Class Item

Stats Priority


Skyburner's OathExotic Scout Rifle

With the Scorch on hit addition to Skyburners Oath, it has become one of the better weapons to play into builds. With this Hunter build, you can put one shot into a enemy and then cause a Ignition.


Ophidia SpatheExotic Chest Armor

This Exotic provides 2 knife charges. When dodging near an enemy, it refills both knife charges. This provides an Infinite loop of ignitions between knives and Skyburner's Oath!

How it Works

This Build is all about creating Ignitions to clear the field of all the enemies and isolate Champions. This build has infinite Nuke Knives thanks to Gambler's Dodge, Ophidia Spathe and Skyburner’s Oath. Start off by Scorching targets with one shot from Skyburner's Oath. Then throw Weighted Throwing Knife to cause an ignition. This will deal great damage to high health targets as well as clear every single red bar around it.

You can also stun Unstoppable Champions with an ignition and being Radiant will let you handle Barrier Champions. So this build is built for Grandmasters, and it does an amazing job to help the team!

Gameplay Loop
  1. Use Skyburner’s Oath to Scorch a Target (this takes 1 bullet)
  2. Throw weighted throwing knife at the scorched target which will cause a Ignition
  3. Throw Healing Grenade when needed for restoration or pick up Firesprites for restoration
  4. When you have used both knives, dodge near a target to get both back
  5. Continue this loop for infinite High damage Ignitions
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