Aztecross' Lord of Thunder 2.0



Aztecross' Lord of Thunder 2.0
Aztecross' Lord of Thunder 2.0

Arc Titan build for PvE by Aztecross











Class Item

Stats Priority


ThunderlordExotic Machine Gun

The name of the build is "Lord of Thunder", Thunderlord has to be in here. Regardless of using it for namesake, Thunderlord is a great all around weapon that is fantastic for clearing waves of enemy, and with the Catalyst is a very good, easy to use DPS option.


Heart of Inmost LightExotic Chest Armor

After using an ability, this chest piece will buff the damage and regeneration rate of the abilities that were not used. The best way to use this is to use abilities in ascending order of what you want buffed the most to get empowering x2 on your best ability. In this case using class ability, then melee, then grenade, as Pulse Grenade is very strong with this build.

How it Works

Although it was changed, Heart of Inmost Light is still a very potent exotic if played around correctly. Getting the empowered x2 buff for all abilities won't be as it was, but getting the x2 buff for Pulse Grenades is possible, and is the best way to play due to the strength of Pulse Grenades. In order to do this prioritize using abilities in the order in which you care about them from least to most. To get the most out of grenades, use class ability, then melee, and finally the grenade. This way Pulse Grenade will have the best buff when they are used.

Pulse Grenades will create Ionic Traces for ability regeneration from Touch of Thunder, Jolt targets from Spark of Shock, and last longer from Spark of Magnitude. On top of those buffs, the mods are based around the grenade via Firepower for making Orbs of Power, Bolstering Detonation and Momentum Transfer for class/melee energy on grenade hits, and Bomber and Innervation for grenade energy when using Barricade or picking up orbs. Seismic Strike has the utility of blinding Enemies which can handle Unstoppable Champions. As for class ability, if the content is easier, Thruster is a viable option because of its cooldown. Otherwise Barricade is the safer play.

The two weapons to have are Thunderlord and a Void energy weapon. Thunderlord is a jack of all trades and can create Ionic Traces with Spark of Discharge.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Utilize Barricade to empower melee and grenade
  2. Utilize Seismic Strike to empower grenade to x2 and class ability and blind nearby enemies
  3. Throw x2 empowered Pulse Grenade which will empower melee and class ability, make an Orb of Power on a kill, and reduce cooldowns via mods and Ionic Traces
  4. Collect Orbs of Power for healing from Recuperation and ability energy from Absolution and Innervation
  5. Repeat the ability cycle and utilize and Thunderlord as you see fit
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