Diablo 4 Rogue BuildHeat-Seeking Heartseeker

Season 4
Updated on Jun 22, 2024
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Build Summary

This build is an easy-going build that casually shoots long-range homing nukes. If that's your kind of build, keep reading.

Huge credit to Bowa on the D4 Sanctuary Discord for coming to me with the idea of using Heartseeker.

Also credit to Slott and M1PY for helping me test and optimize the build.

Last, but not least, thanks to Avarilyn for finding all the Victimize double dips.

Uber Farm
Uber Pits
Variant Summary

This is the variant for endgame players looking to speedfarm as fast as possible.

Assigned Skills
Skill Tree
Paragon Board

This build focuses entirely on unleashing Heartseeker's hidden potential.

Aspects & Uniques
Gear Stats
Harlequin CrestHelm
Aspect of Concussive StrikesChest Armor
Aspect of ElementsGloves
Umbrous AspectPants
Frostbitten AspectBoots
Aspect of AdaptabilityAmulet
Aspect of RetributionRing 1
Edgemaster's AspectRing 2
Aspect of the MoonriseRanged Weapon
Aspect of Inner CalmDual-Wield Weapon 1
Rapid AspectDual-Wield Weapon 2

How to Cap Resistances

Resistances are capped by using 1x All Res Affix, 1x Ring with Cold Res, 1x Ring with Poison or Cold Res and a Topaz, Amethyst and Ruby.

If your second Ring has Cold Res change a +5% Cold Res Node on Exploit Weakness for a Poison Res Node on Deadly Ambush.

How to Cap Armor

Armor is capped by a Greater Armor Affix.

You can also cap by ghetting an Armor Affix + an Armor% Tempering Affix.

What Weapon Gems to Use

Make a copy of the following Google Sheet to calculate the right amount of Topaz you want on your gear.


Build Notes

Gameplay Loop


  1. Cast Shadow Step to Engage
  2. Cast Smoke Grenade on Elites
  3. Cast Caltrops, aim it so you backflip against a wall preferably to cut the animation time short.
  4. Spam Hydrogen Bombs Heartseeker
  5. Cast Dash for mobility
  6. Cast Shadow Step for Unstoppable
  7. Cast Concealment to reposition with Stealth and for Unstoppable


  1. Cast Smoke Grenade and keep casting on cooldown to Stagger
  2. Cast Shadow Step
  3. Cast Caltrops
  4. Cast Dash
  5. Stand still and shoot Heartseekers
  6. Cast Caltrops -> Dash when Boss is about to Stagger
  7. Stand still and shoot Heartseekers


  1. Overlap Caltrops on top of your old Caltrops to preserve the maximum buff.
  2. Cast Dash before or after Caltrops as Caltrops and Dash both disable your Inner Calm 3 second bonus.
  3. Try to avoid using Shadow Step when Inner Sight is active while Bossing to avoid overcapping on Crit Chance.
How It Works

This build combines two elements: Heartseeker and the Victimize Key Passive.

Heartseeker had two main problems in the past that were not allowing the skill to be used as a main damage skill:

  • No damage.
  • No Keystone for it.
  • No AoE damage.

The damage problem is solved with the inclusion of Aspect of the Moonrise and Aspect of Adaptability and Ranks to Heartseeker on Legs.

The Keystone and AoE problems are both solved by one magical solution: Victimize. It used to be bugged and virtually do no damage but that has changed. It now not only does great damage with enough Vulnerable Damage on our Gear and Paragon -- up to 400% of the initial hit -- but it also double dips many of the damage multipliers Rogue has. This will be explained in a detailed section.

Because Heartseeker has very high single-hit damage combined with very high Lucky Hit Chance, it is the ideal candidate to abuse Victimize.

This build does not have a leveling variant as it is not possible to level with Heartseeker before you get some Lucky Hit Chance and Vulnerable Damage

When can I start playing this?

You cannot level early with this build as it requires your character to meet the following conditions before it is playable:

  • Lucky Hit: Vulnerable on Rings, Gloves or Amulet or Accursed Touch replacing Inner Calm
  • 2x Heartseeker on Bow
  • Exploit Glyph active, put it temporarily on one of the earlier boards

1.4.2 Patch Changes

1.4.2 buffed Fluidity Gyph to now provide [x]10% damage, which makes it a worthwhile inclusion into the build.

This has also led to 7 boards being better than 6 boards, which also changes some gearing requirements such as needing an Elemental Resistance affix.

Here's a link to the previous version of the build.

In-Depth Explanation

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