Rest's Suspending Minions



Rest's Suspending Minions
Rest's Suspending Minions

Strand Warlock build for PvE by RestAssured

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Rest's Threadling Army











Class Item


Stats Priority


Wish-KeeperExotic Combat Bow

With hatchling, this bow can now make threadlings. Landing precision hits or kills will grant stacks to load a suspending arrow in. When suspending enemies or doing damage to them, you get more damage and faster draw time.


SwarmersExotic Leg Armor

Tangles now make two threadlings when destroyed and your threadlings can unravel enemies now.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to make your threadlings endgame viable.

Now that Wish-Keeper can come with hatchling this means the bow can now make threadlings alongside being able to suspend enemies. This is going to be the ultimate utility weapon and play into everything in our build. Remember, when you suspend enemies or deal damage to suspended targets, you deal more damage and have a faster draw time.

Starting off with theadlings, these will be buffed from your fragment thread of evolution, giving them more damage and the ability to travel further. With your exotic Swarmers, your threadlings will now also have the ability to unravel enemies. Threadlings are made from hatchling on your bow, your tangles, your aspect weaver’s call, your threadling grenade, your needlestorm super, and the artifact perk horde shuttle. With that, any weapon damage you do to unraveled targets has a chance to spawn a threadling.

Suspend is also going to be a huge part of this build. You will be able to suspend enemies with your bow and your aspect, the wanderer. With the wanderer, shooting and throwing a tangle will now suspend enemies around the detonation alongside making the threadlings from Swarmers. Since you can suspend a lot, taking the fragment thread of mind is great so you can get class ability energy back when defeating suspended targets. This benefits your aspect weaver’s call so you can make more threadlings with your rift. To keep suspend up longer, the fragment thread of continuity has you covered alongside also increasing the uptime of unravel.

To spam your threadling grenades more often, the fragment thread of generation will grant you grenade energy when doing any damage to enemies. With the ability to spam your grenade and class ability, taking ashes to assets and dynamo is great for granting extra super energy. The final thing to help out with the build is the artifact perk unravelling orbs. Now, every time you pick up an orb, your Wish-Keeper can now apply unravel when doing damage with it. With that, you can now can suspend enemies, make threadlings, and apply unravel with just one weapon.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Get kills with Wish-Keeper to make threadlings, orbs, and gain snareweaver stacks
  2. Suspend enemies with your snareweaver stacks
  3. Shoot or throw tangles to suspend enemies and make two threadlings
  4. Pick up orbs and reaming threadlings
  5. Use your rift to send out all stored threadlings and three additional ones
  6. Keep the whole battlefield unraveled with your threadlings, unraveling rounds, and your arcane needle
  7. Do damage to unraveled enemies to make more threadlings
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