Rest's Stylish Stealth



Rest's Stylish Stealth
Rest's Stylish Stealth

Void Hunter build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item


Stats Priority


Scatter SignalLegendary Fusion Rifle

Very good at secondary dps and can apply unravel with the artifact


Gyrfalcon's HauberkExotic Chest Armor

When coming out of invisibility, grant your void weapons volatile rounds. While invisible getting a finisher will grant you increased weapon damage, increased class ability regeneration, and a reserve overshield which can be used when using your class ability.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to be invisible at all times while also healing on every kill.

Invisibility is going to come from your two aspects. The first one is vanishing step, so when you dodge, you go invisible. The second one is stylish executioner, so when defeat a void debuffed target, you go invisible. Applying a void debuff is very easy with your exotic Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk because when you come out of invisibility, you are granted volatile rounds. So now getting kills will make you invisible and coming out will grant you the ability to go invisible again.

Healing on every kill is going to come from devour. Alongside the healing, you are also granted grenade energy on every kill. You can proc devour with the fragment echo of starvation, so when you pick an orb or void breach, you are granted it. You can make void breaches with the fragment echo of cessation, so when you defeat a volatile target, one is made. You can then keep your devour and invisibility up for even longer because of the fragment echo of persistence.

Weaken is also going to play a huge part in this build by doing more damage to bosses. First off your shadowshot super can apply a weaken effect to bosses while also being really good at ad clear. Your snare bomb melee also has the ability to apply a weaken effect when thrown on an enemy. Finally, your grenade can also apply weaken with the fragment echo of undermining. Make sure to always have one of these up on a boss at all times.

For artifact perks, nothing really plays into void too much, but taking things like solo operative is a must for soloing the dungeon. From whence you came is also nice for doing extra damage to taken and scorn enemies. If you are running a strand special weapon taking unravelling orbs is nice to apply an unravel effect to any boss. Finally, wished into being is nice to get your super up if you ever need it in any sticky situation.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Use class ability to go invisible
  2. Come out of invisibility to grant volatile rounds
  3. Get kills to make orbs and void breaches
  4. Pick up these to grant devour
  5. Keep getting kills to proc stylish executioner and to keep devour up
  6. Use your shadowshot on a boss for a debuff
  7. Once shadowshot is done, use your grenade and melee for a debuff
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