Rest's Reaping Reach



Rest's Reaping Reach
Rest's Reaping Reach

Arc Warlock build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item


Stats Priority


ColdheartExotic Trace Rifle

This weapon creates Ionic Traces when dealing damage.


Geomag StabilizersExotic Leg Armor

When you damage targets with your chaos reach it extends the duration of the super. Picking up ionic traces will also grant you extra super energy.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to have numerous buffed chaos reach supers.

You will be feeding your super energy through doing damage, getting kills, picking up orbs of power, and even picking up ionic traces due to your exotic Geomag Stabilizers. These will also provide the benefit of extending your chaos reach super length when doing damage for even more boss damage and ad clear.

There are a couple different ways you can make ionic traces. First off with your aspect electrostatic mind any ability kill or arc debuffed target will grant an ionic trace. This also has the benefit of making you amplified when picking up ionic traces as well. If you are running the arc soul aspect not only will just your abilities make ionic traces but any arc soul kill will as well. Taking the fragment spark of ions will make it so when you defeat a jolted target you will make an ionic trace and this well stack with electrostatic mind. The final way of making ionic traces is with the fragment spark of discharge so any arc weapon final blow has a chance to make one.

For arc weapons, running any weapon with the voltshot perk works great because when reloading after a kill you can apply jolt to an enemy which when killed will proc electrostatic mind and spark of ions with the chance of also pricing spark of discharge. You can also run Coldheart so when doing sustained damage the weapon itself can make ionic traces. Other than those Delicate Tomb will also be another great option for making ionic traces. Once again since all of these do arc damage they all have a chance to proc spark of discharge.

Since getting jolt kills can make ionic traces running spark of shock so all of your grenade damage can jolt enemies is very strong. This just means now even your grenades can grant super energy and pairing that with the mod ashes to assets you can get energy from getting kills with them as well.

For survivability the fragment spark of resistance is very nice so when surrounded you get a damage reduction. Since you can spam abilities all the time I would highly recommend taking healing rift so you can healing pools that provide arc souls to your entire team everywhere. Running a recuperation mod is also very helpful so when picking up and orb of power you gain some health.

Oh and since you can spam rifts everywhere take a dynamo mod for even more super generation!

Gameplay Loop
  1. Get kills then reload your weapon to proc voltshot
  2. Get a kill with voltshot active to make an ionic trace
  3. Get any ability kill to also make an ionic trace
  4. Spam every ability repeatedly since ionic traces refill your ability energy further making more traces
  5. Pickup all the ionic traces to fill your super chaos reach up extremely fast
  6. Use chaos reach on bosses or any high health targets (it’s also pretty good for ad clear if needed)
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