Rest's Protective Slow



Rest's Protective Slow
Rest's Protective Slow

Stasis Hunter build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item


Stats Priority


Wicked ImplementExotic Scout Rifle

Able to slow enemies and make stasis crystals with headstone. Picking up all your stasis shards will overflow the magazine.


Renewal GraspsExotic Gauntlets

Your Duskfield Grenade becomes a lot larger and also provides damage reduction for you and your allies inside of it. On top of that enemies inside of the dome deal reduced damage.

How it Works

The goal of this build is crowd control any area in a room while also having a great defensive setup.

For defensive purposes your exotic renewal grasps will give you x2 damage resist when inside of your duskfield grenade alongside also making enemies inside do reduced damage. With the fragment whisper of chains this will bump the x2 up to a x3 damage resist.

For crowd control your duskfield has a larger radius because of your exotic renewal grasps and your aspect touch of winter. Your fragment whispers of durance will also help improve the slow of the duskfield.

For offensive purposes you can shoot any stasis crystal for great ad clear because of the fragment whisper of fissures. Doing that will also proc the fragment whisper of shards to greatly increase your grenade regen rate. Every time you kill these slowed or frozen targets you will also make stasis shards from your aspect grim harvest. Picking these up will help refill your melee energy.

On top of melee energy the stasis shards will also reload and overflow the wicked implement. This weapon is really strong with this build because of the ability to slow enemies and make crystals with the headstone perk. This will synergize with everything listed above.

To round it out taking semi-auto striker and rapid-fire ranger is great for the wicked implement because you can easily apply weaken from a safe distance while also granting you armor charge. Since the weapon can slow and freeze targets taking whisper of rending is great for adding extra primary damage to the targets especially when they are weakened.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Throw a duskfield grenade offensively or defensively
  2. Shoot the stasis crystal formed inside of the duskfield when ready
  3. Get kill with headstone to make more crystals and shoot those
  4. Proc whisper of shards to get your duskfield back
  5. Pick up stasis shards on the map to refil your melee energy and overflow Wicked Implement
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