Winterbite - Stats, Exotic Perk, Catalyst & More

Exotic Glaive
Don't slip or you'll hurt yourself. A lot.
Winterbite Guide
Tilting at Windmills
Tilting at Windmills

Blocking damage with your shield increases movement speed while shielding.

Weighted Edge
Weighted Edge

This weapon's melee attacks deal increased damage and slow targets when loaded with ammo.

Big Frigid Glaive
Big Frigid Glaive

Fires a large ball of energy that locks onto nearby targets and freezes them.

This our first Glaive in the heavy slot and it does not disappoint. With some proper setup it is a DPS monster. It is important to note that Glaives synergize with exotic armor pieces that modify melees... so naturally these pair very well with Titan's Synthoceps, and its Biotic Enhancements which makes this weapon deal double damage. To deal ideal DPS with this weapon the melee attack is utilized, and there must be ammo loaded to take advantage of the damage bonus from Weighted Edge. Damage can also be supplemented by utilizing a secondary Glaive with Close to Melee, as this perk will apply to and be refreshed by Winterbite. What makes this weapon so strong is that Glaives do not utilize ammo to melee targets, so it essentially has unlimited ammo. When dealing damage to a boss make sure there are two other enemies nearby to activate Biotic Enhancements and to hold block while spamming melees. This is because blocking increases the speed of the melee attacks. Aside from Synthoceps for DPS, this weapon synergizes with other melee based exotics such as Necrotic Grip, Karnstein Armlets, Winter's Guile, and Wormgod Caress.

Winterbite Perks
Winterbite Catalyst
Winterbite Catalyst
Winterbite Catalyst

Upgrades this weapon to a Masterwork. Once upgraded, the weapon will obtain enhanced capabilities, such as increased stats and/or additional perks.

Defeat targets using this weapon to unlock this upgrade.

Winterbite Stats
Reload Speed
Aim Assistance
Shield Duration
Airborne Effectiveness
Charge Time39
Rounds Per Minute45
How to get Winterbite

Source: Strider Exotic Quest