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Triumphant RoarP
Unbreakable WillR
Win rate50.4%
Pick rate7.4%
Ban rate2.7%
Matches77 803-
Get everything you need for Alistar Support build! The highest win rate Alistar runes, items, skill order and summoner spells in patch 13.19.
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Support Support  Patch 13.19

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Alistar tips and tricks

During the laning phase, stand close to your ADC at all times. With good positioning, you can threaten an engage onto the enemy even if you don’t intend to engage. Stand next to or slightly in front of them at all times.

Look to set up death bushes before a major objective like the Dragon or Baron spawns. Sit inside a bush and ambush the enemy when they walk past with your HeadbuttW>PulverizeQ combo. Once an enemy is dead, take the objective.

Once you’ve engaged in a team fight, retreat and protect your ADC. Do not leave them hanging alone against the enemy frontline. Your goal is to engage and then fall back to help them.

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New Champion: Briar

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In-depth Build Stats

In-depth Build Stats

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