True Vanguard's Cryo-Guerrilla

True Vanguard

True Vanguard

True Vanguard's Cryo-Guerrilla
True Vanguard's Cryo-Guerrilla

Stasis Hunter build for PvP by True Vanguard











Class Item

Stats Priority


Cryosthesia 77KExotic Sidearm

Aside from the generous aim assist, good range, and 0.7 second time to kill. This sidearm will slow and freeze enemies after a kill.


Mask of BakrisExotic Helmet

With dodge becoming a longer distance shift. This exotic allows you to quickly disengage and create space between you and nearby enemies or get up close and engage enemies. When shifting you are invulnerable which can be used to avoid supers, shotguns, and more.

How it Works

This build is based around 3 pillars: Duskfield Grenade, Cryosthesia 77K, and Mask of Bakris.

Duskfield Grenades are buffed by the Touch of Winter Aspect as they last longer and create a Stasis Crystal in the middle. When possible, shoot the central crystal to increase grenade regeneration rate from Whisper of Shards. Whisper of Torment will also help get Duskfield back passively. The general use case of these grenades are to zone off areas of the map and objectives such as revives or capture points, slow down and bait enemies pushing you, force enemies out of cover and away from Rifts and Barricades.

Mask of Bakris is what makes this build akin to guerilla warfare. The shift this exotic provide lets you quickly engage or disengage into a fight. With the Winter's Shroud Aspect enemeis will be slowed when class ability is used near them. Use this to get an advantage in fights or even freeze enemies who already have slow stacks from Duskfield Grenade.

The most important portion of the build is Cryosthesia 77K. In its base form this sidearm is fantastic, and after a kill a frozen bullet can be loaded to freeze an enemy, setting up an easy kill. Cryosthesia can be used for kills on frozen enemies as Whisper of Rending is used, increasing the damage primary ammo weapons do to frozen targets. Letting you set up another frozen bullet.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Isolate a target
  2. If necessary, slow the target with a Duskfield or a well timed dodge
  3. Kill the enemy with Cryosthesia 77K
  4. Reload the sidearm with a freezing bullet
  5. Freeze another target with the frozen bullet
  6. Repeat
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