Diablo 4 Sorcerer BuildFrozen Orb - Jon Snow

Season 4
Updated on Jul 1, 2024
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Build Summary

Frozen Orb got a lot of love in Season 4 with the addition of the Fractured Winterglass Amulet.Our Frozen Orb casts can now spawn a conjuration, and our conjurations can spawn Frozen Orbs! Lightning spears are flying everywhere, Ice blades reducing your cooldowns, and Hydras doing Hydra things. This all adds up to a ton of Frozen Orbs, a lot of Freezing, and incredibly strong defensive ability spam.

Temper your expectations though. Sorcerer has the worst boss damage out of basically every class by a wide margin, barring druid. But boy, its fun and with the right gear, it's not too bad.

Immo Vyr's Winter
Immo Vyr's Smooth
Immo Ancient Flame
Standard Ubers
Standard Pre Ubers
Variant Summary

A more neutral board, that isn't reliant on fishing for bosses with mobs and more lenient on attack speed.

The damage is "Smoother"

Assigned Skills
Skill Tree
Paragon Board
Aspects & Uniques
Gear Stats
Harlequin CrestHelm
Exploiter's AspectChest Armor
Storm Swell AspectGloves
Aspect of Concussive StrikesPants
Esu's HeirloomBoots
Fractured WinterglassAmulet
Tal Rasha's Iridescent LoopRing 1
Aspect of Shredding BladesRing 2
Aspect of Frozen OrbitWeapon
Accelerating AspectOffhand

∙ Can run starless if you can't sort your mana, but I have no issues. Attack Speed and UC uptime will be bad though ∙ Can opt for DMG on wand over Life. Daggers are fine. • Legendary ring can be GA Vuln Dmg or GA Critical Strike damage over crit chance. The crit chance value on rings is so low, unless it's GA it's not worth it • Once your crit chance breaks the 80% threshold you should use emeralds as you will get slightly more damage lol • Basically want perfect Flame Shield tempers with 3 MW hits NGL, 2 on pants and 3 split between Flame shield ranks and FS duration on chest is aight • Unstable Current CDR on ring is super important, if your roll ends up at 20% you will have a 7 seconds left on Unstable Currents when it ends, you don't want any as it can create gaps in FS occasionally


Build Notes

Gameplay Loop

Immortal Flame shield engage, try to ramp up, there will be a downtime after the first flame shield as you ramp up your ice blades. Try to offset ice armor and Flame shield as there is about a 0.5-1 second delay after pressing ice armor before you can press flame shield as the animation must finish. Teleport Frequently. Press all your buttons. Unstable currents liberally

Standard Mobbing

  • Just press your buttons and kill stuff, equip holy bolts


  • Certain bosses you can facetank. The aim is to sit on top of them utilizing Vyr's and our damage to close tempers and cycle your defensives, most notably ice armor and flame shield. I would aim to save flame shield for the pit boss lillith shadow's 1 shot mechanics. Ice armor can get barriers around 18,000+ it is pretty wild. Stay tanky my friends
  • basically press teleport and ice blades whenever they are off cooldown to keep barriers up, teleport DR up, and to utilize ice blade enchant by spending cooldowns

Attack Speed Breakpoints

How It Works

Firebolt Enchant vs Ice Blade Enchant • Iceblade enchant is better in more difficult content because of the cooldowns on tanky targets • Firebolt is better for easier stuff like casual NM or low level pit farming or helltides

Damage Tempers

  • Anything is fine. Damage to CLOSE, Cold Damage, Vulnerable Damage
  • Close Damage has the highest value, but some fights and tormented bosses get messy so you play at range. Cannot go wrong with cold damage or vulnerable

Armor Gems

  • Rubys when Pushing. The run is wiped if you are dead.
  • A topaz is worth around 4-6% damage each, scaling down as you get more intelligence
  • 18,000 life + 18,000 barrier with 5 topaz
  • 28,000 life + 28,000 barrier with 5 rubys = 55% more overall health

Frozen Orb got a metric ton of buffs for season 4. Basically it now has better base damage and provides better vulnerability uptime. With the fractured winterglass amulet, this thing becomes a monster. Conjurations everywhere, frozen orbs spawning all the time from the conjurations, everything is frozen and vulnerable,

Winterglass • Reset Winterglass until you get conj mastery masterwork at 4 so you get 3 ranks at full upgrade, then full send it • Full send most of your tempers it's stupid expensive, just live with the results

Boss vs Mob Damage • This build does suffer from some boss damage issues I will not lie. It will most likely not push quite as high as some other builds, but shouldn't be too many tiers behind. It is also more fun.

Barrier Gen is OP • You can sit there and face tank bosses and cycle ice armor and shields from defensives and flame shield when needed

Tal Rasha

  • Tal Rasha can be substituted for a conceited GA Crit chance GA Attack speed ring, damage is about the same, but cast speed is better

Frigid Breeze

  • Can Drop 3 pts in Icy Veil for frigid breeze, mobbing is a breeze with holy bolts so the damage isn't necessary, and boss stagger phases make up a very small portion of total damage time during high tier Pit bosses

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