Rest's Threadling Army



Rest's Threadling Army
Rest's Threadling Army

Strand Warlock build for PvE by RestAssured

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Rest's Threadling Army











Class Item


Stats Priority


Rufus's FuryLegendary Auto Rifle

Strand weapon to take advantage of unraveling rounds and can roll with demolitionist for grenade regen and hatchling for threadling generation.


SwarmersExotic Leg Armor

Threadlings can now apply the unravel debuff to damaged enemies. Destroying a tangle creates two threadlings.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to have as many threadlings as possible.

Everything in your build will have the ability to make threadlings. Your grenade is able to make three because of the threadling grenade. Your rift is able to make three because of weaver’s call alongside releasing any perched ones. Your tangles can create two when they are destroyed because of your exotic Swarmers. Your weapon can create them by getting kills because of hatchling and the fragment thread of rebirth. Alongside all that, when doing damage to unraveled targets you also can make threadlings with the artifact perk horde shuttle.

Unravel can come from three different sources. First off is your exotic Swarmers, so when a threadling damages an enemy, they become unraveled. Next is your melee arcane needle, when you use it on an enemy, they become unraveled. Finally, the artifact perk unraveling orbs, when picking up an orb you grant your strand weapon unraveling rounds.

Picking up orbs will also grant you woven mail from the fragment thread of warding.

Threadlings won’t only be able to apply unravel to enemies, but they will also have the ability to travel further and do more damage because of the fragment thread of evolution. On top of that, with the aspect the wanderer, when your threadlings get kills they can make tangles. Alongside that, the wanderer will also allow you to suspend enemies when you destroy the tangle as well.

The final fragment to round this build out is thread of generation, so when doing any damage, you generate threadling grenade energy. Pairing that with a weapon that can roll with demolitionist means you get a crazy fast grenade recharge rate, which in return means more threadlings.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Get kills with your weapon to make an orb and a threadling
  2. Pick up orb to grant unraveling rounds and woven mail
  3. Apply unravel to all enemies with your weapon and your threadlings
  4. Make threadlings by shooting the unraveled enemies
  5. Throw your grenade to make threadlings
  6. Shoot tangles to make threadlings
  7. Use super to make threadlings
  8. Use your class ability to make threadlings and to release perched threadlings on you