Volatile Cosmology

Volatile Cosmology
Volatile Cosmology

Void Hunter build for PvP











Class Item

Stats Priority


Graviton LanceExotic Pulse Rifle

With its rate of fire buff, Graviton Lance is a meta PvP pulse rifle due to its ease of use and ability to chain kills with the Cosmology perk. The weapon is also Void, and will apply Volatile Rounds to targets when paired with Gyrfalcon's Hauberk.


Gyrfalcon's HauberkExotic Chest Armor

This chest piece will give Volatile Rounds to Void weapons when emerging from Invisibility. This pairs great with Graviton Lance and Stylish Executioner as the former is a Void weapon and the latter grants invisibility when defeating a volatile target. This allows you to go invisible from dodge, and then once again after killing a target.

How it Works

This build plays around a hit and run style of chaining invisibility with kills. To initially become invisible use dodge to activate Vanishing Step. Not only will this make you invisible, but it makes your next kill create an Orb of Power with the Reaper mod. With Gyrfalcon's Hauberk when emerging from invisibility your Void weapons are granted Volatile Rounds.

Graviton Lance is the exotic weapon that is paired in this build. Between the Cosmology perk sending Void seekers after a kill and Volatile Rounds, Graviton is great for single target fights as well as taking out clusters of enemies.

When landing a kill with Graviton Lance and Volatile Rounds, Stylish Executioner will activate and make you invisible once again. A kill will also create an Orb of Power from Reaper as mentioned earlier. Pick up this Orb to get Devour from Echo of Starvation. From here, chaining kills will not only make you invisible once again, but will heal you and give grenade energy for grenades that are boosted from Echo of Undermining and Echo of Remnants.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Dodge to go invisible and acquire Volatile Rounds
  2. Kill an enemy with Graviton Lance and activate invisibility once again from Stylish Executioner and create an Orb of Power
  3. Collect the Orb of Power to activate Devour
  4. Repeat chaining kills for a heal, grenade energy, and invisibility