Diablo 4 Necromancer BuildGigachad Mages

Season 4
Build Summary

This build utilizes extremely powerful minions to easily crush content throughout the game. We are able to get almost 100% uptime on Army of the Dead and Blighted Aspect giving our minions a gigantic damage buff. This setup is not only Necromancer's best end game build, but its also our best leveling and mid game build. Minions are finally OP.

AOD Annihilator (End Game)
BS MEGA Tank (Mid Game)
Sever (1-50)
Variant Summary

This final version of the build gains survivability from Tyrael's Might and having many Max HP rolls on gear. Because of this we are able to drop Bone Storm in favor of Army of the Dead as well as gaining extra damage aspects.

You can play this version before Tyrael's Might if you want to deal massive amounts of damage. However, be warned that if you get hit you will die.

Assigned Skills
Skill Tree
Paragon Board
Book of the Dead
Skeletal Warriors
Skeletal Mages
Skeletal Golems

In the final version of the build we are sacrificing the Iron Golem to gain a massive crit damage multiplier as well as an additional skill on our bar. Remember that Skeletal Warriors get the effects of both runes as long as you select the Corpse Creating Rune.

Aspects & Uniques
Gear Stats
Aphotic AspectHelm
Tyrael's MightChest Armor
Aspect of Grasping VeinsGloves
Blood Getter's AspectPants
Aspect of Occult DominionBoots
Unyielding Commander's AspectAmulet
Aspect of ReanimationRing 1
Aspect of Frenzied DeadRing 2
Blighted AspectWeapon

We are adding in Tyrael's Might for a massive survivability increase and looking to get perfect rolls on our gear. If you don't have Tyrael's Might you can replace it with Aspect of Hardened Bones I have marked the highest priority Greater Affix on each piece of gear but keep in mind that any and all Greater Affix rolls are good!


Build Notes

Gameplay Loop
  1. Always keep up Skeletal Priest
  2. Use Corpse Tendrils on CD
  3. Keep up Decrepify on all enemies
  4. Cast Blight into the Corpse Tendrils pull
  5. Use Army of the Dead if there's an elite
  6. Make sure to stand next to your mages
  7. Use Blood Mist to dodge any big hits and to stay on your mages
How It Works

Minions are without a doubt the biggest winner from the season 4 patch and are now arguably the best build in the entire game. Their damage, survivability, and accessibility are all the highest of any Necro build. There were 2 primary buffs that pushed Minions to this level; the first was the change where Minions now inherit 100% of your stats, and the second were the buffs to the Book of the Dead.

The 100% stat inheritance has allowed your minions to easily achieve both armor cap and resistance cap, meaning they are wildly tanky. Because they are resistance and armor capped just from your stats, you no longer need to spend paragon or skill points increasing your minion's armor or resistances. They are also now receiving 100% of both your attack speed and crit chance, giving them access to two massive damage stats.

The buffs to the Book of the Dead were massive. Your Shadow Mages attacks now pierce enemies and deal loads of damage. The piercing attacks from Mages allow you to quickly blast through high density areas, especially when paired with Corpse Tendrils. The Skeletal Warriors also received a massive buff and are now able to massively reduce all of your cooldowns, giving you much better uptime on both Corpse Tendrils and Army of the Dead.

In-Depth Explanation

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