Rest's One Shot One Kill



Rest's One Shot One Kill
Rest's One Shot One Kill

Solar Hunter build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item


Stats Priority


Bad JujuExotic Pulse Rifle

Getting a kill reloads the weapon and provides bonus damage. Every kill you get also grants a stacking increase to super energy provided on kill.


Celestial NighthawkExotic Helmet

Turn your golden gun into a single shot that does massive damage. Getting a kill with this will grant a large portion of your super energy back. On top of that, getting precision final blows will also grant extra super energy.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to use your golden gun as much as possible and one-shot everything with it.

You can achieve this by running the exotics Celestial Nighthawk and Bad JuJu. With Nighthawk getting a kill with your super will grant you a massive chunk of super energy back, and getting precision kills will grant extra super energy. Pairing this with JuJu means the super energy that comes from that will stack with the one with Nighthawk. This leads to absurd super energy regeneration on rapid kills.

You can also run things like dynamo, so when you dodge, you gain extra super energy and things like hands-on to grant super energy on melee kills.

Both your dodge and melee will be easy to keep up because of your subclass. With the aspect knock ‘em down every time you get a melee kill while radiant, it instantly refills your melee cooldown. If you were to ever lose your melee, you can run gambler’s dodge to refill it when to perform it. Then with ember of singeing, each time you scorch an enemy, you refill your class ability energy. This means you can have infinite dodges and melees.

Since that means you can dodge a lot and the whole build is based on precision taking the aspect on your mark is extremely nice. This will grant you and nearby allies increased handling and reload speed on precision kills and when you dodge.

Survivability comes from things like your healing grenade and your fragment ember of mercy, so you can grant restoration when picking up a firesprite. To make that firesprite the fragment ember of searing has your back. So when you defeat a scorched target, it makes one. Firesprites also grant grenade energy for even more healing grenades.

Finally, since you can spam healing grenades and your knives taking things like ember of torches is nice to you can make yourself and allies radiant on melee hit. Doing that and healing them with your grenade will also proc the fragment ember of benevolence to grant increased ability regen.

Also, be sure to run the marksman golden gun to get the precision damage and not the deadshot version.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Get multiple precision kills with Bad JuJu to stack up super energy
  2. Pick up orbs to proc kinetic weapon surge mods (Kinetic Surge mods no longer increase Golden Gun Damage)
  3. Use your super to grant yourself radiant and deal massive damage with your golden gun
  4. Refund your super energy on kill and start getting more precision kills to refill your super fast
  5. Use melees for extra super energy and to proc radiant
  6. Dodge to pick up orbs and grant extra super energy
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