Diablo 4 Druid Build BIG GRIZZ 4.0 Druid Werebear (Season 2)

Season 2
Build Summary

BIG GRIZZ 4.0 is all about Pulverize & Shockwave. It makes Pulverize an Earth skill to get +2 ranks from Ballistic & stacks it with skill rank bonuses from the Unique Armor, Unique Amulet and Legendary Gloves. We can get rank 16 Pulverize (and that's without even using a Shako nor using Stormshifter). The playstyle is all about using Strong AoE to clear mobs from close-to-mid range while keeping ourselves unstoppable for the DMG bonus from Tibault's Will. S2 gives us more ways to guarantee overpower & more overpower bonuses & made the build's DPS much higher.

Assigned Skills
Skill Tree
Paragon Board
Spirit Boons
Aspects & Uniques
Gear Stats
Vasily's PrayerHelm
Insatiable FuryChest Armor
Aspect of the Rampaging WerebeastGloves
Tibault's WillPants
Ballistic AspectBoots
Banished Lord's TalismanAmulet
Aspect of the Ursine HorrorRing 1
Raw Might AspectRing 2
Shockwave AspectWeapon
Vampiric Powers
Blood Boil
Accursed Touch
Prey on the Weak
Sanguine Brace

Build Notes

Gameplay Loop

There are overpowers guaranteed based on X number of Kills, X seconds passed, X Spirit Spent, every Nth Pulverize, etc. Thankfully this season it no longer consumes multiple of those with a single cast.

This means you would want to start with a Grizzly Rage, then dump Spirit Into Pulverize. Next, Trample can both do okay-ish dps, while positioning you better if needed AND also giving you a decent chunk of spirit for about 2-3 more Pulverize casts.

Earthen Bulwark is best used when really needed for either the barrier or the Unstoppable. Trample also can help with Unstoppable for clutch escapes or saves. Grizzly Rage is another skill we can use for the Unstoppable if shit hits the fan and neither trample nor Bulwark are ready

How It Works

Season 2 is Ongoing & after extensive testing I bring you a Werebear Druid with the TOP Synergy for the archetype. The build's easy to gear up & get things going but requires 1 non-codex aspect. 2 out of 4 Uniques are relatively easy to get from Uber Bosses too. As usual, I’ll evolve & keep my builds updated. This is one such build for the Druid Class called BIG GRIZZ 4.0


Blood Boil = this on is a must have on any overpower build Accursed Touch = 44% chance to curse enemies & when used with prey on the weak it means 44% to apply vulnerable (so we don't need to Exploit Glyph and have room for the new Tectonic Dex Glyph) Prey on the Weak = it's good bit of extra dps but above^ Sanguine Brace = this combined with the many ways we can fortify is a good synergy for crit chance Anticipation = this one's optional but i love the 20% Grizzly Rage Cooldown Reduction. Some might prefer the extra DMG reduction based on missing life or the one that heals when attacking instead.

Note about Gear:

There are two alternative choices for the Helmet - Harlequin Crest OR Godslayer Crown. Harlequin Crest/Shako is just too good to no use if you get, while Godslayer Crown is amazing due to having reasonable rolls as well as providing a good dps boost & solid CC. The only thing we'll loose from Vasily's Prayer that will be noticeable is that we won't be able to use Earthen Bulwark During Grizzly Rage. I'll leave it up to you to decide if using EB during GR is that important to miss out on any of those 2 helms if you have them.

Temporary Aspects to use:

Since you won't have the Unique gear right away I'd recommend using the following Temporary ones on the Helm, Chest, Pants & Amulet slots: Aspect of Disobedience Aspect of Might Aspect of Mending Stone Aspect of Retaliation

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