Diablo 4 Barbarian BuildS2 Best Barb Post Zir

Season 2
S2 Best Barb Post ZirBarbarian build
Skills and Gear
Skill Tree
Paragon Board
Points Spent225

Stats (Beta)

  • Str:627
  • Int:274
  • Dex:438
  • Will:425
  • 1
    Starter Board / Crusher
    • Str:70
    • Int:10
    • Dex:39
    • Will:39
    Bone Breaker / Ire
    • Str:70
    • Int:5
    • Dex:49
    • Will:34
    Carnage / Tears of Blood
    • Str:75
    • Int:0
    • Dex:44
    • Will:39
    Warbringer / Wrath
    • Str:65
    • Int:5
    • Dex:49
    • Will:39
    Blood Rage
    • Str:70
    • Int:15
    • Dex:29
    • Will:44
    • Str:60
    • Int:10
    • Dex:34
    • Will:54

    Build Details

    How It Works

    This is my first post Abbatoir of Zir Barbarian build. It has enough damage and survivability to at least get you through the initial stages and can be built on for to get further and further along as we keep going!

    In-Depth Explanation

    Gear Changes

    If you have any Uber Uniques like Shaco or Grandfather Sword, they can easily be slotted in and make this build better in every way! However an important trick to making this build better is to know when to swap your offensive gear for defensive gear and vice versa to improve your survivability and efficiency!

    Gameplay Loop
    1. Try and gather up as many enemies as you can before starting your combo
    2. Start with Challenging Shout for DR
    3. Use War Cry to activate your damage buffs
    4. Use Rallying Cry to start filling your Fury bar
    5. Use Wrath of the Berserker
    6. If you have high Fury, use Hammer of the Ancients. If not, use Lunging Strikes