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Season 4
Updated on May 20, 2024
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Build Summary

This Blizzard build in my opinion is the most versatile and strongest Sorcerer build in all of Season 4, with a very low gear requirement making it very easy to set up. The boss damage is the highest I've personally seen so far, soloing tormented bosses with relative ease. While also doing high pit tiers without issue thanks to our incredible survivability and raw damage output. Keep in mind Blizzard itself does absolutely no damage, the damage is all a result of the Glacial Aspect so make sure to always be on the lookout for high rolls of that aspect, as it is your entire source of damage. Scaling Blizzard doesn't affect this damage. Watch the video for more information.

Standard/Pit Push
Speedrun Setup
Uber Unique Version
Max Boss DPS
Assigned Skills
Skill Tree
Paragon Board
Aspects & Uniques
Gear Stats
Snowguard's AspectHelm
Everliving AspectChest Armor
Conceited AspectGloves
Tibault's WillPants
Esu's HeirloomBoots
Storm Swell AspectAmulet
Tal Rasha's Iridescent LoopRing 1
Aspect of the Frozen TundraRing 2
Glacial AspectWeapon

Build Notes

Gameplay Loop

Make sure to not use every skill immediately as you want to always have 1 skill available for on demand barrier via the Protection skill tree node

1) Lightning Spear on cooldown to apply burn, vulnerable, and stun enemies. 2) Ice Armor on CD for barrier 3) Spam Blizzard and kite enemies through it. 4) Frost Nova when you need vulnerable while Lightning Spear is on CD 5) Spam TP like a psycho

  • Ice Blades on CD For barrier
  • Flame Shield as an oh shit button + mana generation via Tibault's Will
How It Works

FAQ Why are you using the Vyr's Mastery key passive, doesn't that only work for Shock damage? Currently the Vyr's Mastery key passive is bug, and applies to all sources of damage, giving us a near permanent 20x damage buff, and 25x close range damage reduction

Why Frozen Orb Enchant? Frozen Orb enchant drastically helps with Vulnerable application consitency, as well as applying burn via Firebolt Enchant since Blizzard itself doesn't proc it. Ice Blades Enchant is the only other option in my opinion, outside of the speedrun variant utilizing Teleport Enchant.

What about Godslayer's Crown or Raiment of the Infinite ? These items are both great options, but will drastically reduce your survivability. In my opinion they aren't necessary, and will only serve to slightly increase your overall damage output and clear speed. Godslayer's Crown is fantastic for bursting down bosses, but overall not necessary. The pulling effect of Raiment of the Infinite feels nice, but is also not necessary given that the mobs will always be kited into your Blizzard and inevitably die, so it isn't worth the survivability loss, unless when running the speedrun variant of the build.

How do I solve my mana problems? There's a ton of different ways to easily solve your mana issues with Blizzard that other builds suffer more from. I have a dedicated mana section of my youtube video that I'd recommend checking out, as there's a lot of options. Personally these are the best ways to solve it in order of priority. Mana Per Second>Resource Cost Reduction>Resource Generation Tempers>Tibault's Will Ring of Starless Skies will almost single handedly solve your issues, but comes at a damage loss although not a significant one, but most won't have this Uber Unique and you can make the argument it's better to not use it under certain circumstances.

*Which Uber Uniques are good for the build I touch on this in the video, so watch that for more context, as Uber Uniques come with trade offs and interesting problems to solve. Harlequin Crest will reduce your mana generation, but with the benefit of giving you +4 ranks to all of your skills which helps immensely with skill cooldowns. You'll also have a difficult time armor capping yourself without perfect gear. You'll likely have to pair Harlequin Crest with Ring of Starless Skies** to solve your mana issues. Like mentioned previously, the ring is technically a damage loss but 40% resource cost reduction is very powerful, and potentially the best way to set it up for maximum pit pushing as you can squeeze a bit more survivability out with the Uber Unique variant. Standard variant is slightly more damage but with a survivability loss, it's up to preference mostly.

If you have any further questions, leave them in the comments of my video, and I will add any questions I see multiple times to this FAQ.

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