Class Item

Stats Priority


CALUS Mini-ToolLegendary Submachine Gun

Any weapon with the perk Incandescent is great for this slot as it will help spread scorch on top of procing some fragments


SunbracersExotic Gauntlets

Makes your solar grenades have a longer duration. Getting a powered melee kill will grant unlimited grenade energy for a short time.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to have unlimited abilities and spam grenades everywhere.

You will have unlimited solar grenade energy due to your exotic Sunbracers. Getting a powered melee kill will let you have infinite grenades for 5 seconds and make them last longer. You will have unlimited melee energy due to heat rises and ember of searing. Getting kills in the air or killing scorched targets will refund your incinerator snap. Finally with ember of singeing you will receive class ability energy when targets are scorched. With all of those combined you will be able to spam every ability all the time.

Survivability is key with this build, and can be achieved by consuming your grenade with heat rises. You can then use your phoenix dive to proc x2 restoration on yourself alongside a cure. Finally you can get solar weapon or ability kills to keep that restoration up with ember of empyrean. Even your grenade kills will cure you with the fragment ember of resolve.

Finally your solar grenades will be buffed because of the aspect touch of flame. They will last even longer and shoot out blobs of lava for extra damage.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Consume your grenade to activate heat rises
  2. Phoenix dive to the ground to proc restoration
  3. Get a melee kill to proc sunbracers
  4. Spam grenades to keep restoration up
  5. Repeat the process
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