Plunder's PsiOps GM Warlock



Plunder's PsiOps GM Warlock
Plunder's PsiOps GM Warlock

Arc Warlock build for PvE by Plunderthabooty











Class Item

Stats Priority


Nezarec's WhisperLegendary Glaive

A glaive combined with Vesper of Radius turns you into a Tank! An Arc glaive works the best to play into the Subclass for the Blinding Fragment


Vesper of RadiusExotic Chest Armor

Rifts periodically release Arc shockwaves. Final blows with these shockwaves create an Arc explosion. While an Arc subclass is equipped, the shockwaves and subsequent explosions blind nearby targets. Rift energy recharges faster when you are surrounded by targets.

How it Works

This week's Psi Ops Grandmaster has proven to be quite difficult for a lot of Guardians out there. I would argue the opening payload and the first room are just as difficult as the boss room. So for this episode of Does This Build Carry, we need a Build that can help take all the aggro from the enemies, this includes those Unstoppable Champions but more importantly the Hive Guardian boss with his godly tracking void Shields.

Well as you can see we can straight face tank those Shields for our teammates. This means they won't get killed by them and just unload their damage safely from wherever they are.

On top of being able to tank everything so well. We are going to be infinitely blinding everything for amazing crowd control. Our rift creates blinding pulses as long as it's on the field and we can get it back in seconds! This includes stunning those pesky unstoppable Champions with those blinding pulses so it takes them out of the fight since the rift lasts so long. Then we add in our Flashbang grenade for a ranged source of blinding that also will jolt everything for us.

We give infinite arc souls to ourselves and the team which are amplified, so they add a lot of extra damage to everyone on the team. And then we pop a ton of Chaos reach supers adding more jolt and damage and using our hard-hitting heavy weapon to dish out great damage and apply scorch and ignitions. Oh and we still apply unravel to everything and pop out a ton of threadlings for more crowd control and damage.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Use your Healing Rift to create your Arc Soul and Blind enemies
  2. Hold Block with your Glaive and shoot enemies
  3. That combo alone has blinded everything and made you a Tank
  4. Throw your Flashbang Grenade when needed which Jolts enemies
  5. Your Rift, Grenade, and Arc special kills all Blind!
  6. Use Chaos reach when you have it
  7. Rinse and repeat!
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