Class Item

Stats Priority


NecrochasmExotic Auto Rifle

This exotic auto rifle synergizes very well with arc builds this season due it's exotic perk Cursebringer - which allows precision final blows to trigger an Thrall Explosion that deals arc damage to enemies.

Desperation - Reloading after a precision final blow grants this weapon increased fire rate (900 RPM) and aim assist.

Final blows with Cursed Thrall explosions refill the magazine and activate Desperation.


ArmamentariumExotic Chest Armor

This exotic chest armor grants this build an additional grenade charge - allowing for increased grenade ability uptime. Pairing this exotic with Pulse Grenades and Touch of Thunder allows your Pulse Grenades to generate Ionic Traces and gain the ability to deal more damage to targets over time. Adding the Spark of Shock fragment allows your grenades to also jolt targets - causing them to take additional damage and chain lightning to nearby targets, and allow them to stun Overload Champions!

How it Works

The Ionic Arsenal Arc Titan Build is all about high burst damage, super fast, high-octane gameplay with a focus on Ionic Trace and Orb of Power generation.

The Armamentarium exotic chest piece is the centerpiece of this build, allowing your grenades to deal high damage with enhanced uptime while continuously charging all of your arc abilities.

Ionic Traces are everything with this build. These bolts of arc energy travel along the ground, seeking toward their creator and grant ability energy.

The Touch of Thunder aspect empowers your Pulse Grenades, allowing them to generate Ionic Traces and gain increased damage overtime.

Gaining final blows with Necrochasm's Curse Thrall explosions can generate Ionic Traces when having the arc fragment Spark of Discharge equipped - which grant Ionic Traces on arc weapon final blows. Generate EVEN MORE Ionic Traces on final blows with the Forbearance arc wave frame grenade launcher with the Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction perk combination.

Mastering these weapons will guarantee your Arc Titan maximum ability uptime!

These weapons can also generate Orbs of Power very consistently while having an Arc Siphon mod slotted on your helmet! YES - this also applies to multiple Curse Thrall explosions from Necrochasm!

Having the Heavy Handed mod slotted on your arms allows your Thunderclap to generate Orbs of Power as well.

Fun Fact: While having the Knockout Arc aspect slotted along with the Heavy Handed mod, critically wounding targets or breaking their shield turns your uncharged melee ability into a charged one - which can generate Orbs of Power on final blows!

One downside to the build is it's health regeneration. Thankfully, Orbs of Power can also give you a large chunk of health back by having the Recuperation mod slotted on your leg armor - which can stack with the health regeneration benefit awarded on melee final blows while having the Knockout aspect equipped. Forbearance can also grant health the wielder on final blows as well thanks to the Souldrinker origin trait.

Gameplay Loop

1) Throw your Pulse Grenade at targets to generate Ionic Traces, jolt targets, reduce cooldown of your melee ability on grenade hits, and activate Grenade Kickstart to charge your next grenade. 2) Get precision final blows with Necrochasm to activate Cursebringer. Chain multiple Cursed Thrall explosions from Necrochasm to generate Ionic Traces to fuel your abilities, create arc elemental orbs, gain increased Necrochasm fire rate and aim assist on targets, and generate Orbs of Power. 3) For large health pool enemies, throw your Pulse Grenade to continuously generate Ionic Traces to fuel your abilities, achieve rapid precision hits with Necrochasm on the target to activate Cascade Point on Wendigo GL3 to increase it's fire rate for extremely high burst damage.