Diablo 4 Barbarian BuildHammer Time 2.0 Barb (Season 2) HoTA S Tier

Season 2
Build Summary

The Hammer Time Barb Build is BACK! It's now improved & a lot more fun to play. It's HAMMER TIME! Slam that massive Warhammer into the ground and grind your foes into dust. Hammer Time 2.0 is a HoTA Barb with a focus on HoTA & Overpower. It squeezes the Paragons for massive DPS + nice survivability. The playstyle is: buffing yourself with shouts, erasing groups of enemies with 1-2 hits then moving on to the next group & repeating this. The DPS as good as it gets so words like META or S Tier fit here.

Assigned Skills
Skill Tree
Paragon Board
Aspects & Uniques
Gear Stats
Godslayer CrownHelm
Relentless Berserker's AspectChest Armor
Aspect of the ExpectantGloves
Aspect of DisobediencePants
Ghostwalker AspectBoots
Banished Lord's TalismanAmulet
Ring 1Empty
Ring of Red FurorRing 2
Aspect of Limitless RageBludgeoning Weapon
Aspect of Ancestral EchoesDual-Wield Weapon 1
Edgemaster's AspectSlashing Weapon
Aspect of Inner CalmDual-Wield Weapon 2
Vampiric Powers
Blood Boil
Prey on the Weak
Sanguine Brace

Build Notes

Gameplay Loop

The gameplay Loop is simple and easy to follow for this build.

  1. Run towards a group of enemies or a boss. You could also Leap into them from afar.
  2. Use Rallying Cry & War Cry to buff yourself.
  3. Use Hammer of the Ancients (HotA) to delete your foes.
  4. Using Bash can give you a guaranteed overpower after 4 crits with the skill.
  5. If in need of Fury you can use Leap to gain 40 of it.
  6. Wrath of the Berserker (WotB) could be saved for big fights with many elites or for Bosses. BUT if you wanna use it more often feel free to do so.
  7. Repeat steps 3, 4, 5 till the fight is over then rinse/repeat from step 1 for the next fight

Key notes:

  • Each time you Evade you become Unstoppable (and if you decide to equip it for boss fights also can trigger the dmg buff of Tibault's Will as well as its Fury generation).
  • And each time you Stun or Immobilize an Elite (or hit a boss), you'll trigger Godslayer's Crown to pull in any nearby & distant enemies. BUT ideally, you'll get a Harlequin Crest as a helmet.
  • Rallying Cry & WotB (the ult) can also trigger Tibault's Will as they also make us Unstoppable.
  • Before bosses like Duriel you may wanna "load the musket" by spending fury to get the guaranteed critical + extra x30% dmg from Ring of Red Furor. And if to guaranteed 1 more Overpower you can even spend more Fury to load the Banished Lord's Talisman BUT that's not needed as 4 the Bash crits + Blood Boil's two guaranteed Overpowers will be more than enough.
How It Works

This is the pre-Abattoir Version! This means the paragon boards do NOT include using the new Unique Glyph (Tears of Blood). Season 2 is Ongoing & after extensive testing I bring you a HoTA Barb with a Massive Overpower DMG Synergy for the archetype. The build's easy to gear up & get things going & requires 0 non-codex aspects. 2 out of 3 Uniques are Duriel drops too. As usual, I’ll evolve & keep my builds updated. This is one such build for the Barbarian Class called Hammer Time 2.0


  1. Metamorphosis = Evading making us unstoppable is great! This helps triggering Tibault's Will's unique special/effect. Also causes Vampiric Curse (read below why it's needed)
  2. Blood Boil = every 20 seconds a guaranteed Overpower is an amazing synergy for any Overpower Build
  3. Prey on the Weak = it's good bit of extra dps but also good synergy with HotA builds so we don't require Accursed Touch as evading through enemies will keep the curse on them (due to Metamorphosis).
  4. Sanguine Brace = a very good fit for classes that can keep the Fortify up (like a Barb) for that extra +8% crit chance is great here.
  5. Hemomancy = this one helps with trash mobs clear and also heals us a bit every 4 seconds. Very good on Overworld content like Helltide or Blood Harvest.

Alternative options (instead of Hemomancy): Undying a bit of extra healing with each attack/cast Resilience extra Damage Reduction so you may prefer it over Undying. For lower tier NMDs & overworld content Resilience won't be needed and neither will it be needed for Uber Bosses (except maybe for Uber Lilith but for her you need well timed evading & keeping your armor high more than anything)

Good Aspects to use before you get all Uniques:

  • Rapid/Earthstriker (Ring 1)
  • Exploiter's Aspect (Helm)
  • Rapid/Earthstriker (Amulet) You can also put Disobedience or Ghostwalker in the Amulet until the unique drops for the bonus 50% efficiency.

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