Diablo 4 Druid BuildThe Small Petting Zoo - Companions

Season 4
Hard to Play
End Game
Build Summary

This is a Zoo build that focuses on Wolves and is meant to empower our companions as we fight alongside them. Shred will both be used for mobility as well as keeping multiple buffs active. Maul will help maintain high DR, Spirit, and our Key Passive - Bestial Rampage.

It has cleared every Uber Boss, and I have personally cleared The Pit T85, and am moving on up.

The Small Petting Zoo
Companion Leveling
7 Boards, Boss Killer
7 Boards, Pit Pusher (Defense)
Pit Pusher (DPS) T94 Complete
Variant Summary

The OG. This is a well rounded build that includes many multipliers, I used this until I found Storm's Companion and leaned more heavily into Wolves.

Assigned Skills
Skill Tree
Paragon Board
Spirit Boons

Packleader is our most important boon, consider it a bonus when our Companion skills reset. I am currently running Cyclone Armor over Petrify for more durability, and have reached the armor cap without Juggernaut, thus have added Cyclonic Force. I may add Airidah's and Petrify/Lacerate over Ravens to create a full-support group build.

Aspects & Uniques
Gear Stats
Aspect of Cyclonic ForceHelm
Aspect of MightChest Armor
Aspect of the WildrageGloves
Storm's CompanionPants
Aspect of MetamorphosisBoots
Aspect of the StampedeAmulet
Nighthowler's AspectRing 1
Ring of Starless SkiesRing 2
Aspect of the AlphaWeapon

Add in Total Armor rolls until the cap of ~9300 is reached. Harlequin Crest is excellent for the DR it adds, but a simple +Wolves helm is likely to add more damage. Adjust as needed. Starless Skies is also an excellent Uber Unique. Damage to Close can replace all Companion Damage on items, but is harder to Temper. With Companion Tempering you have Wolves or Generic VS Close only.


Build Notes

Gameplay Loop

Every 15 seconds you must spend 2 consecutive seconds in both Bear Form and Wolf Form. This will activate our key passive - Bestial Rampage. Use Maul for Bear Form and DR on demand as well as Spirit generation.
Use Shred for Wolf Form, Ancestral Guidance, and Heightened Malice as well as general mobility. Alternating between forms keeps many passive buffs active and will be the key to running this build. Shred onto elites and then cast Ravens, and Wolves. Ravens give 8% critical strike chance to Wolves, our Nuke, and are fairly reliable for resets.

How It Works

This is a Zoo build, not another Shepherd's build. I want to see if Companions can stand alone.

Important Buffs are Bestial Rampage, Heightened Malice, and Ancestral Guidance.
Constantly Shapeshifting will boost our DR, Fortified, Movespeed, and Damage. Blood Howl will give us (and our pets) 15% attack speed and 15% DR. Nighthowler's adds 10% crit.

Every 15 seconds you must spend 2 consecutive seconds in both Bear Form and Wolf Form. Use Maul for Bear Form and DR on demand as well as Spirit generation.
Use Shred for Wolf Form, Ancestral Guidance, and Heightened Malice as well as general mobility.

Stacking buffs will give us multiple multipliers: Bestial Rampage for 50x Damage and 30% Attack Speed (Wildrage should Double Dip for Companions) Heightened Malice for 45x Damage (Poison multiple targets with Shred Critical Strikes) Ancestral Guidance for 30x Damage (Shred will keep this active) Blood Howl will give us (and our pets) 15% attack speed, 15% DR, and 10% crit with Nighthowler's Edgemaster's Aspect boosts our Active Skills by up to 20x at max Spirit (on ring until Starless Skies)

Critical Strikes will have a chance to proc the Packleader Boon, resetting our Companion Cooldowns.

This build has around 55% DR before paragons are added to increase our defenses vs Vulnerable and Poisoned targets.

A variant that could be excellent (especially for team play) is replacing Edgemaster's with Airidah's ring, and our boots with Flickerstep. This allows us to frequently cast our Ultimate Skill, Petrify, which will gather enemies into a small pile, perfect for a Wolves Nuke.

Lacerate is also an option for an ultimate skill, but if we get locked into its animation too often, we may lose damage by not being able to cast other skills.

Envenom is an extremely viable alternative to Call of the Wild. Call of the Wild is now officially multiplicative and has a slightly higher bonus than Envenom, but will only apply to our companion skills. Envenom may be better (especially if you put ranks in Shred), as we have reliable poison and a very high crit chance. I have seen an amulet with 2 passives, so both may now be possible.

Shred crit chance is a good alternative to increased Maul size on our weapon for damage VS defense.

This is a Zoo build, meant to see if Blizzard has finally made Companions good enough to stand alone.

Have fun! I know I am looking forward to seeing if Pets are finally powerful enough to shine.

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