Rest's Wicked Frost



Rest's Wicked Frost
Rest's Wicked Frost

Stasis Hunter build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item

Stats Priority


Wicked ImplementExotic Scout Rifle

This weapon should be the new Wicked Implement Scout Rifle.

Landing rapid precision hits will proc creeping attrition and apply slow stacks on precision hits which can lead to a freeze. Defeating targets while creeping attrition is active will make a stasis shard that tracks to you and reloads the magazine.


Fr0st-EE5Exotic Leg Armor

Sprinting will grant increased regeneration for you melee, grenade, and dodge. After dodging your sprint speed is also increased.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to spam grenades and lock down every champion in the game.

To throw infinite duskfield grenades you will be taking the aspect touch of winter to make the duskfield bigger in size and to form a crystal in the middle of the grenade. You can then shoot that crystal and the fragment whisper of shards will proc which will grant you increased grenade cooldown rate for a short period of time. While that is active, start sprinting around with FR0ST-EE5 equipped to further increase that cooldown and have unlimited energy whenever you need it!

To help buff the duskfield be sure to to take whisper of fissures to increase the damage and radius of of the crystal and frozen target bursts. Whisper of durance also will increase the slow effect of the duskfield to make sure enemies stay locked in place. The aspect grim harvest will make stasis shards whenever you kill slowed or frozen targets which is very easy to do with the duskfield. Those stasis shards will grant you an overshield when picking them up because of the fragment whisper of rime on top of also granting you melee energy.

You can also make stasis shards with your exotic the Wicked Implement because it applies slow stacks after landing multiple precision hits. Picking up shards will reload this weapon and grant everything above. Since the gun alone can freeze, taking the fragment whisper of rending is nice to increase the damage of the Wicked Implement on frozen targets.

To deal with every single champion you have access to the slow debuff which will stun overload champions. Once you eventually freeze enemies and shatter them, the shatter can stun unstoppable champions. Finally for barrier champions simply freezing them over and over again with your duskfield grenade and Wicked Implement will make it so they can never put their shield up.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Throw a duskfield grenade to slow and stun every champion
  2. Shoot the crystal in the middle for ad clear and to proc whisper of shards for increased grenade regeneration
  3. Sprint around with FR0ST-EE5 to further increase that grenade cooldown
  4. Pick up all stasis shards that were made to reload your weapon and grant an overshield
  5. Repeat and throw as many grenades as possible!