Diablo 4 Barbarian BuildS3 BEST BUILD Charge Double Swing (Leveling) - Brawler's DD - SpeedLeveling / XP Farm Build - (leveling, midgame, endgame) - Flexible / Easy Gearing / Lots of fun

Season 3
Speed Farm
Mid Game
End Game


Updated on Feb 4, 2024
Build Summary

Very Strong build with a Strong emphasis on not stressing over your gear. Stress-free gearing, just get Brawlers and throw whatever Ancestral Charge Aspect you find on until you have a replacement for it as they are a bit rare.

Used this build myself to get to 100 very fast:

Have tried using other Core skills like HoTA/Upheavel but Double Swing just pairs best with maximum speed and efficeny on this build. Upheavel is fury hungry, slow, and needs to be lined up while HoTA is better suited for late endgame/bossing.

Assigned Skills
Skill Tree
Paragon Board
Aspects & Uniques
Gear Stats
Aspect of MightHelm
Rage of HarrogathChest Armor
Aspect of AnemiaGloves
Steadfast Berserker's AspectPants
Ghostwalker AspectBoots
Aspect of DisobedienceAmulet
Bear Clan Berserker's AspectRing 1
Edgemaster's AspectRing 2
Aspect of Ancestral ChargeBludgeoning Weapon
Windlasher AspectDual-Wield Weapon 1
Brawler's AspectSlashing Weapon
Aspect of RetributionDual-Wield Weapon 2
Seneschal Construct
Flash of Adrenalineutility
Fortify Support
Duration Support
Tactical Support
Efficiency Support
Breaking Support
Resource Support

Build Notes

Gameplay Loop

Build fury up on first easy mobs of dungeon. Keeping Fury up so you get the most damage from Edgemaster's Aspect and resets with your Charge.

Before Level 50:

  1. Get Fury up
  2. Steel Grasp
  3. Charge
  4. Evade out/avoid damage
  5. Repeat

After you get Exploit/Vuln on companion: 1. If you have Twister glyph bonus try to get that going 2. Keep fury up with Rallying Cry/Wrath/Lunging Strike 3. Charge 4. more charge? yes, more charge

(charge CD should be around 2-4 seconds depending on CDR if you are slamming into multiple enemies)

*Challenging shout when you feel you need to. You can swap this if you like but 40% DR w/ 20% bonus life was just too good for my HC heart to pass up.

How It Works


For bossing: Put bludgeoning weapon on basic skill and use charge to stagger the boss. Using the concussive passive enables this

For Vaults: taking off Challenging shout for leap while doing vaults is bis

Before Level 50 use Steel Grasp (Recommend swapping off Challenging Shout) to get Vulnerability on enemies then Charge them for High damage. Can also swap in leap for another of the Shouts but I prefer War Cry for extra Unstoppable

Once you get Tuskhelm of Joritz drop Steadfast Aspect and keep Might Aspect. However, Unique Legendarys are not required or needed at all just has great stats if you can find some. If not just plug in whatever aspect/gear you can find along the way.

This build is very strong and as such I think it would be more fun, easy, and simple to let you choose some things in the build as it fits what gear/aspects/gems you have access to. You are sparsely low on crafting resources early on especially if you are focusing on leveling up fast. Tuning stones are flexible early on don't feel forced into farming for them.

However, the 3 most valuable ones are Efficiency, Duration, and Tactical.

Disclaimer: I am a hardcore player at heart and thus the way I build plays into that. Also, this is my yolo'd Level 100 board currerntly, that means you'll have to make some minor/quick adjustments since you might not have Level 15 glyphs. Will be updating this as I continue to optimize it as this build was very yolo but it performed extremely well for my first ever play-through of Barbarian.

If you aren't level 100 or close to it you will probably want to avoid going deep for extra Rare nodes like "Enraged", "Pillage", or "Tenacity" on earlier boards like you can see above.

The 3 most important Legendary Aspects for you to feel the power of this build are:

(The first two below aspects go on your 2H's)

Offensive Aspects: 1. Aspect of Ancestral Charge - Gives insane damage, but it is rare so when you find it dont extract it just wear whatever item it is on until you have a replacement

  1. Brawler's Aspect - Esentially turns your Charge into Detonate Dead ability from PoE. Massive aoe damage which pairs really well with the above aspect.

If you are using this to level then just try to find some good Sacred 2H's to throw these on so you don't have to worry about finding these aspects constantly.

  1. Recommend putting a high-rolled Edgemaster's Aspect on a good ring or just imprint from Codex
  1. Windlasher Aspect - Isn't important until later when you get Twister glyph.

Bear Clan Berserker's Aspect is rare and is not required just nice if you find it but should be replaced by Ring of Ravenous if you find it.

To mention some Defensive Aspects: 1. Steadfast Berserker's Aspect - Really nice early on (drop for better options once you get to wt3/wt4). Synergizes well with the build as well as giving you great surviability especially when your gear can be lacking. 2. Aspect of Disobedience - Standard Armor stacking aspect. I like it on the amulet but up to you. 3. Any of the Damage Reduction aspects are fantastic as always -Make sure to Lunging as needed to refresh your DR for Aspect of Might 4. The aspects that stun enemies around you is very helpful in keeping you alive.

Weapon Choices for skills:

If you dont mind the attack speed loss then using bludgeoning for lunging is good for bossing. I don't take Duelist in the skill tree I have here but just note that you can take it for extra atk speed if you feel you want that

Build Flexability:

DO NOT remove Tough as Nails its needed for Legendary paragon node Blood Rage, DR from bleeding and Aspect of Ret/Anemia

If you want to move around passives or skill tree a bit recommend taking them from DR from elites, 1 point from Battle Fervor, 1-2 points out of pit fighter wouldnt be bad either depending, or concussion

In-Depth Explanation

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