

Show off Smart Highlights With One Click

Share your latest Pentakill or have a laugh over a massive blunder by sharing your plays with your friends.

Frequently asked questions


What does the LoL App do?

The LoL App is your ultimate game companion that lets you import builds, see stats, and much more. It guides you before, during, and after your match to help you win more!


Can I try the LoL App for free?

Yes! The LoL App is completely free to download and use.


Is using the LoL App safe? Will I get banned for using it?

The LoL App and the rest of the Mobalytics platform is completely compliant and in sync with Riot’s Terms of Service. You will not get banned or otherwise sanctioned for using it.


How do I change the language?

You can switch between languages by clicking the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen.


Do I need Overwolf for the LoL App?

The LoL App does use the Overwolf platform as a framework for the app. Find out more here.


How do I download the LoL App?

You can download the LoL App by clicking here or by clicking any of the Download buttons above on this page.


How do I update the LoL App?

Whenever there is a new update available, there will be a prompt that pops up at the top of your app. Just click it and you’ll be good to go!