Diablo 4 Barbarian BuildChargeNado - Charge/DS

Season 3
End Game
Speed Farm
Boss Killer
Easy to Play
Build Summary

Wanna play with the season shiny new items but you still remember your beloved Double swing This revamped ChargeNado build will help you swoosh through the season by combining Charge with Double Swing AND Tornadoes making your foes wish you were just a B movie !

Assigned Skills
Skill Tree
Paragon Board
Aspects & Uniques
Gear Stats
Tuskhelm of Joritz the MightyHelm
Juggernaut's AspectChest Armor
Windlasher AspectGloves
Tibault's WillPants
Ghostwalker AspectBoots
Veteran Brawler's AspectAmulet
Devilish AspectRing 1
Ring 2Empty
Aspect of Ancestral ChargeBludgeoning Weapon
Ramaladni's Magnum OpusDual-Wield Weapon 1
Accelerating AspectSlashing Weapon
Edgemaster's AspectDual-Wield Weapon 2
Seneschal Construct
Flash of Adrenalineutility
Tactical Support
Duration Support
Safeguard Support
Lightning Boltranged
Breaking Support
Bleeding Support
Multishot Support

Build Notes

Gameplay Loop

Rotation 1. Pop your Rallying Cry to start running fast 2. Charge in the general direction of the enemy (best if you can finish your course into a wall) to proc berserk 3. Pop Wrath of the Berserker if you haven't snapshotted your Berserking buff yet 4. Double Swing any target that is still alive (or just twice/thrice to power up the next charge) 5. Repeat 6. Use War cry if you feel like you could use the extra heal/dmg

Pro tips 1. Pocket Commanding Shout and Wrath of the Berserker if you feel like they could be better used later (Hard bosses or packs) 2. Ramming enemies into wall with Charge stuns them which makes your Double Swing generate fury ! 3. Use Double swing in a vacuum to extend your Berserking Duration

How It Works

This build is all about using the new beefed up Charge to ram and stun mobs, cutting through whatever's still alive with Double Swing and repeat.

Damage wise, Charge will be our main offensive tool acting like a Steel plated version of Season 2 - Metamorphosis, triggering Damage boosts accross the board and benefiting from Aspects and ;everyone's favorite sword ; Ramaladni's Magnum Opus. Double Swing+Tornadoes will triple serve as a clean up tool for monsters stunned by Charge (if any), for Boss DPS and as a power up for the next charge.

For defense, we'll rely on Multiple Damage Reduction sources, loads of Max Health, staying Unstoppable at all time, Capped armor and resistances and well, making sure mobs are either dead or stunned before they can really hit you.

Supporting this simple gameplay will be performed by a Triple Shouts + Wrath of the Berserker combo, making sure we always have a skill ready for unexpected scenarios.

In-Depth Explanation

Video Guide
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