Diablo 4 Barbarian BuildSuper Tornado - Endgame

Season 4
Speed Farm
End Game
Build Summary

This is the best Dust Devil build Currently if you hope to run Dust Devils in the EndGame of Season 4. This is extremely fast paced, fun to play, and overall a complete blast to just decimate enemies with your tornadoes. The gear and abilities in this build will allow you to keep infinite uptime on your Rallying Cry providing you with an infinite source of fury and help you spawn even more tornadoes!

Assigned Skills
Skill Tree
Paragon Board

The Double Swing Barbarian is a hard-hitting, fast-paced melee build that excels at all content the game has to offer. Its small hit zone may seem underwhelming at first... but once the attack speed buffs start stacking and the Twisters start swirling, ‍Double Swing quickly becomes a deadly force - laying waste to screens of enemies with its hit-and-run style of play, while also making short work of any Bosses that try to stand in the way.

Aspects & Uniques
Gear Stats
Tuskhelm of Joritz the MightyHelm
Undying AspectChest Armor
Devilish AspectGloves
Tibault's WillPants
Yen's BlessingBoots
Aspect of Bul-KathosAmulet
Aspect of Giant StridesRing 1
Earthquake AspectRing 2
Aspect of Fierce WindsBludgeoning Weapon
Ramaladni's Magnum OpusDual-Wield Weapon 1
Windlasher AspectSlashing Weapon
Accelerating AspectDual-Wield Weapon 2

Build Notes

Gameplay Loop

The ‍Double Swing Barbarian is a fast and powerful build that can sustain permanent Berserking status and decimate all content Diablo 4 has to offer. It dual wields Swords and Maces to destroy everything in its path, using ‍Charge and ‍Leap while under the effects of ‍Rallying Cry to quickly move between packs of enemies. High ranks of ‍Concussion give it the ability to lock down, stagger, and eliminate weak and strong foes alike. With the ability to invoke the ‍Wrath of the Berserker, even the toughest of enemies will be shredded to pieces!

How It Works

Gearing Explanation:

Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty** is incredible for this build, since not a single stat on it is wasted. It replaces Concussive Strikes.

We use ‍Yen's Blessing to have near permanent uptime on ‍Rallying Cry. Since it is the only non-Mobility/Ultimate Skill on our bar, it will automatically activate every 8 seconds as long as we are attacking. Since ‍Rallying Cry has a duration of 7.4 seconds, it has a very short amount of downtime with this combination.

Tibault's Will gives us a great damage multiplier while Unstoppable, which as mentioned, is nearly always. The Fury generation from this item will also always activate since we lose Unstoppable for a very brief moment before ‍Rallying Cry refreshes.

Ramaladni's Magnum Opus** is our best weapon for increasing the damage done by ‍Double Swing. It gives us a massive boost in power when we prioritize Maximum Fury on our gear and paragon.

We also swap some Aspects:

Vocalized Empowerment is swapped out for ‍Earthquake once we have a good Fury per Second roll on our Chest Armor.

Bul-Kathos goes on the Amulet, and ‍Devilish** goes on the Gloves.

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